‘Supernatural’ Review 13×14: Good Intentions

Jack Kline starts on his first journey to kill a big bad like his big brothers do every Thursday night in Supernatural’s “Good Intentions.” And we’re so proud! In addition, Castiel strikes out from his family and does the unthinkable as a means to protect them from a war wagged by Michael, aka the douche trying to trick our nephilim with a fake Castiel over in the alternate universe.

Mary ties this episode together by going on a family trek across the Bad Place with her grandson Jack. Ultimately she learns that it’s time to stop brooding and lamenting the past. Her sons are goddamn heroes and the world would be ash without them and the deal she made with the Yellow Eyed demon all those years ago.

Without further ado, let’s dive into Supernatural’s “Good Intentions”!

Jack Kline, The Bringer of Evil. Sure…


Bringing in a new player is a difficult feat when it comes to a show like Supernatural, especially because it’s on it’s 13th season and the dream team of Sam, Dean, and Castiel is hands down the best team up ever. Mary doesn’t count when it comes to this because we’ve known her since day one. Now Jack…he defied expectations.

He started off as a creeper in a corner who I was ready to throw holy water. In no time he was a nougat eater cutie who I, and a vast majority of the Supernatural community, would protect from the world even if we have to jump through the TV and break the rules of time and space. Why? Because in a world of so much destruction, pain, and anguish, he’s a bright shining light who wants to help.

Jack Kline doesn’t want to destroy the world and he’s not the bringer of the end of days. He’s a sweet, precocious, and angel destroying nephilim who wants to belong. Lucky for him that the place he now belongs in is with the Winchesters. They are his protectors, his teachers, and exactly what this young nephilim needs in a world that only wants to use him to advance their own agenda.

So bringer of evil…not so much. Bringer of nougat and animal silhouettes that would put any slumber party to shame? Absolutely.

Castiel is Thinking Like The Soldier We Need


Every single person on Supernatural, besides my goober nougat child Jack, has done things because they believe the ends justifies the means. They do the hard things that others don’t want to and carry heavy burdens so the people they love don’t have to.

Now it’s Castiel’s turn.

Despite what we’ve seen on 13 seasons of Supernatural and all the battles we’ve won against the angels, we’ve never seen what a true war between angels really looks like. Our world was nothing when they fought and scrapped for survival, especially after daddy dearest bounced.

The alternate universe is evidence that the battle that Castiel fears could destroy the world that this angel loves. And he’s just not having it. He’ll take the hard hits like his family, Sam & Dean, have done time and time again because he loves them way too much to risk losing them. That’s love, bitch.

Sam & Dean will stop Castiel from truly spiraling, that’s what family does and something they’ve done for each other over the years, but they won’t stop him. He’s getting results. They’re one step closer to stopping Michael and bringing Mary & Jack back home.

Mary Finally Understands Her Sons


Since Mary Winchesters return she has spent her time mourning her old life, adjusting to her new one, and doing everything she could to protect her boys. She has also spent a lot of time beating herself up for the decisions she made in her youth and the consequences that came from it aka her dying, John raising the boys as hunters, and the continued apocalypse that has followed Sam & Dean.

“Good Intentions” saw Mary finally understanding and accepting her role in setting things into motion when it came to her sons and the importance that they play in this world. They are heroes; no ifs, ands, or buts about it. And no matter how fucked up it was with her dying and the life that Sam & Dean have lived through, they have changed the lives of countless and prevented the world falling into a post apocalyptic hellscape.

She now knows that the deal she made with that demon all those years ago was the right one. She can’t change it and I think if given the choice, this version of Mary would do it all over again. Now she can let some of that angst go, for herself and for her sons, and focus on the real things in front of her; getting back home to her kids, protecting Jack, and stopping these assholes that have too much time on their hands and want to destroy the world.

It’s time to get to work.

Favorite Scene from Supernatural’s ‘Good Intentions’:


Check out the trailer for next week’s episode of Supernatural titled ‘A Most Holy Man’:

Supernatural airs Thursdays at 8/7c on The CW.

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