‘Timeless’ 2×07 Roundtable: “Mrs. Sherlock Holmes” Part 2

Yes, we’re back again, because, as always, we just had way too many feels for one roundtable post.

But hey, that’s the beauty of Timeless. May it never become the kind of show that doesn’t give us feels. The End.

You can find the first part of the roundtable HERE.

Let’s go into it!

Use a gif to describe your reaction to Lucy putting Wyatt in his place after he said he didn’t want her to get hurt: 

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Rufus was reckless, a bit of an ass to Jiya and totally handled everything the wrong way this episode. And yet, at the end of the episode, he seemed to be making progress. What do you have to say to Rufus right now? Give him advice.

Lizzie: Rufus, my love. Take a deep breath. Take a step back. Now take another one. Now go on a run around the bunker, or go punch something. Take your friend Wyatt. Talk it out. I don’t know and I don’t even care, just stop yelling at Jiya and putting this on her and stop acting like you’re invincible. You’re a smart man – act like one. USE YOUR BIG BRAIN.

Alyssa: Oh, Rufus. You’re so much better than this. I understand that Rufus is going through some emotional turmoil, but the way he’s handled it it’s like he’s alone in all of this. Except that he isn’t alone. Maybe Rufus has convinced himself for so long that he’s alone in this, but eventually the time has to come when he learns that he can and should lean on those around him. Because Rufus has so much — not just Jiya, but Lucy, Wyatt, Agent Christopher, Mason, hell, maybe even Flynn to a degree. Rufus needs to understand that not only is he not alone, but there are people that care about him and want to help him and he’s shutting them out. The end of this episode gave me hope that Rufus will finally start to rely on those around him and maybe even continue talking about his feelings.

Lyra: Rufus, my sweet summer child, come closer. Yes, yes, closer. *grabs him by the ear and brings him close* If you don’t stop treating Jiya like she is beneath you or not a partner in this crazy shit storm that is your life, I’m going to personally build a machine to enter this verse and go to your mother or grandmother, the foundation of your family, and tell them everythingggggg. Afraid? You should be. Treat Jiya with respect. Treat yourself with respect. If not, I’m building that machine.

Bex: Rufus, you are smarter than this. Please just slow down for a minute and think.

Mimi:  I don’t know if Rufus made any progress? He is very immature, I expect it’s because he has never been in an adult relationship before, he has never lived with someone before and all of this is very new to him. With that said, he should probably learn and learn quickly. Jiya loves him and he her, so how about showing her some consideration when she tells you that your death is iminent. Her visions have yet to be wrong, they just don’t happen exactly the way she sees them, but the end result is still the same. Rufus has said he is not into metaphysics, he does not believe in a higher power or fate. He might want to do some self checking and also tell his teammates what is going on so they can help.  My advice to Rufus is, Flynn could be your biggest ally right now, tell him maybe there is something in Lucy’s journal that could help. #Flufus

Sarah: Our time team boys are struggling this season! Rufus has always been one of my favorites. But boy needs to check himself before continuing to talk to Jiya like that. Because this isn’t the first time. He’s not coming across well and i have found myself grimacing at how he spoke to her in that first scene. I get it, you get told your gonna die, that’s scary. So very scary. But what your not doing is accepting help from your girlfriend, who clearly is in distress about it and wants to help you into figure it out.

His whole, ‘i’m not gonna die today’ made me scream DEAR LORD RUFUS. No you might not, but as Flynn pointed out, still could mean you get your knee caps blown off. He can’t be so reckless, and i hope this episode proves that to him. We saw him come round to that at the end, but i still don’t think that will be it. I sense we will still have a struggle with him, because he’s struggling with it. Therefore he will lash out at those closest. But to put the other question out there, do Wyatt and Lucy know? Lucy knows about Jiya’s visions, but does she know about the latest one? I’m hoping this gets talked about in the next episode. I have missed my classic Wyatt and Rufus time. So let’s hope both men get to talk….preferably about what’s been going on in their lives at some point.

