‘Timeless’ 2×09/2×10 Roundtable: “The General”/”Chinatown” Part 2

Here we are again, with the last of our Timeless feels for Season 2. What a joyful, strange, bumpy ride it’s been. But we made it. You made it. Now we just have to wait and see if NBC wants us to be here again, for Season 3.

Come on, NBC. Just make a decision. Now.

Part 1 of our roundtable is HERE, if you want to check it out. Here’s part two, aka the shipping and #RenewTimeless part.

Here we go!


Denise and Mason have a conversation in the bunker that underscored what this team is, and what they mean to each other: family. Has the show done a good job of portraying this? Share your feels.

Lizzie: This has always been one of my favorite parts of this show, and one of the things that Season 2 managed to do better. This is a family, and families are not always made up of blood, but of people who love each other. And yes, families are complicated and not always perfect, but families stick together, no matter what. If the show hadn’t been able to establish this connection, the conversation would be meaningless. Since they have, I found myself not just tearing up, but wanting more of it.

Lyra: Timeless has done a phenomenal job at emphasizing the role that found families have in the Time Team’s lives by giving us small moments to bring them together, build their bonds, and then test them. This show hasn’t gone the way of other networks and other shows where all that matters is the couple on the screen. Oh no, the friendships and bonds of family are just as important or even more important than what’s happening with Lyatt. That makes me love the show even more.

Charles: Yes it does because the Time Team is a family not by blood but by choice. They argue, fight and care about each other just as any family would. I consider Flynn even a part of the Time Team family now (as the Uncle no one likes but still crashes on the couch).

Lacey: 100%! And it’s not just Lucy, Wyatt and Rufus, it’s everyone (minus Flynn and Jessica LOL) This was especially true in the episode “The Day Reagan Was Shot”, where we saw the Time Team fight to save Denise’s future and her family. It truly showed how important everyone on the team is and how they would all go above and beyond to save each other. They are each other’s family. Lucy especially, having lost her sister in the pilot episode and her mother in the finale. This group of people are all she has left in the world and she’ll fight tooth and nail to save them and their futures (and pasts). It’s so amazing to watch!

Marta: The main reason Timeless works is because of the Time Team. Without those three key pieces, the show doesn’t work at all, it just doesn’t sustain itself. And these three leads click so well together that it’s the most natural thing in the world that they end up paired up. They’ve been in so many traumatic situations and they’ve saved each other in numerous near-death experiences that, by now, their bond is nearly indestructible. Which is why, I figure, Lucy and Wyatt spend so many years –and put so much effort into, if their ragged looks are anything to go by– trying to get Rufus back. Because Rufus is their family. Just like Jiya is. Just like Denise and Mason are.

Mimi: The TimeTeam is a family, not by blood but by choice and fate. Families are not perfect, they are deeply flawed a lot of the time, but families love each other and look out for each other. This season of Timeless, was about loving your family even when they are out of order. Family is also about being able to choose who goes into your family,  It doesn’t’ necessarily have to be blood. Family is about the ties that bind. Family is about walking away from the bullshit your family throws at you, but being okay because you know they still have your back. Family is about love, hope and trust, all the things the team is the one another.

Stephanie: The growth of Mason and Agent Christopher from adversaries wrestling for control of the Lifeboat in season 1 to basically mom and dad over the Time Team in season 2 was one of the best parts of the second season. The discussion Denise and Connor had while the team was gone and she was knitting away her stress was a quiet and powerful testament to how far they’ve come as characters. The strength of the show is the character development they achieve in quiet moments like this one. That feeling he described is the same feeling parents have when they have to let their children out into the big, scary world without you there to hold their hand. It makes me emotional even thinking about it considering that they all have to move forward (temporarily) without Rufus. They will probably face feelings of failure as they move ahead but I hope they rally around each other, as any family would.

