‘Supernatural’ 13×15 Review: A Most Holy Man

Supernatural’s “A Most Holy Man” disguised itself as a noir style episode before hitting us with feels at the heart of everything that these two brothers deal with day in and day out: when will it all end? is this enough? will we ever get our happy ending?

To answer that I’d have to go with would be: no, yes, and depends on what you think a happy ending is.

The monsters will never stop. There will always be more around the corner and there will always be someone looking to take advantage of someone else. And I know that might be hard for some to understand so I wanted to compare it something very personal to myself, my depression. It’s a hard fought thing that lives with me every damn day. And I find myself asking myself if this sadness and pushing through all the shit in life, if it will never end.

And the truth of the matter is it’ll never end. There will always be things to make me sad, depression will be always waiting for me, and there will always be someone ready to take me down because they’re assholes. The way that I survive and how I’ll continue onto the next day and the one after that is by making peace with myself and accepting that I’m growing, changing, and helping the world become a brighter place because I keep trying.

There is no magical happy ending and it was amazing watching the Winchesters bring up this question once more. The monsters will never stop so they have to make happy moments when they can and treasure them. They can’t let the darkness behind them, with them, or ahead of them, stop them from living their lives or enjoying the little things that come with them or the people they’ve met along the way. That’s not living. That’s barely surviving.

After 13 seasons of angst and pain, maybe we’re reaching a point with the Winchesters were they understand that what they do is worthwhile and that world would be a dimmer place for so many people if they weren’t in it. Mary is realizing that over in the other world and a part of me can’t wait for her to return and tell this to her boys. Because if there’s anyone that they’ll listen to it’s their mom.

Our boys deserve happiness. Our boys deserve to love themselves as much as we love them. Our boys deserve to know how much good they’ve done and how much they’ll continue doing. And it’s not because they’re cursed or because this is their burden to bear. It’s because they don’t give up. It’s because they keep fighting.

It’s because they’re goddamn heroes.

As for their happy ending, their is no easy button, their is no quick fix despite the multiple times they’ve used magic and stuff to get out of things. They have to make and find their own happiness, no matter how small it is. We all have to do that in order to survive and live in the world around us. No one is going to give it to us. We have to make it. We have to choose it.

Favorite Scene from ‘A Most Holy Man’:

You know for a fact that Dean has never been more serious in his damn life. Baby is his baby, his home, and he’ll protect her with his life!


Check out the trailer for next week’s episode of Supernatural titled ‘ScoobyNatural’:

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