So Rufus, please choose your words wisely. Jiya loves you, and it’s scared as hell for you. Please remember that. And a problem shared is a problem solved, tell your team. At the end of the day they will likely be there with you, them knowing everything can only help prevent what CAN’T HAPPEN. YOU HEAR THAT WRITERS? CAN’T HAPPEN.

Funmbi: Rufus, first I need to apologize for lambasting you about asking Jiya to keep her visions a secret. I would never want to know the circumstances of my own death and I can understand why that would cause you to freak out. It’s so scary! With that said, STOP yelling at Jiya and STOP being reckless on missions. We need to come together as a team to figure out this timeline in which you supposedly die and try to come up with an action plan. To do this, you need to have full control of your mental and physical faculties. You also can’t alienate folks and burn bridges. You’re a good man, Rufus. You can do it; I believe in you! (P.S. Timeless Writers’ Room, you CANNOT kill Rufus! Make this right!)


Riya’s path has been rocky this season, but they’ve been sort of handling it together. How do you feel about how things are looking for them? Can they get through this together? Does Jiya’s vision come true?

Lizzie: I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again – I really appreciate how real this journey has been, and how flawed the two characters have been allowed to be. We all fuck up, we all make mistakes. That’s real. And I also really appreciate how these two have, despite everything that’s going on, stuck together. So yes, I think they can get through this and come out stronger for it. I believe in Riya. And I wholeheartedly believe this show doesn’t work without Rufus, so no way the vision comes true. No. Freaking. Way.

Alyssa: I’ve appreciated how Timeless has allowed us to see the flaws in Riya’s relationship instead of idealizing it because it’s shippy and cute. If there aren’t struggles — especially struggles that indicate personal issues that need to be overcome — then there can’t be progress. So while I want to slap Rufus and push these two babies together and have them be super cute all the time, I genuinely appreciate this show allowing these two to have a realistic relationship (as realistic as a relationship with a side of time travel can get.) Whatever has happened this season, I think we can all agree that it’s going to benefit their relationship in the long run. Yes, there have been difficult times. But it’s in those difficult times that couples grow stronger. And I certainly see that for Riya.

No way Jiya’s vision comes true — at least in its finality. I could see Timeless making us watch Rufus’ death only to have the team go back and save him. Because that would be the stuff of epic pain and emotion. It’s also the least unexpected of options. But this show has to remain true to Jiya’s visions — all of them have come true to this point in some degree. So while Rufus is supposed to die, maybe there’s a way around the vision.

Lyra: Yes, they can get through this. Of course, if Rufus gets his head out of his ass. Which I think he will. And if anything this will make them stronger and more open to communicate and the realization of when they’re being an ass. As for the vision…IT’S GOING TO COME TRUE! They’ll try to avoid it and Rufus will continue to think he’s impervious to danger. But the time will come, the universe will align itself, and Jiya will take Rufus’ place in an effort to save him from the fate she bestowed upon him with her visions.

Bex: 100% they can get through this together. And while I do think part of Jiya’s vision comes true, I also don’t anticipate the writers killing off Rufus, so I have faith that even if things look bad in the finale, both Rufus, and Riya, will survive this.

Mimi: Out of all the couples on Timeless, I’m am least concerned with Riya. They will be fine and Rufus isn’t going to die. Riya will be fine. They are like a red herring of couples  right now, for the all the Lyatt bullshit that is going on. Let’s meet back here after the finale to see if I’m right.

Sarah: I kind of go back to my points above. This is a different journey for Riya this season. They are truly facing an obstacle this season, and that’s Jiya’s visions. Of which have only been about Rufus so far, because of his connection to her. So Jiya does the right thing in my opinion and tells him about what she’s seeing. Of course no one is going to take it well about being told that they are going to die, especially someone who doesn’t believe in a higher power. But Rufus is yet to see what it’s properly doing to Jiya. As i said above, she loves him and only wants to help. They will try and figure it out, he just has to let her in.

