‘Timeless’ 2×03 Roundtable “Hollywoodland” Part 1

Oh, yes, we’re back! Timeless is that show, the one that gives us so many feels each week, that we just have to get them out in round-table form. So buckle up, because, once again, we have a lot of things to say about the show we’re all obsessed about.

Joining me are Alyssa, Erin, Lyra, Shana, Shadia, Charles, Mer, Sarah, and Priya. So let’s talk Timeless feels! Since we have so many thoughts and feelings about this episode we’re going to divide it into two parts!

1. Describe your feelings about “Hollywoodland” in one gif:











2. Everything is Lyatt and nothing hurts (well, a lot hurts, but we’re not going into that yet). How did you feel watching this episode? How is your shippy heart doing? And – most importantly, how did you get through the episode? Give us all your Lyatt feels.

'Timeless' 2x03 Roundtable "Hollywoodland" Part 1

Lizzie: I’ve watched this episode about 57 times already, and I’m still not over it. I just …wow. It feels so good to be respected this way, not just as a fan, but as a shipper – to be made to feel like your opinion matters, and you’re not just a dumb girl with romance in her brain, like so many other shows have made me feel. Maybe that’s why I feel so attached to this show, because I feel heard – and it’s not just because of this fanfic made real episode, but because I feel like my voice matters. This is probably why I’m not worried about what’s coming, yeah, it’s going to hurt, but at the end of the day, these writers understand what fans want, and they’re gonna get us there.

As for how I got through the episode – I ate too damn much, I drank more wine than I should and I just flailed and smiled and even teared up and screamed and just …Timeless has made me feel proud of letting my inner fangirl come out. I don’t plan on hiding her ever again.

Alyssa: I’m at a loss of words following this episode (and I think I might’ve died 7 times), but I’m going to do my best to articulate my Lyatt feelings in a way that isn’t just !!!! or skbfskfbs or ALL CAPS. This episode was everything that I dreamed of but so much better. Leave it to Timeless to manage to not only give us what we want but to do it in a way that’s so stunning and so significant. The build up in this episode was so beautifully executed that it made everything that happened feel earned and significant. This isn’t a show just throwing two people together that fans want together. This was part of the journey for Lucy and Wyatt as individuals as much as it was for them as a couple. For them both to get to this point there’s been a lot of growth and a lot of personal discovery that led them to each other. Wyatt is the reason Lucy was able to take a risk when it comes to love. Lucy is the reason Wyatt was able to open himself up to caring again. But this episode gave us several significant moments that allowed us to be happy — until those final two minutes. Moments that are equally aiding the story as they are opening these two people up to each other. I cannot tell you how happy this episode made me — until the final two minutes. It was everything I wanted — minus the final two minutes. It made me feel emotions watching a television show I hadn’t felt in awhile. It’s so amazing to feel this way about a television show again. And to have the kind of OTP that will defy all odds together. There was alcohol, there were tears, and there was the inception of my now infamous “pterodactyl screech.”

Erin: But it kinda does hurt. We said from the beginning that the moment we got our Lyatt feels on, Jessica would come into play. I don’t trust Rittenhouse to not ruin our perfect moment. But if we are containing ourselves to this moment and I have to stop being negative, I died. I fell to the floor and I screamed. I cried. We’ve always said that this ship sails itself, and it does. But so happy that the writers sailed it into a place that makes my fangirl heart happy for a little bit. Because I will live in the moment.

Lyra: I felt blessed watching this episode. Sure, the ending made us go, “Ohhhhh no! What sweet hell is this?!” BUT THE REST? GOLDDDD! This is what great love stories are made of and what we should be seeing more of. Lyatt is built on a foundation of trust, growth, respect, and love. It doesn’t feel like a cookie cutter romance that you would experience in any other show *cough* looking at you The CW *cough*. Watching these two people come together has been a learning experience as well. I don’t have to go for the brooding bad boy who just needs someone to love his tender heart and totally forget about my needs entirely while I’m with him. (Trust me, you learn plenty of things from the media you consume and I’ve got stories about people idealizing Edward Cullen and his stalker way.) This couple, this show, has show me that talking is essential, understanding each other is essential, respecting each other is essential, and so much more. Right now they’re hitting a bump in the road named Jessica, but I’ve got faith in these writers and can’t wait to watch their journey back to each other.

