Supernatural’s “Beat the Devil” forces Dean to watch his brother die (again), has Sam face his torturer, and Rowena getting it, left & right. We’re proud of the latter and super annoyed that Lucifer is still around and causing trouble for the people he tortured. Oh yeah, and murdered. Can’tRead More →


Rowena’s pain leads the Winchesters right to her door in Supernatural’s “Funeralia.” She wants to make amends for everything that she’s done and she’s willing to kill (evil humans responsible for the death of many) to get her chance to speak with Death herself. What she doesn’t understand is thatRead More →

Rowena, who has recently been released from her magical bonds, is back in Supernatural‘s “Funeralia.” She is done standing on the sidelines and being restricted from reaching her full potential. And if she has to take Sam and Dean down to get her way…then she’ll do it. Check out theRead More →

Sam and Dean face off against two witches with a knack for love spells and see the return of fan favorite Rowena in Supernatural’s “Various & Sundry Villains.” This episode also manages to unearth some pent up feelings about Sam’s time with Lucifer and how the loss of mom andRead More →

A MacLeod reunion is set to happen in Supernatural‘s ‘Family Feud.’ Rowena is enlisted by the Winchesters to help locate her grandson after someone is murdered by a ghost of the merchant ship Gavin was supposed to die on. Saying that the MacLeod family is complicated would be an understatement.Read More →

Dean gets hit by a spell that rapidly starts eating away at his memory in Supernatural‘s ‘Regarding Dean.’ Sam teams up with adaptable, inventive, and witty Rowena to try and fix things before Dean is a blank slate. Imagine having being told 12 seasons worth of backstory?! Somehow he endsRead More →

Supernatural‘s mid-season finale “LOTUS” takes a crazy turn when Lucifer, on a power trip of epic proportions, takes over the President of the United States. The Winchesters send him straight back to hell just in time to be arrested for trying to assassinate the President. No one essential died, there wereRead More →