Rufus has to get over something here, and i don’t know how he does it. With it constantly looming over them, I can’t see how that’s going to happen. But for me it’s the only way he’s going to be open to doing it ‘together’. Because at this point he doesn’t see that as possible if its happening to ‘him’. He needs to get past that, and I do hope it comes before the finale

Funmbi:  I have faith in Riya. It’s so clear that these two care about each other. And they’ve been under a ton of stress, as individuals and a couple. It can’t be easy for them. However, it seems like Rufus and Jiya are on the same page and in communication with one another. This is key. The thing with Jiya’s visions seems to be that contextual circumstances can shift, but the endgame is still the same (like the death of the man with the scar in “The Salem Witch Hunt”). And we, the audience, haven’t actually seen the vision and that Rufus dies. This seems deliberate. I think Jiya’s vision will come to pass, but the Time Team figures out a way to bring Rufus back. And maybe this opens a window for Flynn to get his family back too…?


Jessica is ….evil? Or a pawn? Either way, she’s got Rittenhouse connections. Speculate about what that means.

Lizzie: Nothing good. Really, nothing good. And it’ll all come to head at the end of the season. But then again, I’m not surprised. Been here, seen this, it’s exactly Alias 2.0. I remember how that went. She ended up being evil. They always end up being evil. Which could mean the Timeless writers are going to turn this on it’s head and have her be an unwilling pawn, but even if that’s so, I still think she follows Rittenhouse’s orders and wrecks some havoc. That’s just the way it’s gotta go. Drama and all that.

Most likely scenario? She’s a sleeper agent who was activated for this, to come mess with Wyatt and Lucy. Oh, joy.

Alyssa: I came into this whole Jessica thing 100 percent believing that she was evil and that was it. But the more I think about it and the more I watch these episodes, I can’t help but wondering if Jessica is just a pawn like so many others before her. Although that surveillance photo of her — wearing that evil smirk — was damning. And that’s the thing, I keep going back and forth on evil or pawn. Maybe she’s a little of both. Maybe she’s involved with Rittenhouse but she wants out? Most likely, she’s a sleeper agent with her own life that she had to leave behind. This girl had divorce papers and was ready to get the hell out. Maybe there’s someone else? This wouldn’t be the first time we’ve seen a sleeper agent want to stay in the life they made. Maybe Jessica is in a similar position? Also, why does someone have to be evil because they’re in Rittenhouse? Look at Lucy’s grandfather. He’s the perfect example of understanding the depths of this organization and finding a way to survive with morals in tact. There’s also a huge part of me that doesn’t want Jessica to be evil because it would be the obvious choice. And Timeless has excelled in not following the predictable route consistently.

Lyra: Could Jessica be both? Evil and a pawn? Cuz that’s what I think when it comes to that photo. Or was she just going out for some Froyo and these creepy dudes from Rittenhouse decided to take her picture because she chose Cotton Candy instead of the vastly superior Peanut Butter. Either way, it’s not what it seems. Rittenhouse is playing the long game and I’ve got no doubt that Jessica and her family would do anything to save the life of loved one aka her brother. So, yes. Complicated and timey wimey, Rittenhouse tried to right things and tear the Time Team down by bringing Jessica back. To their disappointment she’s actually the nicest person ever and we love her. Go figure!

Bex: I’m not sold on her being evil, because I don’t think being RH automatically makes someone evil. Or even a bad person. We’ve seen a few different reasons this season for why people are part of RH. I have a feeling they’ve got something on her, something from her past, or connected to her family.

