‘Supernatural’ 13×23 Season Finale Review: “Let the Good Times Roll”

Lucifer proves that he’s not changed AT ALL (shocker alert), Dean accepts Michael into his body, and Jack continues being the nougat son we all know and love. Let’s dive into Supernatural’s “Let the Good Times Roll.’

Fuck Yeah, Michael As Dean

We have been working to this point since Michael introduced himself way back when Supernatural was just a baby. And even though it was in season 13, the payoff was well worth it. It’s not just a challenge for us as viewers to see Dean Winchester being overtaken by a psychotic Michael set out to destroy the world. It’s a challenge for Jensen Ackles to be something other than the wise cracking hunter who just wants to protect his baby brother.

Everything Dean has done, especially this decision, was a means to protect his brother from Lucifer and any other danger coming his way. And no matter what happens next, if Dean had to do it again, he would. Just because we’re in the 13th season doesn’t mean that his love for his brother has watered down or disappeared at all. Him accepting Michael means it’s only gotten bigger.

This is something I think Mary will never understand. Yes, she is Dean and Sam’s mother, but she hasn’t raised these men. They have raised each other. The bond they share is stronger than that of normal brothers and they will do anything to save the other. This is Dean’s choice, sacrifice, and effort to continue nurturing Sam even in adulthood.

My Nougat Son Jack

It has been an absolute pleasure and delight watching this initially creepy adult in a corner, transform into the nougat son that we all love. He’s an honorary Winchester, like his honorary father’s Castiel, Sam, and Dean, and no one can tell me otherwise. And let me tell you, after Charlie I promised myself never to fall for another character. Then Jack happened. Then I decided to give him a chance. Then he acted like a total goober and had nougat. I was sold from there on.

This is his family. Not Lucifer. Not anyone in heaven. Not anyone in hell. Dean, Sam, Castiel and maybe a little Mary. They’re the ones who stayed, the ones who worked through the problems they were having, and grew to trust each other like Team Free Will always does. And Jack knows this no matter what stumbles they’ve had along the way because of Lucifer.

It’s something different to know that those around you care for you as much as you do. It’s eye opening, heart wrenching, and the kind of inspiring that keeps you going for years or months on end. I’m glad that Jack has gotten to experience this at such a young point in his life. It has guided him and shaped him into a young nephilim who would rather save the world instead of destroying it like so many of him fear.

Lucifer, I Knew It

You never learn, Luci. Force doesn’t get you anywhere. And the things you want (family and community) they come with time and…time. I know, bummer. But it’s the ones who stick with it that actually get what they desire. You didn’t stick with it. You tried for two point five seconds, hit a wall called “all the fucking people you’ve ever hurt,” and decided that that it wasn’t worth it to try.

This is why you’ll never succeed Lucifer. (I’m acting like you’re still alive because I seriously doubt you’re dead because this is Supernatural and you are the beloved Mark Pellegrino.) For the most “evil” person in the world, it’s a wonder you got anything done because you’re a quitter who cuts corners and breaks deals because you can’t stick with it. And logically I know you’ll never win because you’re the villain but you won’t win because you’re all alone, a quitter, and the actual worst.

No one does this all alone. Not hunting werewolves, not conquering heaven and hell, and not even saving the day. It’s a collective effort born out of community, trust, and the understanding that one day you’ll need help yourself. So until you learn that, you’ll always lose. No matter the big bad you pair yourself up with or what scheme you come up with.

Supernatural has been renewed for season 14 and will be returning Fall 2018.


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