Shana: I’m feeling very, very shippy. I have fallen into a dumpster labeled “Lyatt,” and I’m never coming out of it. I just…those were some deep feelings revealed in that conversation by the pool. Love? Love is cheap trash compared to all of this “you saved me” (obviously paraphrasing here because, like, WOW) stuff. To actually get to see two characters admit their feelings for one another — and only in the second season! — after being jerked around by so many series, then have everything just done perfectly and tastefully and…I can’t. I can’t do anything but gush. I’m sorry. Just. WOW. I mean, find me a ship that actually gets a morning after scene like that. I’ll wait.

How did I get through it? Well. On first watch, I screamed at Lizzie and Luci via text. Like, a lot. There was a lot of screaming — a lot, a lot. Did I say there was a lot? Because there was! During my second viewing, I was able to have a twitter meltdown with the rest of fandom; I also may or may not have eaten my weight in ice cream before the episode and chips during (to replenish the salt from my inevitable tears).

Mimi: Lyatt, oh my sweet babies finally got together and to take Lizzes words it was “truly glorious”. Would I have liked to see what actually happened after the spin kiss, most definitely, but was I ok with them waking up in each other’s arms, YES, YES I WAS. Listen I will go down with this ship, I am their first mate, I am their anchor and I will be dammed if I will let a SIREN by the name of Jessica come back and ruin it for everyone!! I know, I know you’re saying well angst is good, relationship drama is good it provides growth for the characters BUT it hurts my soul dammit and I could not find wine ice cream, so I grabbed some ben and Jerrys and a made an “Adult Milkshake” featuring Baileys lots of Baileys. (I will send the recipe out lata’s.) I mean guys, can Lyatt have a moment please without interruptions even rufus had to come busting in on them post glow.. And then again in the car when they were kissing. CAN THEY GET A BREAK Shawn Ryan??? A moment alone on an island in a cabin just the two of them. I need it and I will wait for it. I do trust the writers, maybe right now I’m in mourning so I’m like really protective of my feelings ok? Don’t judge me. I just want my happy ending like Regina. AGONY. Lucy, Wyatt said you saved his life!! I literally screamed and died on my floor and my 6 year old was like “Mommy what’s wrong?” I said “Lyatt” he said “Oh my Jesus did they kiss yet?” See even my 6 year old knows what is up.

Charles : I loved this episode..well the first 40 or so minutes of it. But I want to talk about one scene in general to describe how I felt during the episode. When Lucy goes up to sing her song to everyone, it starts out as a fun scene. Wyatt has a smirk on his face and so do I. I even chuckle when Lucy’s first attempt isn’t that great and her “Nope missed it.” line. But as she starts getting into “You made me Love you.” , Wyatt’s expression changes through each lyric. HE starts to realize how much Lucy really loves him and that he loves her too. It’s a heart-stopping, breath-taking moment that took my breath away as well.

Seriously, I was gasping and everything as I shipped Lyatt through the whole show’s run so far but this was the moment. The iconic moment that when you go back and pick your ship’s moment , this is it. Fan, shipper, whatever you want to call me, when a OTP gets you that much in your heart , it’s something truly special. And no Jessica, Rittenhouse or Evil Mama is going to stop Lyatt. They may delay it but it’s never going to stop it from taking over your life.

Mer: I am a shipper, through and through. I legitimately can’t stick with a show if there isn’t something to ship. I don’t love slow burn, I’m impatient. So this episode (the first 55 min) definitely hit alllll my sweet spots. I also adore Lucy Preston like she’s my sister, and Wyatt Logan has really grown on me. I adored how adorably awkward they were this episode, how sweet and tentative they were. I could not stop grinning for the entire by the pool scene, and of course the guest room/morning after. It was all just such feel good stuff, and I’m really grateful we got it.