Mimi: FUCK JESSICA! I’m over her, I’m over her sleeveless shirts and tank tops, I’m over the storyline, I’m OVER it. I think I hate it because they have yet to do anything with HER, other than cause a significant barrier for Lyatt.  Also, like Wyatt still can’t choose, he really needs to get his LIFE!  I thought Shawn Ryan said that Jessica would benefit the progression of Lyatt???  Well, I have yet to see her benefit. I don’t give a shit if she’s evil or fucking Dorothy Gale from The Wizard of Oz, and just wants to go home!  Someone give Jessica a pair of ruby slippers and send her ass back!  PEACE OUT!  Thanks, but no thanks!  We good over here! RH my ass.  If she is a sleeper agent she’s a dumb one, unless the writers are playing us all and she has been feeding all of the bunkers info to RH this entire time.  What would really be a twist, is if she turned out not to be “Jessica” at all but some weird look alike sleeper agent. Sigh. I can list about 100 different ways, that I hate Jessica and the disruption she is bringing to the bunker, but I don’t have enough space for that. I don’t really care what her endgame is at this point, I just need her to leave and take her memories of Wyatt with her. K Bye!

Sarah: So my first thought when we saw the image was actually, no they want us to think she’s Rittenhouse, but really it’s about how they brought her back. But i don’t anymore after some more thought.

I go back to a statement Shawn Ryan made “Jessica’s return benefits the advancement of Wyatt and Lucy and that relationship” as each episode went by i was holding on to this. And they gave us moments, Wyatt still only had eyes for Lucy. I believe Wyatt has made his choice, but not actioned it. He automatically went back to Jess because it was the right thing to do and i think at the time, what he thought he wanted. But as time has gone on, we all know he doesn’t want that at all and now he’s stuck, he’s married to Jess and Lucy tells him he shouldn’t leave her. So he stays. I believe Rittenhouse brought Jess back to mess with Wyatt and Lucy….more specifically I believe Carol brought Jess back to mess with Lucy. Break them down, have Lucy so broken she might think about joining Rittenhouse and Wyatt distracted enough from protecting Lucy now that his wife was back. But this hasn’t happened. Because Lucy is stronger than that and Wyatt’s love for Lucy is stronger than that.

I have had this conversation with Timeless Twinny Jen (second shout out, what do i get? LOL) and we agreed that when Wyatt gave her that pathetic wave, and the lifeboat left. She sighed. She sighed because it wasn’t going to plan, she knows Wyatt, she spots jealousy in him. So it would be ringing bells in her. She needed to do something. And that something was throwing herself at Wyatt and laying one on him as soon as he got back off the mission, a mission that he had spent with Lucy…..I SEE YOU JESSICA. She thinks in doing this, it makes Wyatt think of her again and trying to get him back onto thinking about her. Whether she’s Rittenhouse or not. I lost respect for her in this scene, clearly in episode 5 her and Lucy had the discussion about Wyatt. Jessica is fully aware that there has been something between Wyatt and Lucy. So have some respect? Do it when you get into the hall or back in your room. Don’t do it in front of the women who gave up her happiness for yours, it’s disrespectful. And is not showing the same courtesy that Lucy has shown you.

I believe Jess is a sleeper agent activated in 2018. There, I said it. Whatever they did in 1980 (maybe got her parents to join Rittenhouse?) affected the timeline that meant she was never killed. Probably because she was under Rittenhouse’s protection. But she had to go through her life knowing she would be needed one day. So she sticks out this marriage, one that they are both not suited for one another. Then it comes, the day Wyatt comes back from the mission in 1941 and Carol activates her, I think in between when Wyatt sees her in the bar to the motel room, she goes to Rittenhouse. There Carol gives her the made up divorce papers as a catalyst to panic him into extreme action of being with her. Because if she was just alive again it wouldn’t be the same reaction. But those divorce papers make all the logic go out of the window, and he has to take her to the bunker.  Her mission is to be there, listen to information, distract Wyatt as much as she can and probably lead Rittenhouse eventually to the bunker.

So her reaction to the time machine and the bunker was all real, because she was probably aware of it, but never seen it in action before. She had been living her life like all the other sleepers, up until this point.