Funmbi: One of the things I’ve loved about Timeless is how, from the beginning, the Time Team forged an unassailable bond. And I’m talking about Lucy, Wyatt, AND Rufus. This could have easily devolved into a Lyatt + third wheel situation (especially after the Lucy and Wyatt made their feelings for one another known), but that has never been the case. These three are a family. And through Season 2, we’ve had the great joy of learning how much the other members of the team are essential members of this family too. We’ve seen this with Jiya (as I’ve mentioned earlier), with Connor in “The King of the Delta Blues”, and with Agent Christopher in “The Day Reagan was Shot”. In Season 2, each character gets the chance to shine and they all rise to the occasion to save the day. You can just imagine how losing Rufus would devastate that bond. But hopefully, he’ll be back soon!


Rittenhouse is now in the hands of Emma and Jessica. How are you feeling about this development? What do you hope to see from them going forward?

Lizzie: I love that the family part of the equation is – for a moment, at least – sorta taken out of the main Rittenhouse timeline. I don’t think it’s the last we’ll hear of Lucy’s RH connections, but for now, I like that they moved away from it. I also really enjoy Emma as an antagonist. As for Jessica …meh. It all comes off as fake, I don’t believe a word about the baby and I’m not really excited about a possible Season of emotional manipulation. I’m over the Jessica angle. So over it.

Lyra: I LOVE ITTTT! I knew Emma was going to snap as soon as Carol gave her that crap about family and Rittenhouse being a dynasty of sorts. Emma has had to fight for every single thing she’s gotten in her life, especially when it comes to Rittenhouse, and this is how they’re going to treat her? I know she’s evil, but I see the path that led her to this and it makes sense. Having Emma (and Jessica) at the forefront of Rittenhouse is scary AF. Our red-head evil goddess has nothing to lose and one of the most dangerous things on her side, belief. Going forward she’s going to use that belief to create a world based on what she believes it should be like. Everyone should be afraid.

Charles : I love Emma is now the new woman in charge of Rittenhouse. She is such a bitch (pardon my language)  but also a bitch you can’t help but admire – Emma gets shit done and she was done taking it from Carol and Grandpa. I have no clue what Emma’s master plan for season 3 is but I am interested in seeing it. As for Jessica, my question here is– Will she be a equal with Emma or will she be a lackey for her?

Lacey: I’m going to ignore the trash of this duo that is Jessica and just focus on Emma. Annie Wersching is AMAZING at playing a character you love to hate yet also feel sorry for. In one breath, I want her dead and in the next she absolutely blows me away with her strength and the glimpses of her past. She has literally taken everything away from our heroine but she’s everything your want in a villian. I’m eager (yet scared shitless) to see what happens next with her at the head of Rittenhouse!

Marta: Man, we finally get the Rittenhouse baddies we deserve. Ones that aren’t some 60 year old straight white dude in a position of power or some other straight white male from the past. Neither of them were actually scary, despite their organization’s goal being terrifying. But Emma? She’s horror-movie scary. Worse. She’s Trump’s America scary. She’s ruthless but, at times, morally ambiguous, and will stop at nothing to achieve her goal. That’s what a true baddie is all about.

We’ll still have to see how Jessica actually factors in, because the last time we see her she actually doubts, if ever so slightly, what Rittenhouse wants and what the implications of her role in it are. But two badass women in charge of a terrible organization ready to destroy the world? Sign me up.

Mimi: Those two bitches! Oooh Weee! I at least want Emma to stick around next season because she is a good villain. Jessica however.. THAT BITCH HAS GOT TO GO.  Emma can run RH, and be hilarious and evil at the same time, it will be good for Lucy to fight her again next season and whoop her ass. JESSICA HAS TO DIE THO. Why is this bitch still alive?  Why are we still wasting costumes on her? She and Wyatt have ZERO chemistry.  Why hasn’t anyone told Wyatt that just because she insists she is pregnant and it’s his that the math doesn’t add up and she’s playing him? Can this be handled in the first episode of season 3?  FUCK JESSICA!