Sarah: My shipper heart is both soaring high, and on the floor from GOOD angst. The kind that I can see will be good for my ship and isn’t there just to create drama for the sake of it. Lucy and Wyatt had me squealing, screaming, laughing and all around fangirling my heart out this hour. I’m not going to lie there were times I nearly slid off my bed, because I was flailing around from when Lucy started singing and Wyatt was looking at her like he’d seen the sun for the first time up till that adorable conversation in the bunker. Shipping has always been different for me depending on who the OTP is, and Lyatt caught me entirely by surprise, but thrilled my inner fangirl for nearly the entire episode. It would be hard to pick a favorite moment, but I definitely see a ton of rewatches of when Wyatt pulls Lucy around to look at him and they go from adorable OTP to high flying epicness in one scene. They remind me of whatever angst is coming our way, it is worth it to be a proud shipper for episodes like this, and I most certainly am.

Priya: This episode in equal measures made my shipper heart soar and break into tiny pieces. I still haven’t watched the very last scene and it’ll be before I do. Staying in the happy Lyatt bubble, I loved so much about this episode. Like Mer, I’m a shipper at heart and even if the ship doesn’t play a huge role, I would like for something to be there and Lyatt grabbed on to me the moment he held her in hand in 1×02 while she cried. Between the adorable flirting that simultaneously showed how comfortable they were with each but how awkward about putting their feelings to words and the beautiful morning after scene, I was in pure shipper heaven. This was like watching a beautiful slow burn from the last season come to fruition and it was glorious. The first time I watched the scenes, in part because we knew from various sources dark times were ahead, I started crying when they first walked to the pool and pretty much did not stop for the duration, first because of sheer happy tears turning to tears of frustration as we got closer to end knowing storm clouds were coming. For various reasons, what happened triggered shipper PTSD for me, so I hope we get a damn good payoff for all this pain. But what happened was something I have been waiting for since watching 1×02 back in 2016 and it was absolutely worth the wait!

3. Rufus is the Captain of the Lyatt ship, and he proved it again this episode. How do you think the romantic relationship between his two closest friends affects him? Do you think he’s going to forced to pick sides, now that Jessica’s back? How does this play into his relationships with both Lucy and Wyatt?

'Timeless' 2x03 Roundtable "Hollywoodland" Part 1

Lizzie: Rufus is the fandom and the fandom is Rufus. Have you ever seen anything more adorable than his conversation with Wyatt? “Is this happening? Is it happening?” Oh, Rufus. We love you. We know you’ll be us again when these two figure out whatever it is that’s happening with Jessica.

Now, as for the other question – I think hard times are coming for Rufus. He’s going to feel like he has to support Lucy, but he can’t exactly blame Wyatt, Wyatt didn’t do anything wrong. And either way, no matter what he does, both of them are going to need him, and it’s going to tear him apart. Because this is one thing the show has done really well to this point – it’s show us that Rufus loves Wyatt and he loves Lucy. They’re both his family. He can’t choose.

Alyssa: First and foremost, Lucy and Wyatt are two people that Rufus loves dearly. They’ve become his family, and there’s nothing more important than family. All he wants is for them to be happy, and getting to see them enveloped in that happiness is something that’s rubbing off on him. Rufus is the captain of the motherf*cking ship, and . That moment when he was teasing Wyatt about his “night” and that fanboy smile he was wearing was the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. He’s never been more of a fanboy than the moment he was all, “Is it happening? Is this happening?…Totally cool.” I don’t think that Rufus will feel obligated to pick a side, but the tension that’ll come with Jessica’s reappearance will certainly affect Rufus on a personal and perhaps even a professional level. Will the tension between Lucy and Wyatt affect the missions? Will it cause some unfocus which can affect the missions? But the most important thing here is that these are Rufus’ best friends, his family. Two people that he’s known, for some time now, make each other happy and always have each other’s back. Rufus will feel the need to comfort both of his friends when they’re hurting, and it’s something that will hurt even more because Rufus doesn’t want to see the people he loves hurting this way. It’s going to be painful beyond words. But I’ll be over here waiting for when Lucy and Wyatt get back together and Rufus is fist pumping in the corner while throwing confetti.

