‘Supernatural’ Season 12 Finale Review: Who We Are & All Along the Watchtower

Supernatural delivered a shocking amount of twists and turns where they cleared house, killed a bunch of people (some we love & some we hate), and gave us all the family feels we could muster in the Season 12 finale.

It’s hard to believe that even after 12 seasons this show can surprise and awe. It’s like they never run out of ideas or steam and just keep pushing our favorite characters into new directions that remain true to the kind of people they are. For example, Dean got to speak his truth and came out better for it. Sam finally accepted that he has a family and the power inside of him to lead. And Mary exposed the guilt she’d been feeling since coming back and accepted her boys.

Supernatural pushed boundaries in this season finale by opening a doorway into an alternate version of Earth where Sam was never born and the Winchesters never saved the world. It shined this big and beautiful light on the Winchesters and what they mean to this world and the people in it. They’re one of a kind and the best thing that has happened to this planet in a long time.

Oh and as for Castiel being dead, because that’s a boundary I didn’t even think they’d push, I’m not even going to contemplate that option or give it any credence. Castiel is part of the family. He’ll be back. I know it.

Dean’s Truth & The Man He Is

A life time of pain poured out of Dean Winchester in the Season 12 finale of Supernatural and he came out better, stronger, happier for it. For too long he’s been holding in that pain inside, not saying what he needs to or what he endured as a brother, a father, and a son. No more.

He poured out his heart to his mother and it was the most cathartic thing that he’s ever done. There was anger in his words, pain, loss, but also so much love and acceptance. He knows that things have been shit for a really long time, but he’s here. This is the man he is, this is the life they lead, and he’s ok with that.

Dean Winchester has accepted who he is. *need a moment of silence for that one*

And for those who don’t understand what this means or have never had a moment like Dean had, let me lay it out for you. There’s been a weight on Dean’s chest that held him back, filled him with so much anger, and stopped him from moving forward. That weight is gone now and it’s like breathing for the first time.

What Dean has ahead of him in Season 13 won’t be easy. He’ll be mourning the loss of his best friend (which again, I don’t think he’s dead), fighting to get his mom back, and helping Sam with the creeper Nephilim. But he has a higher chance of doing all of these things and coming out on top because he knows who he is and how much good he’s accomplished in this world.

Dean Winchester is a hero. And heroes never quit.

Sam the Leader

Don’t even try to deny it. You feel like a proud mom/father when it comes to Sam Winchester. He rose up and finally stopped being afraid to be the leader! He gave a rousing speech, worked with people that had hurt him and his brother before, and led the charge against the British Men of Letters (BMOL).

Our baby is all grown up!

A part of Sam has always been afraid to take charge. Combine that with the fact that he’s always deferred to his brother (not totally, but in a sense because Dean is essentially his father) and you’ve got someone who’s afraid to take charge. In this episode he told that doubting little Sam on his shoulder, and that sometimes lives in our own minds, no more.

This change in Sam is going to carry over to Season 13 and help define the man that he will be now that they know that the BMOL are out there. My hope is that he’ll want to unite the American hunters or offer an easier and better way to support and communicate with each other so a hostile take over like this will never happen again.

And sure Sam’s got to deal with the uber creepy Nephilim, the fact that his mother’s in a hellscape version of Earth, and that their friend just died. But the Winchesters are survivors. Always have been and always will be. Dean and him will make it through this. And with Sam taking the reins more as a leader I think the chances of them righting things skyrocket.

Mary & Why She Stayed Away

The number #1 thing we must remember when looking at Mary Winchester is that she’s human and flawed. She isn’t perfect, far from it, and this season finale finally gave us the answers we and the Winchesters were looking for.

Mary blamed herself for the life her children had to endure and stayed away because of it.

And before you jump up and say, “Well that’s stupid!” think about all the other shows that do this exact thing and how guilt twists us up into crazy shapes sometimes. Maybe you would do what Mary did in a misplaced attempt to protect your loved ones?

This was a cathartic finale for each Winchester and I’m so glad that Mary got it all out, even though she got throw into a hellscape version of Earth while pummelling Lucifer in the face. Her boys know how much she loves them and she has started down a road of acceptance for her actions and the fact that these are her children.

She can’t run from Dean and Sam anymore. They are her kids; big, beautiful, broken, heroes that they are. Mary will fight to survive for them. Not dream versions of them where they’re still children and she still has a chance to protect them. That’s gone and these two men are worthwhile the effort, the time, and the love.

They’re a family and you never give up on family. Especially with the Winchesters.

Additional Notes from Who We Are & All Along the Watchtower:
  1. Did they use the same knife to cut their hands in the bunker?
  2. Jody is ok and all is right with the world.
  3. “Big, beautiful, and dumb,” has to be a shirt. Also, we could do with a shirt that says, “Big, beautiful, lumbering piles of flannel.”
  4. Who knew that “bitch” and “jerk” could make me so emotional?
  5. Baby Sam is a butterball and so damn adorable!
  6. Ding Dong the witch is dead! Happier that Lady Rapist (Bevell) is dead more than anyone else from the BMOL. It was a long time coming.
  7. The family hug…was beautiful. And with the way that things were going in the episode I thought John would join in on it.
  8. Swedish cribs are the real enemy.
  9. Angel killing bullets…where were you seasons ago?
  10. I can’t with Crowley being dead either. He’ll be back. I know it.
  11. Kelly too. I kind of liked her at the end there. Why make me like her at the very end?
  12. I’ve got a feeling that Mary and Lucifer are going to work together to survive and get back to their boys. That or they will join the resistance and fight each other.
Favorite Moment from the Season 12 Finale:

After so many will he, won’t he, moments with the grenade launcher, Dean Winchester finally got to use it! It was well worth and definitely a dear diary moment he’ll never want to forget!


Favorite Throwback Moment from the Season 12 Finale:


Supernatural returns Fall 2017 for Season 13.

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