‘Supernatural’ 13×20 Review: “Unfinished Business”

The real Loki dies (not the MCU one) and Gabriel finally decides to stay instead of running in Supernatural‘s “Unfinished Business.”

Two weeks have passed since Gabriel blew town and his appearance and subsequent need for revenge convinced Sam (and then Dean after some hassling) to help the depleted archangel. Over in the alternate universe, Mary and Jack are tricked by Kevin in an act born by desperation. Like everyone on this show, he was doing what he had to, to be with the ones he loved after a great amount of suffering. Knowing how much the Winchesters have sacrificed for each other, I think they’d understand.

Let’s dive into Supernatural‘s “Unfinished Business”!

You Live for Pleasure, You Stand for Nothing


Every time Gabriel comes around, you know you’re in for a good time. There’s gonna be laughs, weird music, and extravagant tales that make Dean jealous that he wasn’t there. (Did you guys catch Dean’s dazed look when Gabriel was talking about Monte Carlo?) “Unfinished Business” delivered in that aspect, as Supernatural always does, but it surprised me by not ending the way his episodes usually do: Gabriel in the wind, leaving everyone behind to deal with the world and its turmoil.

This time Gabriel stayed. And I’ve got two theories as to why.

1) Loki’s worlds cut him deep. Gabriel has been living for pleasure ever since he ran away from home. He’s never dedicated himself to any person, cause, or thing. He’s a lone wolf who stands for nothing. Well “stood.” He made a promise to Sam and Dean and he plans on keeping it. They helped him get revenge and kill Loki. But those words spoken by Loki stuck with him long after his death. That’s why he stayed.


2) Gabriel’s the one who actually died and Loki is taking his place to get one step closer to killing Lucifer. “Unfinished Business” made a point of showing Loki’s ability to use illusions and discussed how Loki taught Gabriel everything he knew to make him into the trickster. It’s not so far fetched to think that the weak archangel died at the hands of the vengeful demigod with a bone to pick with the ones who destroyed his family.

Not going to lie, I want to believe that it’s option #1 but a trickster part of believes it’s option #2. The latter would be the kind of emotional punch in the gut/twist that I as a writer would do to get my viewers in the feels. What’s to say the Supernatural writers aren’t out to do the same thing?

Jack and His Baby Nephilim Wings


You hear that noise? That distant wail? That’s me crying over Jack and his baby nephilim wings!

Jack has come so far. He started off as a creepy naked young man sitting in a corner with glowing eyes. I was sure he was going to be evil. Goes to show you, you shouldn’t judge a book by it’s creepy cover. Jack is a hero and a person who is deciding on their fate instead of letting others push and pull him into something he doesn’t want.

You can tell a lot about a person by what they do by instinct. It shows their true colors and what they care about. Our nougat son, who everyone (including myself) believed would be evil, let instinct take over him when Kevin killed himself, and went for Mary. He’s not even in full control of his powers and his baby wings sprung forward, curling themselves around Mary, who he had instantly grabbed onto and tucked close.

This kid. No, this man. Is a hero. Remember when Dean didn’t want to give him a chance? When he saw Jack as a monster? I know Dean has changed his thoughts about Jack but this…this is going to blow his mind. Jack saved the mother of the men that saved him and at one point doubted him and his intentions. And at this point, I love Kelly and yes, she’s his mother, but can we change Jack’s last name to Winchester? He practically is one right now AND I HAVE NO INTENTION OF GIVING HIM UP ANYTIME SOON!

You hear that The CW? Protect Jack Kline aka the honorary Winchester.

Sam and Dean Will Do It All Together


We all understand that Sam is the younger brother and the one Dean always promised to protect. And he has done that to the best of his ability. A couple times he has stumbled and they lost each other, but like a phoenix they rose, stronger than the death before that one. (Yes, that sounded cheesy but sometimes you have to be cheesy.)

But just because Dean cares, just because Dean promised, doesn’t mean that Sam is going to stand idly by. Sam cares and you KNOW that Sam promised himself to stick by his brother no matter what. And just in case Dean didn’t know, Sam told him.

They are going to rescue their mom together, save the world together, stop Michael together, and if a grand ol’ battle comes around and they both have to stay and take the bad guys down, they will die together. No one gets left behind and all that jazz. Because believe it or not, they all have a better chance of surviving Michael if they do it together.

Imagine that.

Favorite moment from Supernatural’s “Unfinished Business”:

It’s like…they know about Sabriel…


Check out the trailer for next week’s all new Supernatural titled “Beat the Devil”:

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