Erin: I think that what is amazing about Lucy, Wyatt, and Rufus is that they are loyal, committed, and loved. They love each other. I think that Rufus knows that Wyatt and Lucy love him and he loves them. But I also think that he knows that you can’t trust what is – because life can change at any moment due to Rittenhouse.

I think that Rufus will navigate the waters fine – with a little bit of drama, because he is looking out for his friends. He won’t let this be an issue. He won’t let it take over the team. Rufus is in his friends corner always.

Lyra: Anytime the designated mom and dad of a show fight the third wheel, aka their child Rufus, will be stuck in the middle. He’s going to try to play it cool at first, try being the key word. These are his two best friends. But he’ll eventually snap. He’ll see how stupid Wyatt is being and he’ll see how much Lucy is hurting. This is his family and he’s going to make sure he tries his hardest to keep it together. P.S. This is based on one of Matt’s interviews. He said that Rufus…ain’t gonna be cool with *waves hands around* all of this…

Shana: Oh, poor Rufus. I didn’t even think about how this was going to affect him until now…Not only is he going to be as hurt by this as the rest of the fandom — if not more! — but I’m guessing there’s going to be awkwardness. There’s no way there won’t be. This is the guy who’s been like, “hey, um, y’all are two idiots in love. Just admit it” for quite a while; and now, after seeing Lucy and Wyatt actually have their moment, only for fucking Jessica to show up and ruin it all…Ouch.

My hope is that Rufus will somehow play into showing Wyatt that he’s being an idiot. When it turns out that Jessica is evil — which we’re pretty much all banking on, right? Right???? — any attempt at having Lucy explain that is going to seem like she’s just the Jealous Other Woman, which is a trope I’m disgustingly sick of and hope to never see here. So, yeah. Rufus is the guy who’s going to save us. He has to be.

Sorry, Rufus…

Mimi: I hope Rufus weighs in on the Lyatt/Jessica triangle because how hard of a position is he in? He was Lucy’s friend first,  they bonded over their shared nerd past and now he and Wyatt are really brothers and it has to be painful to watch them both go through all of this angst. I need more of this. I also need more of them having introspective conversations with each other, that’s what this team is about to me. A family, they chose to be together and they have each other’s backs at all times. Rufus can be serious and introspective when he wants to, so I’m hoping for some heart to hearts between him and his friends.

Charles: Rufus isn’t going to pick sides. I think he is a loyal friend to both and if something does go wrong with Wyatt and Lucy, he will try to be supportive to both. At the same time, he won’t pull any punches with either of them. Like when Wyatt acts stupid, Rufus always calls it out. So my guess is that he’ll try to be a good friend to both of them.

Mer: So I actually think Rufus might pick a side here. I think Rufus loves them both, but there’s a sweet almost sibling like bond between Rufus and Lucy. Rufus also seems very intuitive to others’ emotions, and I imagine he’s going to sense that Lucy needs his support right now. She really, really put herself out there (I’d argue she walked further out onto the ledge than Wyatt did) and she’s about to get burned pretty badly. I don’t think there will be conflict between Wyatt and Rufus, but I do think there might be some looks, some gentle suggestions….I think when push comes to shove Rufus (and Jiya!) will be solidly Team Lucy.

Sarah: Rufus is the unofficial official captain of the Lyatt ship given his excitement/impatience on grinning like we all were the morning after he walked in on them. To be quite honest though I can’t even say for sure if Rufus will pick sides. It wouldn’t surprise me if he did, but I think he’ll try his hardest to stay a good friend to both Lucy and Wyatt. I think both will need their friend even if they’ll be feeling very different kinds of tension over the Jessica resurrection situation. As hard he tries though, he’s definitely not going to hold back on saying what he thinks if – when things get even messier between them. He’s already called Wyatt out on loving Lucy, and I have no doubt he’ll keep calling out either one of them if he thinks they need it. At the end of the day though, I’m hoping he’ll secretly be on Team Lucy like the rest of us.