She’s no miracle i’m telling you and i’m annoyed at myself that I accepted she was the innocent wife that had no idea of the life Wyatt lead….she probably didn’t. Rittenhouse probably kept a lot from her, but she was told certain things by Carol i’m sure of it. Knowing her daughter would step back because Wyatt’s wife was back, so that comment from Jess in episode 5 of “i don’t think it should be me who he gets a second chance with” was a play. She knew Lucy wouldn’t let her leave. That was way to easy how she accepted Lucy’s words and wanted to be with Wyatt again. But she had to go back, because that’s her job. Would you go back to your husband if you knew he had slept with his co worker and had extremely deep feelings for her? She was fully aware of it, yet it didn’t seem to phase her at all? Because she isn’t the average person. She has ulterior motives and objectives. All of that was made to make her look like a good person, willing to walk way from Wyatt so Lucy could be with him so we didn’t suspect her in any way ….but she knew Lucy wouldn’t let her, and Lucy you could say, played into her hands there, but how was she to know?

Now whether she’s fully evil is yet to be seen, she might have heart. Might believe even though she’s been given this mission, that Wyatt and Lucy are meant to be and nothing she could do would change that. She’s meant to ‘advance’ them after all?

Before I was worried that having Jess be Rittenhouse was easy and that didn’t give Wyatt a choice then. So Lucy would automatically be default. But that’s not the case, as I said above. It just means it could actually be ‘easier’ on them both. Wyatt wouldn’t have left Jess, because Lucy never wanted to be the reason for their marriage failing. And Wyatt see’s that in bringing Jess back, it’s not a miracle, it was down to a twisted game that Rittenhouse were playing. It’s not about fate or second chances. She was never meant to come back in the first place.

So i say to people, don’t be disheartened that Jess is probably Rittenhouse, and that means ‘Lucy is 2nd choice’, because really, Wyatt never had that choice in the first place. Lucy told him to do it and told him not to leave it. This is his wife after all. Think of it that way.

P.S who wants to join me and Jen in calling Jess a ‘DIRTY SUCCUBUS’ after her throwing herself at Wyatt in front of Lucy and probably what else is to come from her? Yes?

Simy: When the photo was released of Annie / Tonya and Michael my feelings said, DO NOT TRUST JESSICA. And man, was I right. She’s so sneaky, so there, I think it was set up so that she would break up between Lucy and Wyatt for sure! And as sad as that sounds, that’s what it is. And yeah, it’s clear they kept her alive now for that, to take down Wyatt, make him weak, vulnerable, just like Lucy, so that at some point he will have to make the choice between Lucy or Jessica.

Funmbi: I remain Agent Christopher in this Jessica situation: “If Rittenhouse brought her back, she could BE the danger.” I don’t know that Jessica is a sleeper agent, that seems too obvious. But there is a reason Rittenhouse decided to change history to make it so Jessica could be alive. So, even unwittingly, she is a threat to the Time Team. This image recovered from the Rittenhouse headquarters confirms that fact. I’m reallllllllllly looking forward to the big reveal of this Jessica-mystery; it’s going to be juicy!


Lucy’s insistence that Jessica is the love of Wyatt’s life and that he’s happy spells doom for Wyatt’s marriage. How do you think this plays out? Is there enough time left in the season for Lyatt to reunite? For a love confession? What’s coming Lyatt-wise?


I don’t think we have time for anything definitive, no. I’d love the love confession, because that’d be coming full circle, but ugh, I don’t think so. I think we’re gonna end the season on more possibilities, but the good kind. I think the Jessica matter is gonna be resolved and Lucy and Wyatt are going to know where they stand with each other, but that’s it. We’re not gonna see any actual anything. Because I think there’s a lot of rebuilding that needs to be done, and that’s likely what S3 is all about.


