‘Supernatural’ 15×10 Review: “The Heroes’ Journey”

We have to admit that we were nervous this entire episode of Supernatural. “The Heroes’ Journey” sounded really ominous and if there’s anything that Supernatural has taught us it’s that titles like this means sacrifice for the greater good is coming. Thank God…wait, no. No thanking God because he’s a jerk. Thank you to Garth himself for being the hero needed and saving the day when the Winchesters needed him.

Garth got the happy ending he deserved and there’s nothing that can bring our mood down today because he survived and thrived in this world full of monsters, mayhem, and trouble. He ended up with a family and kids and it’s honestly something that we know for a fact that Dean and Sam don’t think is possible considering the lives they live. But if Garth can do it, maybe they can?

And then there’s Garth kids. They are adorable and we really need to see Sam and Dean dealing with kids, especially Dean. He was struggling with what to do when it came to Baby Castiel and Sam was right that he’s just like regular ol’ Castiel. And like we already said, but will repeat again and again because my heart can’t take it, Sam and Dean can have this. It’s possible. 

They just have to take care of one small problem. 


He’s messing with the Winchesters. You know it. I know it. He, she, we knows it. And this isn’t us coming down on Garth and his incredible strength as some fluke. He’s the hero of this story alongside Sam and Dean Winchester and they needed to see this through. This is us pointing out that God is trying to make the Winchesters doubt their abilities in some twisted psychological warfare that only he can be perpetrating.  

And Sam and Dean are capable AF. They’ve been so since they were kids and it really annoys the ever loving shit out of us that he’s making them doubt simple fighting skills or how to unlock things. Sam and Dean know how to do this and they’ve been doing this all for 15 seasons, despite God’s role in their lives. And if he thinks he can mess with them with no repercussions then he’s got another thing coming for him. 

Basically, God can go suck a lemon. He also better prepare himself because Sam and Dean are coming for him. This psychological warfare is only going to get him so far and seeing Garth with a family and happy is the push they need to keep fighting the good fight for their friend in arms. So, keep spinning your wheels and trying to keep the Winchesters down.

You’re gonna get what you deserve.

And it will be at the hands of the Winchesters.

We guarantee it.

Supernatural airs Thursdays at 8/7c on The CW.

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