‘Supernatural’ 13×16 Review: “ScoobyNatural” is The Best Crossover Ever. Sorry, Infinity War.

Saying that I loved Supernatural‘s “ScoobyNatural” is an understatement. I think it’s the greatest episode that this show has ever done and I don’t know how any other show can ever top this. I’ve never laughed so much, smiled so much, and wanted to travel to the past to tell my younger self that she would one day be presented with this beauty.

It’s simply perfect and I want an entire season worth of episodes where the show I’ve come to love over 13 years joins up with the show I used to watch as a kid religiously. Thank you Supernatural for finding a perfect balance between two vastly different shows and giving me the best hour of TV I’ve ever experienced.

Let’s break down Supernatural‘s “ScoobyNatural”!

Supernatural Gives No Fucks and I Love It


Other shows would get worse over time. Other shows would lose their way. Other shows would try to keep in line with what kind of show they are and the genre they’re supposed to be in. Not Supernatural. This show has no fucks to give and you can tell. It’s going big, it’s going great, and I don’t think the show has ever been better.

After watching this episode all I can think about is the amazing family this show has given birth to and the fun that the writers, producers, and cast must’ve had making “ScoobyNatural.” In every second of this episode you could feel the love for Scooby-Doo and the love they have for what they do on Supernatural, and it’s amazing.

I’m proud to be part of a show, a family, that pushes the limits, tries new things, and keeps being funny and genuine all the way through. If this episode is a sign of what’s still to come for Supernatural then I am ready for the zero fucks that they will give when it comes to people’s perceived limitations of what they can and can’t do.

Supernatural can do anything and I’ll be along for the ride!

How Did This Episode Give Me the Feelings?


Supernatural has always been great for it’s ability to balance drama/supernatural with feelings and moments that make you want to wrap them up in blankets and protect them from the world. This episode was no different. Dean, the oldest brother, the one who always held things down for his baby brother Sam, got to experience something that held him together for years while on the road.

Even thinking about it right now is giving me the feels.

Scooby-Doo was a symbol of hope, happiness, and defeating the bad guys that Dean needed as a child. It’s what kept him going and what gave him some of the happiest memories of his life. After all the suffering that this Winchester has gone through I’m so happy that he got to experience that all over again with Sam and Cas by his side.

As cheesy as this sounds, Scooby-Doo shaped Dean into the man he is today, hell, even Sam was shaped by this. And I can’t help but thinking about how much Scooby-Doo I watched as a kid and the things that helped shape me into the woman I am today.

Man…we going deep here and I’m giving myself the feelings. Let’s pull back and talk about Sam’s bitchy expressions to break the tension!

Give Me More “ScoobyNatural” and Give It To Me Now!


Not gonna lie, I had some doubts in the beginning. I thought it was a story from The Onion or that maybe I was dreaming. Supernatural and Scooby-Doo were so far from each other in my mind that I didn’t think they could combine the shows without losing what each shows were about. Boy, was I wrong!

This crossover didn’t shy away from what both shows are and the kind of characters in it. Fred was still a do-gooder who made the world brighter with his can do attitude. Dean was still a flirt. And Sam still gave his patented bitchy expressions to Dean and the audience when things got ridiculous. (Those bitchy expressions were on point and kudos to the animation team for that.)

Everything aligned perfectly to give me an hour of TV that made me laugh, smile, and remember the younger version of myself who would sing and dance to the Scooby-Doo theme song while yelling at the TV about who was behind the mask of the monster of the week. (I was still in the phase of my life where I believed the louder I yelled, the more they would be able to hear me.)

I want more of this kind of Supernatural and if I allow myself to go on I’ll be here for hours talking about how amazing this episode was. So thank you Supernatural. Thank you executive producers. Thank you Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, and Misha Collins. It’s the best episode I’ve ever watched and it’s getting inducted into the Hall of Fame in my mind of the bright spots in my TV watching life.

Now I’m going to go and watch the episode again…AND YOU SHOULD TOO!

Favorite Scene from Supernatural‘s “ScoobyNatural”:

Random Thoughts:
  1. Dean is so damn proud when he tells Dean to “Let it Go” like Elsa from Frozen. It’s adorable, I love it, and there’s no way that Dean doesn’t know the songs.
  2. From the first moment of this episode you knew that the fucks had gone out the window. A plushie dinosaur? Reminds me of the teddy bear that came alive and wanted to off himself. WHAT A TIME TO BE ALIVE!
  3. Sam tries to act like he’s all cool and not a dork like his brother…BUT HE IS A MEGA DORK! Just give in Sam! Live your best life and be a goober like Dean who loved his night gown and the fact that he could eat giant sandwiches!
  4. Cas’ and his bland response to Dean at the end of the episode, almost broke me. I don’t think Cas has EVER been so done with Dean and I couldn’t stop laughing for ages.
  5. I need to know more about Castiel’s epic journey and possible marriage.
  6. “Sometimes it’s about the journey and not the destination.” Dean Winchester speaking the truth!
  7. Who’s gonna write the fic titled, “Killer Stuffed Dinosaur in Love”?
  8. Sam’s linebacker shoulders.
Check out for next week’s new episode of Supernatural titled “The Thing”:

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