Alyssa: If Lucy needs to tell Wyatt that Jessica’s the love of his life and that he’s in a happy and loving marriage, then homeboy isn’t in a happy marriage. It goes back to what I said about the genuine happiness — or lack thereof, in this case — with Wyatt since Jessica’s return. It’s felt more like Wyatt’s putting on a smile for Jessica and for himself. He feels guilty about her death and he feels obligated to try and make things work because he is her husband. But how long can Wyatt be this noble idiot and withhold happiness from himself, from Lucy, and even from Jessica? I feel like, at this point, subconsciously Wyatt knows his choice. He knows that Lucy is the one he wants to be with, the one that represents his future. But he’s not at the point where he’s been able to verbalize it just yet. He’s going to be put in a situation that’s going to force him to verbalize those thoughts and feelings in a clear way. None of this sidestepping and wanting Lucy to help guide him to that place. He has to do it himself.

Honestly, I don’t think there’s enough time for Lyatt to reunite this season. Not in the way they should. But there is plenty of time to resolve this Wyatt/Jessica relationship and set-up a Lucy/Wyatt reunion in season 3. With that said, I do think there’s time for a love confession of some sort. There needs to be a definitive direction defined for Lyatt in this finale to set it up for season 3. I fully expect Wyatt to choose Lucy and profess his love for her, and I expect Lucy to return the sentiment. But that doesn’t mean everything’s perfect and back to how it used to be. No, this next season is going to be about Lucy and Wyatt working through the events of this season and finding common ground again so that they can take that romantic step. Things have changed since Hollywoodland. They can’t just ignore it once Jessica’s gone.

Lyra: I’m going to copy and past my answer from #4 because it’s still oh so relevant:

I need Wyatt to check himself, stop giving Lucy heart eyes, and try to work it out with his wife. If working it out with his wife means leaving her, then so be it. But he can’t keep himself in two worlds, one where he’s with Lucy and the other where he’s with Jessica. It’s not fair to either of them and this all coming from someone who ships Lyatt. Crazy, right? I’m looking for Wyatt to commit and stop stringing people along, including himself. For so long he’s been defined by his loss for Jessica. And I know it’s scary to think that there’s something or someone new out there that can help take his life in a different direction, but he has to choose. Once he does, I think they’ll all be better for it. Hint: It’s TV. He’s going to choose Lucy, after he figures himself out of course, because Lucy doesn’t deserve sloppy seconds or a guy who picked her because his wife is evil.

P.S. I don’t think there’s enough time to reunite Lyatt, get them to confess to each other, and ride off into the sun together. HE’S. GOT. TO. WORK. IT. Not just for Lucy, but for himself too.

Bex: While a love confession would be a nice parallel to Rufus telling Wyatt in 2×01 that he loves Lucy, I’m not sure we’ll get it. At this point they feel too far from that for it to be organic, BUT there are still 3 episodes for the writers to move things along. So maybe.
I’m also not sure I want lyatt to reunite this season, for the same reason above. Look, if it happens at the right pace, brilliant. But that feels more like season three’s arc – so, AGAIN, NBC, I SAY: RENEW TIMELESS.
But as long as they come back to one another in some way, I’ll be happy. Ideally I want them back to how they were by the end of season one – at least. If they’re at the point where Lucy can wrap Wyatt up in one of her tackle-hugs, or Wyatt buckles her seatbelt while calling her ma’am, I’m good with that.

Mimi: Guys, I am really worried about Lyatt reuniting before the season ends. I mean we are three episodes out from the finale and we still have no resolution. I did not expect the writers to draw this story line out for this long. Especially since Jessica is such a boring character, if it was about forcing Wyatt to choose his path I think they could have done that in Ep 5. We all know Wyatt is meant to be with Lucy but does he?  Everyone keeps saying oh he’ll realize it, he’s starting to figure it out. But I’m still on the fence with him and his decision making skills right now. He is not being real with either woman or himself about where his feelings lie. I completely agree with Alyssa.  If ANYONE needs to be confessing their feelings for someone it’s Wyatt to Lucy, not the other way around! I have no clue what is coming Lyatt wise? Shit, they keep hitting us with bricks. I thought for sure they would be back in each others arms by now, but they are turning this into a 10 minute Prince song, guitar solo’s and everything.  Lyatt being apart is brutal, it’s like when your parents separate, and they’re both awkwardly polite but uncomfortable in each others presence. Maybe Wyatt can save Lucy from RH for the season finale? Like from REAL, legit, danger, not just perceived danger. I actually think if Wyatt does that, he’ll realize how he really feels about Lucy and Jessica won’t be a barrier for them anymore.