Priya: I feel Rufus won’t pick a side for pretty much everything Charles and others said earlier. He is a loyal and true friend and he has spent a lot of time with them both, especially Wyatt. He went back to the 1980s with Wyatt and tried to help and not only that, he saw first hand what Wyatt went through in the six weeks Lucy was missing and they are very much brothers now. Not only that, but Lucy is his sister in every way but blood. What will be sad is that Rufus is a very empathetic character and he is going to hurt seeing his friends in pain. It will hurt him to see Wyatt torn up and it will hurt him to see Lucy’s heartbroken. He’s an engineer, and if he’s like most of the good ones I know, the first instinct is to fix. But this is something he can’t fix. He will be there for them both as best as he can, but I don’t really see him picking one friend over the other and I don’t see either friend wanting him to do that. Plus, most of all, I think Wyatt and Lucy respect Rufus too much to put him deliberately in a position where he would feel like he has to choose.

4. Jiya’s…perfectly fine? What in the world happened to her in the Lifeboat and why is she getting glimpses of the future? How do you explain her been perfectly healthy when she wasn’t before? Speculate a little.

'Timeless' 2x03 Roundtable "Hollywoodland" Part 1

Lizzie: I’m thinking there’s gotta be something about Jiya that we don’t know yet – because 4 people went into that Lifeboat and only she was affected. Why? Is it because it was her first time in the Lifeboat? Are there more sinister reasons? Considering this is a TV show, there’s probably more than the common sense reason I just used, and I can’t wait to see what the showrunners have in store for us. But, one thing’s for sure, Jiya’s gonna continue to have visions, and at some point, the team is going to learn about them and they might need to use this knowledge if they want to get a leg up on Rittenhouse. And that’s when things can go to hell in a handbasket.

Alyssa: To be honest, I still don’t think Jiya is perfectly fine. More along the lines of: She’s fine now, but maybe this is something that’ll rear it’s nasty, dangerous head further down the line. Why is Jiya the one affected? Why not Lucy, Wyatt, or Rufus? Is it the fact that she was the extra person on the Lifeboat and had no previous time travel experience?  Is it something else that’s preexisting? The thing I keep coming back to with Jiya is how she’s the only that after being the additional member in the Lifeboat to be perfectly healthy. Connor mentioned a couple other pilots that went mad or died as a result. So why Jiya? Why is Jiya not harmed in the slightest? Perhaps it was the fact that she wasn’t completely healthy in the first place — having had a heart murmur — that saved her. Maybe it was a reversal of fortune — like a healthy person becomes unhealthy and an unhealthy person becomes healthy? The fact that Jiya is — at this point — only getting glimpses of Rufus’ future is not lost on me. Why not Lucy or Wyatt? Lizzie and I had this conversation a while back, and perhaps it has to do with her feelings and closeness with Rufus. Maybe (God willing) we’ll get more Lucy/Jiya scenes (especially now with this Jessica mess) and maybe she’ll start getting glimpses of Lucy’s future? Maybe the same with Wyatt down the line?

Erin: She isn’t okay. She’s not close to being okay. I just don’t get this yet, so I am shutting up.

Lyra: My boo Jiya is turning into a superhero (she’s not going to be putting on tights anytime soon but she has powers of some sort and fights crime aka making her a superhero) and will eventually see Rufus getting horribly hurt. Since he said he didn’t want to know anything that happens in her visions…SHE WON’T TELL HIM AND INSTEAD WILL TAKE HIS PLACE SO HE DOESN’T GET HURT! It’s going to be brilliantly angsty writing and I can’t wait. All aboard the Jiya getting her own storyline train!

Shana: Y’all. I have learned that “fine” usually means the opposite, so…there’s that. Nothing explains any of this, and how the hell is someone who has visions of the future/past (they’re the same here!) “healthy?” The answer to this question is, quite simply, “wtf.”

Ok, ok. A little more…um…uh…I guess you could always say that the mysteriously-healed heart murmur is somehow the result of all of the many, many changes in the timeline. A butterfly effect problem, if you will.

