Supernatural 12×10 Review: Lily Sunder Has Some Regrets

Dealing with the aftermath of Billie’s death comes to a halt with sassy Castiel, family squabbles, and Castiel’s past coming back to haunt him and his angel siblings in “Lily Sunder Has Some Regrets.” Things get even more complicated when Cas realises he’s on the wrong side and that his brother is the real monster.

Alicia Witt joins a long line of badass women that have starred on Supernatural as the BAMF with an eye patch named Lily Sunder. Like every badass before her, she’s left a mark on our hearts and minds that won’t soon be forgotten.

Let’s dive right in!

The Unexpected Twist of Lily Sunder

What started off as a cliched story of a woman seeking revenge against the people who’d destroyed her life, quickly turned into something extraordinary in Lily Sunder Has Some Regrets. This wasn’t just about avenging the deaths of her daughter and husband with a fancy eye patch and pant suit.

Lily’s hunt was about standing up to the person who’d destroyed her life. It was about telling the world and every other family he has torn apart or manipulated for his own gain, “No. I will not let him get away with this.” It was about settling her past and righting what he altered for his own protection, greed, and selfishness.

Maybe we haven’t been in the exact position as Lily Sunder, but many of us know what it’s like to be have the facts skewed by someone more powerful to hide a wrong done to us. We know what it is to feel weak and lose it all while that person remains strong as if nothing happened. We understand Lily’s loss and the struggle that went with it because it’s real and relatable.

Lily Sunder is a shining example that we are not victims and that we have the power to survive the ones who hurt us. They will not destroy us. They will only make us stronger. Wherever Lily is right now, I know that she’s living life on her own terms. She’s processing what she’s done, how far she’s come, and what’s she’s going to do next.

She’s no longer shackled to her past and we hope to see her again one day. (Seriously, bring her back or give her a spin-off. I’d watch it.)

The Sassiest Angel of Them All, Castiel

Castiel hit nuclear levels of sass in “Lily Sunder Has Some Regrets.” It seems that the ‘I’m done with these self sacrificing idiots’ attitude from last episode has carried over into this one with no plans of stopping.

Honestly, I like it. Correction. Love it.

While Dean is sitting in a corner, being extra broody, and giving his favorite angel the silent treatment, Cas is trying to understand what’s going on with his brothers and sisters. He doesn’t have time to harp on and on about how he killed Billie and their impending unknown doom because there will always be an impending doom when it comes to their family.

Cas made a decision and he’s not going to let anyone, including Dean make him feel bad about it. He’s ready to move forward and tackle whatever breaking this blood oath entails. This assertiveness and sass has always been a part of Cas, as evidenced in the flashback where his vessel rolls her eyes almost out of her head, but somehow this feels different.

This feels like Cas finally declaring himself a part of the family (yes, it’s 12 seasons in but I can’t shake off the feeling) and saying that he will not stand idly by. He’s in it with the Winchesters til the very end and there’s no turning back.

Where is Mary Winchester?

Last week’s episode had Mary Winchester giving up her life for her boys and Castiel turning the tables by killing Billie. This week, Mary should’ve been there with her boys and Cas.

What they did (Cas, Dean, Sam, and Mary) isn’t something that can just be brushed off. A blood oath was made and lives were almost lost. I think the episode could’ve done with Mary intervening during all the arguing between Cas & Dean and trying to help figure out what cataclysmic events are around the corner. Hell, she could’ve just held down the fort while they confronted and dealt with Lily Sunder.

I’m trying to give Mary and the writers the benefit of the doubt by theorizing that maybe she wanted to get out of their hair? Maybe she understood that this problem was bigger than her and they needed some time to do research that she’s not capable of so she went off to save some people? Or maybe Mary needed time to decompress for herself and understand the sacrifice she was about to make for her children, two men she still barely knows?

Like Cas said, the world needs every last Winchester. Please don’t leave Mary out of important moments and conversations like the ones in “Lily Sunder Has Some Regrets.” Dean, Sam, and Cas need her guiding hand to teach them a new way of hunting and dealing with the supernatural. And we need Mary because badasses like her show us that women do have a place in Supernatural and aren’t just relegated a guest spot when it fits the plot.

Mary is a Winchester. Let’s make sure she sticks around for a good long while.

Favorite Scene from ‘Lily Sunder Has Some Regrets’: Sam Giving Advice

Sam Winchester is supportive, well meaning, and spends the majority of the episode proving how good of a brother he is. He calls out Dean when need be and remains a good friend to Cas. You never give up on family and Sam knows he’s got to support his. *insert heart eyes*

Check out the trailer for next week’s episode of Supernatural titled ‘Regarding Dean’:

Supernatural airs Thursdays at 8/9c on The CW.

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