‘Supernatural’ 15×11 Review: “The Gamblers”

Supernatural‘s “The Gamblers” was the push that the Winchesters needed to realize that they are heroes alongside men like Hercules. It also marked the return of our nougat son Jack Kline and some of the most epic father/son hugs with Cas, Sam, and Dean. (Yes, I know the Dean one wasn’t totally a hug but I’m counting it as one and no one can stop me!)

Sam and Dean Are the Heroes of This Story

God thinks he’s got it all figured out. He thinks he knows how to win, that the Winchesters don’t have a leg to stand on, and that they’ve lost their hope alongside their luck. This could be further from the truth. God doesn’t have Sam and Dean figured out and they do have a leg to stand on.

“The Gamblers” was further proof that Sam and Dean are heroes. They are the champions of this world alongside men like Hercules. And I’m glad that they took this side trick to Alaska to get their bearings and their luck back. Because, even though they lost the game, they gained back their hope.

Special kudos to Sam Winchester who wouldn’t leave without helping those stuck in the pool hall. He knew that the mission and what he and his brother were looking for was bigger than some random humans. But he decided to stay, to help. And Dean backing him up was the cherry on top of it all.

The Return of Our Nougat Son

To say we’re excited about the return of Jack Kline is an understatement. WE ARE OVER THE FUCKING MOON THAT HE IS BACK! It’s felt like something has been missing for episodes upon episodes and the key seems to have been Jack.

Yes, it’s mucho weird that he’s going around eating hearts to power himself up like a little Energizer bunny, but I get it. He, alongside Death, understands how dangerous God is and how he needs to be struck down or contained so he stops with his foolishness. So, eating hearts.

More importantly, those hugs between Jack and his dads….I NEED A MOMENT. The Cas/Jack hug gave me feels. The EPIC Sam/Jack hug almost destroyed me. And then the Dean/Jack hug made me cry at how tender and gentle he was with Jack. This is the Supernatural family and we’re glad that they’re finally back together again.

Cas and Agent Lizzo

Thank you Supernatural. Now and forever more we’re going to stan Cas (which I know the show spelled with two “s” but I refuse) listening to Lizzo, our queen and patron saint of epicness. We bet Cas knows all the lyrics, possibly went to a concert on his spare time, and was cheering her on at the Grammy’s.

Also, even though I missed Cas helping out Sam and Dean and fighting by their side, it was pretty cool watching Cas doing his own thing. He’s capable AF and not the same angel we met way back when. He knows how to pretend to be an agent, even if his ID is always flipped the wrong way.

His mission to find Jack, after getting that random AF lead, was further proof that Cas is an independent angel who can hold his own. And finding Jack felt like the missing piece of his entire being coming back home. Because Jack is his kin, his family, and practically his son. And the only direction they can go now is up.

Supernatural returns March 16th on The CW.

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