Or. Just wtf.

Mimi: I am at a loss as to why her heart palps disappeared? Thoughts anyone? I mean my best guess is that she traded one condition for another. I really am curious to see where the writers go with this, I find it intriguing and I hope she has the ability to help the team in some way, maybe Lucy will get her to open up about it? They do share a room and Lucy will need someone to talk to with Wyatt’s  dead wife back.. I mean Jiya could be an asset and I hope that Rittenhouse doesn’t find out what she can do b/c they would surely use her to their advantage. AKA the Sophie’s choice the writers kept hyping.

Mer: Yeah no way is Jiya FINE, and I think Flynn or Connor knows something more about what’s happening with her. But I don’t. Honestly this is one storyline I can’t even BEGIN to figure out. But she’s not fine. SHE WILL BE (I hope).

Charles: Jiya is okay!! Also unicorns are real and shows like Arrow and The Flash never screw up their characters!! You see none of those are true and when it comes to Jiya, it’s really not true.  I have a horrible feeling things are only going to get worse for Jiya and my hope is she tells someone before it’s too late for her.

Sarah: I know the doctor wouldn’t have lied to Jiya, but there is no way I completely believe she’s perfectly healthy with no consequences besides visions of the future. Whatever is going on with her is not going to be easy to figure out, and honestly I’m not even sure I can guess where it’s going to take Jiya. It was unexpected in the first place for her to develop seizures and visions of the future, but suddenly a miracle cure for a heart murmur? There’s something different about her, especially as she was the only one to develop this when all four of them made that trip last season in the Lifeboat. I get the feeling we’ll get some more answers the more the season goes on, and I’m ready for it because I need Jiya to be really okay.

Priya: I don’t even know where to begin with Jiya. It’s intriguing how her heart murmur is now gone, which raises even more questions about the impact time travel could have. Based on her visions of Rufus, she is seeing the future, but as it takes place in the past, so I don’t think she can see what the 2018 midterm elections will look like, but she can see what may have “already” happened in the past, but hasn’t yet happened to the people involved. So far both visions we’ve seen involved Rufus (the burn on his arm, him shooting someone in likely the next episode, etc), so is there a connection because of her affection to Rufus, or were those scenes convenient for the plot at the time? I have no idea where this could go. All I want is in the end for Jiya to be ok and for her and Rufus to be happy.

5. Wyatt’s journey to Lucy was one of learning to open up again and finding a new reason for living. Talk about the journey he took to get here. Is it believable? Do you connect with it? Let out your Wyatt feels.

'Timeless' 2x03 Roundtable "Hollywoodland" Part 1

Lizzie: I think Wyatt’s probably the most surprising character in this show, in that he could have, and on another should would have been such a stereotype, and on Timeless he’s such a wonderful, complex man that’s all heart. I keep saying that’s a testament to both the writers and the wonderful acting, but it really, really is. So yes, the journey is not just believable, it’s relatable. Losing faith is a much more common thing than people realize, and the Wyatt before Lucy and Rufus was a lost man, a man without a reason, a man who was simply existing. In Rufus and Lucy, and especially in his feelings for Lucy, Wyatt has found a reason to go on. And that’s not just beautiful, it’s amazing that this is the arc the show has chosen for their white male hero. An emotional arc. One that’s all about romance. How rare is that?

I think this episode does such a great job of showcasing this, especially as – in contrast to the first two episodes, where Wyatt let Lucy take the lead – he’s the one taking the lead in every respect in this episode. He’s the one putting his feelings out there, he’s the one making the first step, and he’s the one stating, unequivocally, that she’s his choice. And this is something I already said in my review, but I have to say it again: Toxic Masculinity, Wyatt Logan has never heard of you.

