‘Supernatural’ 13×19 Review: “Funeralia”

Rowena’s pain leads the Winchesters right to her door in Supernatural’s “Funeralia.” She wants to make amends for everything that she’s done and she’s willing to kill (evil humans responsible for the death of many) to get her chance to speak with Death herself. What she doesn’t understand is that her methods are no longer something she would do as she’s grown as a woman, witch, mother, and person.

On the heavenly side of things, Cas goes up top and learns that it’s almost closing time for Heaven unless they find Gabriel and get cracking on creating new angels. Oh, and Naomi’s back. We don’t like Naomi. Not. One. Bit.

Let’s break down Supernatural’s “Funeralia”:

Rowena’s Pain and Redemption


This witch has come full circle. When we first met her she was a fiery mess of a witch that didn’t take anything laying down. She would put anyone in there place and had no regrets for anything she did in her life to get to where she was.

It took the death of her child for her to understand the cost of what she had done and what it had meant for her and her family. She had sacrificed so much for power and set her child on the wrong foot when it came to his life. Dean’s right that Crowley made his own decisions following his mother’s departure, but that doesn’t mean that Rowena didn’t play a part in pushing him towards that life. She created life and when she thought that power was more important, she abandoned that life.

Her kidnapping of Sam and her need to speak with Death was her desperate fight to right her mistakes and start over. And it echoes with me and with anyone that has regrets or experienced loss. It’s a twisted thing to realize the things you could’ve done right in the first place only after the pain has set in or after you’ve lost a loved one. You don’t have to be a witch or a Winchester to understand that.

Rowena has a choice now. She can follow the breadcrumbs that Death set out before her and live up to this cruel persona she has built around herself for decades. She can walk into that death at the hands of Sam Winchester. Or she can believe in the Winchesters and start anew. She can leave the past behind and try for herself, for Fergus, and for all of those people that she made suffer along the way. It’s not going to fix or amend what she did. But it’s a start.

And I for one think that she can do it.

Closing Time, Time for You to Go Out Into The World


First off, fuck you Naomi. Second of all all, fuck you Naomi. Thought it would be best to get that out of the way after the blase way that she brushed off the things that she had done to Castiel and her indifference at taking a couple years to get herself together. A “sorry” does go a long way, Naomi.

Now, let’s talk about what’s really important and terrifying about this episode: HEAVEN IS ABOUT TO SHUT DOWN! We’ve always thought of heaven as this immovable object, even after the angels fell. And we’ve been battling them for years because contrary to popular belief they aren’t the nicest of celestial beings. In fact, they’re kind of assholes. Point is, we thought there was an endless supply of angels keeping things running while everything went to shit on Earth.

Oh how wrong we were.

Heaven is on the brink of collapsing and I like the angels, I have no idea what comes after. My mind can’t wrap itself around the idea of billions upon billions of souls crashing down to Earth. The destruction, confusion, and utter horror that comes with such an event could change the world of Supernatural forever. Maybe this is the plot of season 14? Maybe we’ll get to see more fan favorites come back in ghost form? Maybe Hell will step up their game and change the way things are done?

Whatever happens next I’m equal parts excited and scared shitless. I thought traveling to other worlds was going to change everything for the Winchesters. Maybe I was wrong and Heaven shutting down and all the souls falling to Earth, is the real danger we should be afraid of.

P.S. Get your shit together Gabriel. It is time to come home and stop pussyfooting around. The world needs you. Cas needs you. Dean needs you. Sam needs you.

Favorite moment from Supernatural’s “Funeralia”:



2nd Favorite Moment from Supernatural’s “Funeralia” Because I Can:

This is me when I discover a sports term.


Check out the trailer for next week’s all new Supernatural titled “Unfinished Business”:

Supernatural airs Thursdays at 8/7c on The CW.

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