Sarah: Do you see Wyatt look at Jess like he looks at Lucy? HELL NO. We’ve barely had scenes of them on their own. We only had that in episode 4, it’s because they don’t want us to be invested in it, they don’t want us to ‘care’ about them. Also note Wyatt’s expression everytime Lucy says ‘love of your life’ and ‘you love her’, because to me it looks like he’s saying the complete opposite. He looks pained when she says it on the mission, to me it was more a look of he’s lost the love of his life because of all of this.

There is a reason Wyatt has never agreed or nodded when she’s said this. Because he doesn’t believe it anymore. He questions it probably more than ever. But there is also a reason he hasn’t told her otherwise, and i believe that’s coming. I don’t believe they would build this up so much, to leave us hanging without this resolved at the end of the season.

Wyatt needs to use his words, and it could come in Lucy finally coming close to being killed by Rittenhouse to spur him into action. It has to be something, and i don’t think or want it to be Jess being Rittenhouse. It has to be personal to them.

Does that mean they are ‘together’ in at the end of it? That’s a hard one. But we have 3 episodes left and I feel the next episode will be more about the bigger picture than them…so it all comes down to the 2 hour finale. We need those three words that weren’t said from Wyatt’s lips in episode 3, after all of this and Lucy’s insistence of ‘love of your life’ and ‘you love her’, shes telling him this. Trying to reinforce feelings that just aren’t there anymore. One more time she needs to say it, and he will tell her he doesn’t. I’m waiting for that moment.  

I’m hopeful for one last kiss before the season ends, to give us that hope, even if it’s not said, that they are on their way there and what to look forward to in season 3.

Funmbi: I will have more to say about the trajectory of Wyatt’s marriage in next week’s roundtable. What I will say now is that there isn’t enough time left in the season for a credible Lyatt reunion or even confession of love. (Lyra’s P.S. is spot on–these two still have a lot of emotional work to do to get back on the same page.) I think the season ends with Wyatt and Lucy realizing the Jessica’s coming back from the dead isn’t on the up-and-up. So I think we’ll have to hang out Lyatt hopes on Season 3… which leads me to the next question 😉

Timeless - “The War to End All Wars”

Why should NBC renew Timeless? Give us your reasons.

Lizzie: We shouldn’t have to write odes about why NBC should renew the best show on television. We really shouldn’t. But they should because, ratings aside, this is a diverse, smart and significant show that critics love, the kind of show that will be remembered and re-watched 20, 40 years from now. And because good television deserves a reward. Otherwise, how can we make sure there’s more?

Alyssa: NBC should renew Timeless simply because it’s the best show on television. It’s one of those rare shows that manages to capture the human experience through history and character dynamics in such a beautiful way. It’s a history lesson every week. It’s a lesson in human emotion every week. It’s a reminder of how a show should make you feel every week. There is still so much potential with this show. I feel like I need at least 4 to 5 seasons of this show to feel even remotely satisfied from a storytelling perspective. This show is important for so many reasons: The history, the lessons, the characters, the diversity, the inclusion, the beautiful storytelling. This is a show that needs to be seen.

Lyra: Timeless should be renewed because I will burn this bitch down if I have to suffer the loss of another amazingly written show. *clears throat* I mean, I will be very upset and shake my fists at the ceiling if I have to suffer the loss of another amazingly written show. First Sweet/Vicious, then Pitch, then The Shannara Chronicles. My heart can’t handle the thought of another loss or goodbye to another word I’ve come to love.