Alyssa: When we first met Wyatt, we met this incredibly broken man that seemed content to drown himself in his own grief. A man with nothing to lose. A man that was okay with dying because he didn’t have anything left to live for. And this is a good four years (?) after Jessica’s death. Essentially, joining the Time Team saved Wyatt’s life. Becoming a part of this family with Lucy and Rufus saved his life. Being able to open up to Lucy and Rufus saved his life. Finding a purpose again saved his life. And his ability to learn that he could love again saved his life. As he told Lucy, “You saved my life, you know.” From the pilot to even this present episode, you get the sense that Wyatt isn’t someone that is comfortable with expressing his feelings. Whether it was his rough childhood or the heartbreak he experienced with Jessica’s death, Wyatt had closed himself off from all feeling. Wyatt stopped caring. But when he met Lucy and Rufus, something changed. Even in the pilot we saw Wyatt opening up to Lucy about Jessica’s death. In watching Wyatt delve into that story you could sense this wasn’t something he revealed about himself. But you also noticed there was something freeing in it for him. In getting to confide in another person. To not have to shoulder the burden alone. Wyatt realized that he didn’t have to face his grief and pain alone. Wyatt realized that he didn’t have to live in his pain for the rest of his life.

There are no words to express how impressed and grateful I am to these TImeless writers when it comes to how Wyatt Logan is written as a character and how Matt Lanter portrays him. He’s unlike any male character I’ve watched on television in recent history in that he defies the norm. The norm where a white man essentially takes charge and has a disregard for what’s happening around him. But Wyatt Logan is a man of substance that is relatable in his flaws and his desires. Wyatt Logan was a broken man. He felt like he had nothing to live for. What a lonely way to live your life. That must have been gut wrenching beyond repair. Except Wyatt got his repair when he met Lucy and Rufus and found his true family.

Erin: What I have loved so much about Timeless is that the character development is always out of this world. They take a character and have molded them to grow and evolve. One of the worst things in the world is when a show doesn’t evolve their character. Timeless does just that. I am so grateful that this show has such amazing writers that are as committed to these characters.

I think that as we watch Wyatt – we’ve seen that he knows that he deserves a better life. He doesn’t have to live so closed off. He doesn’t have to subject himself to pain all the time. I think that is part of what I love about the show – seeing him evolve from what I considered to be a “bad boy” to a man that knows he’s got charge of his life and that he has everything to live for.

Wyatt is piecing together the pieces of his broken heart and I love seeing that.

Lyra: First of all, I need you to scroll up again and look at the gif below this question. Memorize it. We good? Ok. That man right there, that goober making heart eyes at Lucy, is a changed man. He’s a man filled with hope and an understanding that everything is going to be just fine in his life. He’s no longer alone, he’s happier than he’s ever been, and he’s so ready to jump in both feet when it comes to Lucy. And I know a lot of times people hate the journey and don’t understand that pain shapes us, but watching Wyatt grow and experiencing his pain first hand, has transformed him as a man and as a character. I’m proud to have been witness and can’t wait to see what he learns next now that he has Lucy, Rufus, and Jessica in his life.

Shana: I don’t know what I can add to the Wyatt conversation that hasn’t already been said, so I’ll just say this: I get what it’s like to close yourself off after a major loss, and it’s been nice seeing what the other side of it has the potential to be.

Mimi: listen don’t misunderstand me,I have a lot to say about Wyatt in this episode, yes he declared to Lucy that she saved him but he also wanted to keep their relationship a secret, which bothers me. I know that it was foreshadowing on the writers part having Lucy be so eager and Wyatt be so cautious. But I was not feeling it. I mean I guess my romantic side wanted him to shout it from the roof tops and he is just not there yet. He didn’t tell her he loved her but we all know he does. Lucy and Wyatt are written in the stars in the worm hole  they travel through each week and they are each other’s reason for living. I think i wanted him to show that he was HAPPY? He did but he didn’t does that make sense? Am i alone in these thoughts? That’s all I will say on that, excuse me while I go eat a pack of reeses peanut butter eggs…

Mer: I kinda agree with Mimi? At least a bit. Don’t get me wrong – Wyatt has come SO FAR and last week’s episode reaaaaally gave us such great insight into who this man is. But I also might need Wyatt to do a bit more of the reaching out, bridging the gap. He had way more to overcome for them to be together and I’m a bit…not disappointed exactly, but I maybe would have liked a bit more effusiveness from him. The focus on the dead wife through most of season 1 made it a bit tough for me to fully connect with Wyatt then, and I think my connection to him truly started in season 1 episode 14, culminating in last week’s episode. So of the two in this ‘ship, Wyatt needs to work a bit harder to fully win me over.

