At the core of Supernatural’s The Future, and the show in it’s entirety, is this concept of family. It’s the heart of the show. But sometimes (a lot of times) it gets weighed down by people not trusting each other enough to include them in their plans. Sacrifice might seem likeRead More →


Dean gets hit by a spell that rapidly starts eating away at his memory in Supernatural‘s ‘Regarding Dean.’ Sam teams up with adaptable, inventive, and witty Rowena to try and fix things before Dean is a blank slate. Imagine having being told 12 seasons worth of backstory?! Somehow he endsRead More →

Dealing with the aftermath of Billie’s death comes to a halt with sassy Castiel, family squabbles, and Castiel’s past coming back to haunt him and his angel siblings in “Lily Sunder Has Some Regrets.” Things get even more complicated when Cas realises he’s on the wrong side and that hisRead More →

The escape on Supernatural’s “First Blood” that seemed too good to be true, was just that, too good and too easy for our Winchesters. Billie popped up, tried to ruin everything, and Cas stepped up to save the day. If that wasn’t enough, the British Men of Letters were creepingRead More →

A Winchester and an angel are on the hunt in Supernatural‘s mid-season premiere titled “First Blood.” (Just not the two you’d expect.) Mary Winchester and Castiel are partnering up to look for their loved ones and seeking help from a rather unsavory source. The British Men of Letters! This isRead More →

Supernatural‘s mid-season finale “LOTUS” takes a crazy turn when Lucifer, on a power trip of epic proportions, takes over the President of the United States. The Winchesters send him straight back to hell just in time to be arrested for trying to assassinate the President. No one essential died, there wereRead More →

The Winchesters are hitting the road and investigating an abandoned home in “The Foundry.” Cribs, mysterious crying babies, death, screaming women, and crying blood out of the blue. It’s all part of the job for the boys and their badass mom. Watch out for the surprise twist: Mary cuts her hairRead More →

Family, grounded relationships, and a unique balance between drama and humor. Supernatural has never been better! It’s season 12 premiere “Keep Calm and Carry On” showed us and any doubters out there that Supernatural still has what it takes to keep us entertained and steal our hearts while they’re atRead More →