Supernatural 12×13 Review: The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly of ‘Family Feud’

Supernatural‘s ‘Family Feud’ was a filler episode that needed more Winchesters and less MacLeod reunion. What should’ve been a turning point for Crowley, Rowena, and Gavin, fell flat and left us not caring at all for the fiancee’s ghost or the innocents dying. Even Mary finally confessing to her boys that she’s been lying to them, felt lackluster. It was all set up for what’s to come next in ‘The Raid’.

After last week’s heartbreaking deathbed confession by Castiel, it felt like there was a hole in the show. Castiel is part of this family and we were once again left wondering and worrying about where the angel is while his family is hunting and dealing with the scourge that is the British Men of Letters (BMoL).

‘Family Feud’s’ saving grace came down to the return of the original big bad, Lucifer.

The Good – Lucifer’s Back, Back Again

The best part of ‘Family Feud’ was Mark Pellegrino’s return as Lucifer. No matter what happens, this vessel is still kicking and has an upgrade this time around! And despite what Crowley might think…Lucifer is exactly where he wants to be.

Lucifer is waiting to see what Crowley did to this new/yet old vessel aka what upgrades are lurking just beneath the surface. With the way that Crowley talks and boasts, it’s only a matter of time til he spills his secrets to try to get a rise out of Lucifer. The fallen angel has been at this game far longer than Crowley and will make a move when the time comes.

He’s also bidding his time to see what Crowley’s operation is like. Luci has lost his hold on Hell multiple times and he’s looking for where he went wrong and how times have changed. He’s got a son coming that he needs to protect and what better place to do it than the throne of Hell!?

Ultimately, we support whatever gives us more Mark Pellegrino.

The Bad – Working w/ the British Men of Letters

The end apparently justifies the means for Mary Winchester in ‘Family Feud.’ She’s willing to overlook the fact that one of the BMoL tortured her son and did unspeakable things to his mind to get answers. Most importantly, she’s willing to trust others over her own flesh and blood.

Sam and Dean have worked with the bad guys before. Look at Crowley and Rowena if you need any recent examples. They’ve even sat down Lucifer and God and had a therapy session like they were on Doctor Phil! And despite all their faults, the Winchester boys trust each other. I can’t help but think that she doesn’t trust her boys and told them the truth because she felt cornered by the BMoL.

The BMoL aren’t helping the Winchesters out of the goodness of their hearts. They’re doing it because they’re controlling and pompous hunters with delusions that they’re somehow better than everyone else. They’re helping Mary out and training her because they know that she’s the way to getting Dean and Sam to cooperate with them.

Newsflash BMoL, you’re not better than other hunters. You’re not better than the Winchesters. You’re not better than the vampires, werewolves, and ghosts that you hunt. In fact, you’re worse than these creatures and you don’t even see it. That right there is what makes you the most dangerous monster of all and the #1 threat the Winchesters need to eliminate and banish from the U.S., asap!

The Ugly – Rowena’s Betrayal, Surprise!

The title of this episode should’ve clued me in that everything wasn’t sunshine and unicorns with the MacLeod family reunion. Rowena wasn’t after righting a grievous wrong or stopping her grandson’s fiancee’s ghost (that’s a mouth full) from killing innocents. She was enacting revenge on her son for taking away someone she cared for.

That’s cold, Rowena. But fair.

I thought Rowena and Crowley were at a turning point in their relationship. After decades apart and years angry at each other, they seemed to be getting used to each others evil presence. But ‘Family Feud’ was just a reminder to Rowena of what she had lost because of her son.

The MacLeod’s aren’t regular people like you and I though. For them, this might just be what they need to set their grievances aside. Both were horrible parents who treated their children terribly. Maybe Crowley will brush this off as them getting even for once in their lives. Or it might just get worse and Crowley will launch a full scale attack on his mother with the new and improved Luci.

Only time will tell.

Favorite Moment from ‘Family Feud’: Sam’s Smile

I thought I loved Sam before. I also thought I didn’t have a favorite when it came to the brothers. Then Sam had to smile like this. Now I can’t help but be head over heels for the kind, supportive, and capable moose known as Sam Winchester! *insert heart eyes here*

Check out the trailer for next week’s episode of Supernatural titled ‘The Raid’:

Supernatural airs Thursdays at 8/9c on The CW.

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