5 Songs Dedicated to 'Supernatural's Castiel

Supernatural can not return soon enough. And even though we know it’s the end of this epic series, we can’t wait to get our hands on more of our honorary Winchester, particularly Castiel. To help tide you over, here are 5 songs dedicated to Supernatural‘s angel, brother, and warrior knownRead More →

We have to admit that we were nervous this entire episode of Supernatural. “The Heroes’ Journey” sounded really ominous and if there’s anything that Supernatural has taught us it’s that titles like this means sacrifice for the greater good is coming. Thank God…wait, no. No thanking God because he’s aRead More →

In an effort to build a space for queer people like myself, every Tuesday I’ll be posting opinion pieces, listicals, reviews, and more focused on the LGBT community (and occasionally about the Latinx/WOC community since I am Latinx.) Welcome to Queerly Not Straight! Enjoy and leave a comment below ifRead More →

Supernatural‘s “The Trap” has only made me feel even more bitter and done with God’s crap. Messing with Eileen/Sam is a big no in my book and he’s crossed the line into “I’ll never forgive you” town. Also, and maybe even a little more important, I think I’ve seen theRead More →

Supernatural‘s “Don’t Go In the Woods” gave us the quality Jack Kline we’re always her for and Sam & Dean fighting a big ugly Groot looking thing while keeping secrets from Jack. Fun times, right? *insert wince face here* With the announcement that Supernatural is ending after its 15th season,Read More →

Supernatural‘s “Peace of Mind” sees Sam & Castiel stumbling upon a Pleasantville situation & Sam into a ponytail, glasses, and cardigan! And yes, things aren’t perfect and Sam’s got deeper issues that made him fall easily into Pleasantiville life. But I want to smile, laugh, and find some of theRead More →

Supernatural‘s “Byzantium” tore our hearts out, kept us on edge all episode, before ultimately bringing back Jack. The darkness was this close to getting him. But I had no doubt (well maybe a tiny bit) that Sam, Dean, and Cass would pull through for Jack. He’s no longer just a nephilim,Read More →

Supernatural’s “Beat the Devil” forces Dean to watch his brother die (again), has Sam face his torturer, and Rowena getting it, left & right. We’re proud of the latter and super annoyed that Lucifer is still around and causing trouble for the people he tortured. Oh yeah, and murdered. Can’tRead More →

Gabriel makes his return in Supernatural’s “Devil’s Bargain” and we’re ready to bust through our screens and save the savvy, troublesome, and chatty archangel from the hands of Asmodeus. He shouldn’t be worried about Lucifer. He should be worried for fans. Besides the return of Gabriel, we were introduced toRead More →

Sam and Dean face off against two witches with a knack for love spells and see the return of fan favorite Rowena in Supernatural’s “Various & Sundry Villains.” This episode also manages to unearth some pent up feelings about Sam’s time with Lucifer and how the loss of mom andRead More →

Supernatural “War of the Worlds” had less war and more set up for what Michael is to do if he steps into our world and takes over this paradise. We didn’t see Jack for a second *sob* and only briefly heard about him in the plans of others who wantRead More →

Supernatural’s “Tombstone” saw Team Free Will reuniting, Dean letting out his inner fanboy, and Jack making a mistake in his eagerness to help the Winchesters. Our nougat loving Nephilim has enough angst in him to most certainly be part of this Hunter family. And like Sam, Dean, Castiel, he needsRead More →

After too long, Castiel is back with his family in Supernatural‘s “Tombstone.” After a couple touching reunions, because there’s no way they’d deprive us of that, they dive right into a mystery in an old western town. To get in the mood they don stetsons, bolo ties, and pick up theRead More →

Dean Winchester broke our hearts, Castiel returned, and Sam tried to help his big brother in Supernatural‘s “Advanced Thanatology.” For a while we knew how much Castiel and Mary’s death hurt Dean. But we never expected it to come to this point where one of the bravest men in theRead More →

Supernatural’s “The Big Empty” saw the Winchesters go to therapy and the long-awaited return of Castiel. We cried over Jack’s reunion with his mother, Dean asking Sam to keep the faith, and Castiel having the worst moments of his life brought back to him. It was a turning point forRead More →

The CW has released the official trailer for Season 13 of Supernatural and as usual things aren’t going to get any easier for the Winchesters. With Kelly Kline and Lucifer gone, they have to risk life and limb to raise the nephilim Jack while protecting him from those that would like toRead More →