‘Supernatural’ 13×21 Review: “Beat the Devil”

Supernatural’s “Beat the Devil” forces Dean to watch his brother die (again), has Sam face his torturer, and Rowena getting it, left & right. We’re proud of the latter and super annoyed that Lucifer is still around and causing trouble for the people he tortured. Oh yeah, and murdered. Can’t forget that he murdered some of these people.

Let’s dive into Supernatural‘s “Beat the Devil”!

Watching His Brother Die, Again


Before we dive in I’d like to list off the things I’m not here for. Ready? 1) Dean Winchester watching his brother die. 2) Dean Winchester watching his brother die again. Oh and 3) DEAN WINCHESTER WATCHING HIS BROTHER DIE! You would think after watching 13 seasons of this show and multiple deaths I’d be used to it, but I’m not.

I never will get used to or hope to get used to watching the look in Dean Winchester’s eyes as Sammy dies. Not Sam, but Sammy. His little brother and the one Dean promised to protect since he carried him out of their destroyed home. All of this especially hurts because Sam just promised Dean that if they would die in their mission to save Mom, that they would do it together.

They didn’t.

Dean Winchester had to watch his baby brother, because no matter how tall he gets he’ll still be the baby, die and be carried off by creatures of the night. Even worse, he had to prioritize and leave him behind because he had a group of people with him and he had to rescue his mother. Time wasn’t a luxury they had and you know that Dean is going to beat himself up for the fact that he left his baby brother behind.

Here’s hoping that next week we get the reunion and tight hug we deserve. Oh, and the brother to brother conversation that inevitably will come when Dean starts beating himself down for his decision. There’s no way Sam is going to let him do that.I EXPECT THE FEELS, PEOPLE! THE FEELS!

Having to Deal with His Torturer aka Fuck You Lucifer


I’m not going to deny that Lucifer is fun. It’s always a delight to see him on screen and I love Mark Pellegrino to death. But it’s time for Lucifer to shape up or ship out. I’m done with him. Yes, thank you very much for bringing Sam back. Appreciate it. Here’s a virtual cookie. But I’m done with you. Why? Because you know what you did to Sam and Rowena and you have absolutely no regrets. In fact, if you could kill both of them again and if they were of no use to you, you would kill them again.

So I’m done with Lucifer. I’m done with his journey. I’m done with his whining. And I’m done with him playing around with Sam Winchester, aka the man he twisted up for ages before and after he was in the cage. He’s a nuisance, especially after Sam gave him a chance and set up a therapy session with his father God. Maybe my heart isn’t as big as Sam’s. Maybe I can’t forgive and forget. But I’m ok with that.

Lucifers character is a stagnating bucket of laughs that has just stayed…a bucket of laughs. Oh and thorns. There’s definitely some thorns in that mix. And I don’t want Sam, our precious moose, to have to deal or confront Lucifer for one more second. I’m proud of Sam for looking Luci in the eye, for giving him crap like Luci deserves. And I know he can defend himself, he’s always been capable AF. But if I have to create a machine to jump into the TV, Scoobynatural style, I will!

Here’s hoping Luci gets what’s coming to him and that he doesn’t darken Sam’s doorway or presence ever again.

Get it Rowena


Leave it to Supernatural to put a love scene in the middle of all this drama, angst, and danger. And boy was it fun. From Rowena’s perfect eyeshadow/looks to Gabriel’s stunned realization at what Rowena was suggesting, it was hilarious. Even afterwards when they popped out from behind the shelves, all of it, hilarious. Any other show I don’t think they’d be able to handle it, but this show, they just keep rolling with it.

Rowena, a badass witch that has been causing trouble since day one, wasn’t shamed or made to feel bad because she had sex. It just happened, she did it, and now we’re moving on to something else because this witch can do what she wants, when she wants, with whoever she wants. AND IT’S BEAUTIFUL!

The title for this section “Get It, Rowena” isn’t just for the fact that she had sex. It’s also because she faced her nightmare, Lucifer. She bound him, didn’t fall for his drivel, and gave back as good as she got. She’s not the same woman anymore and it’s about time that Lucifer knows it. She doesn’t back down, she’s finding her new path, and trying out new things. And it makes me wholeheartedly proud of her.

Get it, Rowena. Get the D. Get the character development. Get it all!

Favorite moment from Supernatural’s “Beat the Devil”:

This isn’t fanfiction. This is something Supernatural actually filmed. We are blessed.


Check out the trailer for next week’s all new Supernatural titled “Exodus”:

Supernatural airs Thursdays at 8/7c on The CW.


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