Bex: TV needs Timeless, it needs these stories being told. Humanity goddamn needs Timeless, to remind us all of how far we’ve come, and how much work we still need to do. For me, it’s that simple. And losing Timeless before it has a chance to tell at least five seasons worth of stories is unacceptable. NBC has an absolute gem of a show, one we ALL need right now.

Mimi: NBC should renew Timeless because it is a breath of fresh air on television right now. It sounds so cliche but it’s true. There is nothing like it on t.v. and the history telling they do each week is amazing. I have learned so much about history just from watching this show, it intrigues me and pulls me in, every week.  Yes I’m obsessed with Lyatt but that’s not the only reason I watch. I get excited to see where they go next? What their costumes will look like each week. What songs will be played? I love all of it. NBC has a gem, this show has a cult following similar to that of Buffy. I love the Timeless fandom and the friends I’ve made. Please don’t take that away from me NBC. Renew Timeless, be on the right side of history!

Sarah: It’s hard to put into words why Timeless should be renewed. But I will do my best.

It’s a History lesson each week. I’ve learned so much from the show and i remember it all because of the way it’s been told. Timeless makes History interesting. They do that through the wonder that is Lucy Preston, her knowledge and love of History is extraordinary. But it’s not just History we may have learnt about in school, most of the times it’s History that and figures that aren’t as well known, but should have recognition. There isn’t a show like it out there.

The cast. From the diversity to chemistry, this show is knocking it out of the park. The relationships to friendships. This show has it covered. You have strong and independent women, and men who quite happily let them take the lead out of respect and trust. The core cast of actors on this show never fail to amaze me each week, not only that i have a new favorite historical figure because of the way they are portrayed by the supporting actors.  

The writers. The scripts are quick witted, funny, emotional, beautiful, sad and everything in between. They can go from an extremely emotional scene to a funny one and it’s seamless. It works. The writers and the cast are attest to that. And don’t get me started on the plotlines, i have spent so much time theorising about this show and what could happen, that it’s actually scary.

I think the network would be fools to let this one go. It’s truly magical and needs a better time slot. It’s not about the show having potential, they proved that within the first few episodes of season 1. We are past that now, it’s about expanding this world. There’s is of course, so much History to go into and i’m sure the writers have so much more they want to tell us.

I love this show so much, there isn’t anything on tv like it. I haven’t felt like this about a show in many many years and it gives me a buzz that i can’t explain.  I for one am sat here with open arms, please give us a season 3. I BEG OF YOU.

Simy: Timeless not only has shown me that the show has a beautiful grasp on history, which I don’t know much about. Being from the Netherlands you don’t hear about these people, so it’s beautiful to see how and learn. Another reason is our cast, I can talk about this for hours, but our cast is the best out there in my opinion. Nothing can beat our cast. The social media interactions, not just now during the season but even last year with our rewatch parties, everything they do for us as fans, as a fandom, it’s just so incredible to watch. I wish more shows could see this, see the power that this show has because I keep going into this state of mind that if everyone knew, knew the story, knew these characters, how different their lives would be. And I didn’t start a fansite because I don’t like a show. I started it because I love it. I do that with all the shows I love. But Timeless is special, special in my heart, the campaign last year, this year too. Both changed my life. So Timeless should be renewed. Bring the fans together.

Funmbi: NBC must renew Timeless because this is the quality content we deserve. We all deserve to have the stories of women, People of Color, and other marginalized voices uncovered in history AND represented on our televisions screens today. We deserve these opportunities to learn and to watch these incredibly compelling characters learn and grow, too. The Timeless creators, cast, and crew are so adept at telling these multiple and layered stories… so let them do it!

Agree? Disagree? Have any more Timeless thoughts? Share with us in the comments below!

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