‘Supernatural’ 12×21 Review: Another Female Hunter Dies & the BMOL Brainwash Mary

The penultimate episode before the Season 12 Finale of Supernatural left me feeling like I got sucker punched by the British Men of Letters (BMOL) before being locked in the bunker to perish. Why are they alive again? Oh yeah, they’re the villain of the story, more than even Lucy is this season.

‘There’s Something About Mary’ saw the BMOL accelerating their game, brainwashing Mary, and teaching us some very important lessons. One, women don’t last long on this show and your Eileen/Sam dreams are dead. Two, the Winchesters can never be happy.

Let’s dive right in!

Eileen Leahy is Dead, Why Am I Surprised?

Time and time again Supernatural has done this to me. They’ve shown me amazing females, made me fall in love with them for their grace, strength, journey, and perseverance. And time and time again, they’ve killed them off.

At this point I shouldn’t be so surprised but I still am.

Eileen Leahy deserved better. I get what the writers were going for. They made us care for her. Slowly dropping little hints here and there to weave her into the story of the Winchesters. Not too much, because they didn’t want her to be essential, but just enough for us to feel the pain of her death. Even taking all of that into account, she deserved better.

She could’ve survived. Instead they had the BMOL hunt her down like an animal and left her to rot in a forest on her own. It’s tragic, messed up, and I kept hope that she was still alive until she was shown in the morgue, the Winchesters distraught and angered by her death.

Do the writers know the narrative they continue to write when it comes to female characters on this show? Do they not understand the importance of having a female hunter who was also deaf? Don’t they realize that female viewers want to see themselves on screen, and feel disappointed every time a female gets killed off?

Maybe they don’t see or understand, but we sure as hell do. And with the way that Mary’s story is going, she’s set to kick the bucket as well. Check another female off Supernatural.

Violating Mary Winchester’s Mind

I previously promised to call Lady Bevell ‘Lady Rapist’ and I will continue to do so in this review.

Lady Rapist violated Mary. (Looks like she’s got a thing for Winchesters.) She went into Mary’s mind and twisted her about, stripped her of her morals, hunter code, and her love for her children, just so she could be a toy for the BMOL. Lady Rapist destroyed Mary, and she’s got the nerve to act affronted and call Ketch a psychopath?

Lady Rapist is the big bad of this story. She is part of the problem.

The BMOL, and Lady Rapist, live under this delusion that they can do whatever they want because American hunters are flannel wearing, whiskey drinking, hicks who don’t know what they’re doing. I’ve got news for you BMOL: flannel is and will always be the rage and who doesn’t like a good stiff drink?

American hunters have more decency, honor, compassion, and an understanding for what they do, in their pinkie.

And sure there have been hiccups. There have been hunters who haven’t seen what Sam and Dean have. They haven’t seen the humanity that still lives in werewolves and sometimes vampires. But overall they’re good people just trying to protect other people. They try, persevere, and do a pretty good job, considering the circumstances.

So bring it on, Lady Rapist and your BMOL counterparts. The Winchesters will win and you will fail. Tale as old as time. You just don’t know it yet.

What Losing Mary Means for Sam & Dean

Sam and Dean are pros at losing family. They’ve known loss since they were young boys. But this, bringing back their mom, distancing her from her boys, and then brainwashing her, speaks of trouble to come.

I think Sam and Dean are going to be forced into an impossible position where they’ll have to put down their mom so she won’t put them down first. And that’s a really horrifying and traumatising thing to do to the Winchesters.

They have a chance with Mary.

A chance to learn a mothers love, how to be a different kind of family, and to have the support that they’ve always been craving for. I’m not trying to discount the love and support they receive now, looking at you Jody, but a mother’s love is different. It’s a connection shared between two people that will always be there no matter what.

Losing Mary Winchester takes away all that hope and teaches them once more that family never survives this kind of life. It will throw them for a tale spin, once more, that they can’t even hold onto family, so why should they even try? Hell, why should we try?

I need a little hope Supernatural. A little pick me up that the Winchester brothers won’t get screwed again because they are the saviors of this world. Give them a little hope, a little happiness, and don’t take it away. They, more than anyone else, deserve it.

Best Scene from ‘There’s Something About Mary’:

Watching Sam & Dean protect their home and fight while using Lady Rapist as a shield.


Supernatural Season 12 2-hour finale airs Thursday at 8/9c on The CW.

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