That said, there were some SUPER sweet moments by Wyatt. The look on his face when Lucy was singing to him – squeal! The way he opened up by the pool. The smirk when they kissed in the guest house. And the tackle kiss the morning after. Those were by far my favorite Wyatt moments in this episode. I do think he (clearly) still has some ghosts to deal with, but I definitely feel better now about his ability to move past his past. I will need the next go round with Lucy to be Wyatt-led, though. Just saying.

(but seriously I squealed a lot.)

Sarah: The fact that I connected to Wyatt, and enjoyed his story was simply because we didn’t learn about it all at once and it’s been told well. His journey from where he started in the Pilot up to this point has been incredibly believable, even in a reality where time travel exists. Everything he was honest about to Lucy in this episode made a lot of his choices from last season click for me, and it made me love his character even more and I didn’t think that was possible. Initially I was wary for the sake of I didn’t know what to expect, but season two opened up how much the time team became his family and brought out how his humanity, his flaws, and his strengths all together.

He was wanting the danger when he didn’t care, and along the way he found a reason to live and people he’s willing to risk his life for without a second thought when he wasn’t looking. It’s one of the best kind of stories, and we got to see it through his eyes, and escape any stereotypical leading male writing most of us thought we’d see. As much as I’ve grown to care about him, a big part of me wanted to smack him upside the head for running off and leaving Lucy hanging when he discovered Jessica was alive. He’s come a long way, but he’s got a lot of learning left and I’m here for the entire journey cause up to now, it’s been a heck of a Wyatt ride. (Yes I couldn’t resist the bad pun sue me.)

Priya: I think the journey was believable, especially given the six week gap and the indications we saw of him losing his mind. In agreement with what was mentioned earlier, it was a bit of a surprise to me how much I ended up loving Wyatt as season 1 went on, especially when at the end of episode 1, I didn’t think too highly of him. Thankfully I saw eps 1 and 2 back to back and by the end of the second episode, I was on the ship and already changing my mind about Wyatt. As the season went on, it was a little hard on my heart to see how he held the memory of the late wife so close to his vest, even up until episode 14 when he is coming to grips with how what he did in the episode earlier turned into a fool’s errand. However, in no small part to Matt Lanter and Abigail Spencer having such incredible chemistry, I can believe that Wyatt was falling in love with Lucy without really letting himself acknowledge it. You could see it in 1×09 when he was clearly taken aback after the impulsive kiss and again after he and Lucy walked away from each other. I think a lot of what he was feeling regarding what happened to Jessica was guilt, and that has overblown everything. I believe he was truly in love with her when they were first together, but if you are getting into a fight that is bad enough that he wouldl stop the car for someone to get out AND SHE DOES, this marriage was at best in need of counseling, at worst in need of lawyers. He ties her death directly to his actions that night, and that’s colored everything. When he lets himself acknowledge he was not going to get her back AND that it was OK for him to try to move on, it allows him to start exploring possibilities, again shown by the look on his face when he is made to leave Lucy behind in 1×16. And then dealing with the fallout of everything else since, it makes sense they are where they are. And when you think about it, before the last two minutes happened, they are very much in the early stages of the relationship. Rufus knows what’s what, but no declarations have been made and the timing just worked for everything to come together as it did. So I absolutely buy this journey and really wish we could have a little bit more time to enjoy the honeymoon period. Regarding Wyatt, a lot of what happens makes sense for his character and as for feels, I repeat that I never expected to feel so strongly about him, in large part because of the stereotypes characters like his are supposed to have – “strong”, stoic, broken soldier who knows best and hides his feelings. But as Lizzie eloquently puts it, toxic masculinity, Wyatt Logan has never heard of you :).

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