Stephanie: I expected to see Emma at the top of the heap by the end of the season, but I did not anticipate that she would just go off and take out Carol in a fit of frustration and then pop one between Grandad’s eyes.  Emma is truly one of the best villains I’ve seen on TV in quite a while. They’ve managed to craft this woman who is ruthless, cunning and focused, but they have given her a backstory that makes her motivations a bit murky, in a really interesting way. I know she’s out for herself but I don’t know her personal end game. Until the Mrs Sherlock Holmes episode, I was pretty sure she was ride or die for Rittenhouse, but now I wonder if she used their power and resources to get where she needed to go and has her own plans for the power Rittenhouse provides.  Something tells me she has no interest in the New World Order, white is right, male dominated future Rittenhouse has been centered around for centuries. I’d love to find out what a world ruled by Emma would look like. Oh, and Jessica? I don’t think Emma has any long term plans to rule Rittenhouse with Jessica by her side. I think Jessica’s days are probably numbered and she should watch her back. I should probably feel bad about the idea of Jessica dying, again, but I don’t. My only wish is that Lucy gets an opportunity to beat the crap out of Jessica before Emma puts her down.

Funmbi: You know, it became clear in “Mrs. Sherlock Holmes”, Emma is going to put herself and her own interests above Rittenhouse. And as soon as Emma realizes that Carol is trying to freeze her out (“Rittenhouse is about family. It’s about legacy, something Emma will never understand.”), you can just tell that the game has changed. So, of course, Emma doesn’t hesitate to gun down Carol and Nicholas without batting an eyelash. I don’t know what to think now that Emma and Jessica are basically running Rittenhouse. I mean, how are they going to explain Carol’s and Nicholas’s death to the rest of the Rittenhouse folks? Is she still planning to execute Nicholas’s plan to make Americans more docile so Rittenhouse can dominate? Ugh, I really want Emma dead and I wouldn’t mind if Jessica bit it too.


The season is over. What was your favorite thing about it? What would you have changed?

Lizzie: My favorite things were Riya, even through the ups and downs, the Lyatt we got in the first three episodes, the advancement of Flynn’s character arc and the way the season fleshed out Jiya, Denise and Mason in a way that made us care. I would have changed most of the Jessica storyline, because I think Wyatt came off as way too – well, everything, and that could have been changed with just tiny little things, like him actually confiding in Rufus or Denise. But overall, I think I wouldn’t have made Jessica fully RH, I would have made her a sleeper agent who actually had a family she wanted to get back to. I think that would have been much more interesting, to have her turn on RH.

Lyra: I would’ve made Jessica not a believer of Rittenhouse. It would’ve been sooooo much more interesting if she was just trying to survive this mission to get back to her family and finally be done with Rittenhouse. What they did with her, at least to me, is predictable. She’s evil. Blah, blah, blah. She’s going to kill them all. Blah, blah, blah. Been there, done that. It would’ve been more heartbreaking to Wyatt and us as the viewer if she was just doing what she could to get by without believing the ideology she was raised in. And in a way…she’s who Lucy would’ve been if she was raised in this cult of Rittenhouse. Interesting…Going to spiral on this thought. Bye!

Charles: The Jessica returns plot line. Made Wyatt into a stupid idiot and ruined a ship for me. That one is the one thing I would change without a doubt.

Marta: I’m not sure I can pick one favorite thing, to be honest. I think the greatest thing they did was maintaining the essence of the show while making it, as cliché as it sounds, bigger and better. It was still the good old Timeless we’d grown to love in the first season, only now we got to see more of these characters we love and adore. We got to explore the mythology and the time-travel aspect of it all. And we got to see great historical storylines like Harriet Tubman or the suffragette movement. Oh, and how could I forget? Marie Curie and her amazing daughter!

Seriously, NBC, renew this show.

Mimi: Well, I thought my favorite thing about it was going to be the Lyatt of it all, but that was a big fat lie! Ugh. Lucy should have been the one pregnant or at least had a pregnancy scare. They had one glorious night together guys! I know damn well no one was on/or used any type of birth control. Just sayin… The Jessica story was a big let down for me. You know I want to rant about that, but I will calm down.  Let me see, my favorite thing has been watching the character growth for some people and I really like Jucy together as a team. I loved how they humanized Conner, he is great! I liked Flynn this season too. Emma is a great villain, bring her back next season. Adding the 4th seat on the lifeboat was a huge plus for me, good job Riya! Denise’s back story was amazing and Lucy’s arch was tough to watch but it has made her stronger and I’m grateful for that. I would have changed, the ENTIRE Jessica coming back plot line. It was wack and went nowhere.  I would have wrapped it up in 2 episodes, actually after all three of them go on that mission together and Emma sees her in the hospital. I would have had Emma ruin that mission and blow her cover. End of Jessica end of Fake pregnancy. #killjessica #saverufus Rufus had to die, so I’m not even sad/mad about it because I know he will be back in Season 3 and it will be such a fun storyline to get him back. This isn’t Greys guys! The death isn’t final and that’s the beauty of this show.

Stephanie: My favorite thing was the way the show let each of the characters grow in a really natural way. Well, except for Wyatt. Wyatt regressed in a major way, but I’ll address him later. Almost all of the characters grew. Mason grew from a questionable billionaire inventor into a reluctant Dad, especially to Jiya and Rufus. Agent Christopher easily became the mama to her bunker babies. Learning more about her past and her family, completed the picture of a powerful woman, who loves her family fiercely. That family includes all members of the Time Team – even the creepy uncle, Flynn. Jiya grew from love interest with a finale twist into a fully realized, powerful woman. Rufus grew from the wise cracking tech wizard who was afraid to get his hands dirty to a man who readily expresses his emotions to his idols, in the present and the past, and who loves Jiya without reservation. He wasn’t perfect (ahem, Lucy) but he generally redeemed himself over the course of the season. Lucy I will address elsewhere and Wyatt is a damn mess.  The one thing I would change is every single thing about the Jessica storyline. It was drawn out for too long. The way they drew it out felt like a cheap ploy to enable the stealing the Lifeboat plot, but they could have gotten there without turning Wyatt into a raging idiot in the process.

Funmbi: Season 2 of Timeless was epic, in every sense of the word, and I think my favorite part was getting to watch the Timeless world expand and evolve. I loved these characters before, but Season 2 made them even more compelling and entrenched in my heart. They experienced joy, laughter, unimaginable pain and we got to be there the entire time, right by their side. With that said, for me, the Jessica = Rittenhouse storyline was *so* obvious from the beginning. She was the ultimate sleeper agent that infiltrated the Time Team… but most of us saw that coming. The ramifications for Jessica coming back to life and eventually betraying the Time Team are still significant. But I wonder if there was a less predictable direction for Jessica. Although, it was very interesting to see Jessica acknowledge that Lucy loves Wyatt. She didn’t even seem phased when she mentioned it to Carol. Jessica seemed even kind of impressed with Lucy. Now that is curious…


Time to pick a ship: Lyatt or Garcy. Explain why.

Lizzie: Lyatt, no doubt about it. There are many reasons behind that. I’m not going to go into the reasons why I don’t like Garcy, because I think one of the things that sometimes makes fandoms toxic is the ship wars and the way they degenerate. Above all, I believe we should ship what we want and not try to impose our opinion on others. Also – because I don’t need to talk down another ship to talk about why I love mine. I love Lyatt because I think they’re two flawed people who bring out the best in each other. I think they were friends first and foremost and there’s a deep layer of that and of trust that permeates everything, and though, I would have liked to see this season handled differently, writing wise, I see no reason to believe that, if Wyatt puts his all into it, we can’t get back to that. And hey, the Future Lucy and Future Wyatt seem to be backing me up!

Lyra: Riya. I know I’m supposed to pick the love angle but this is me rebelling. GIVE ME MORE RIYA! Fine! I can see the moderator watching me and waiting for me to get in line. Lyatt  because Garcy is definitely some Princess Leia/Luke Skywalker shit.

Charles: This is going to be such a cop-out answer but….neither. Wyatt has been on a path to stupidity most of the season and now after being betrayed by his wife…that’s when he drops the “I love you”? Should have done that during “Hollywoodland” pal. Wyatt has a LONG road to get me back on the Lyatt ship. As for Flynn, it’s possible him and Lucy but I don’t see it happening. Truthfully I’m ready for season 3 to be all about Jucy.

Lacey: Is there even a question about this?! LYATT! Lyatt all damn day, everyday! Enough said!

Marta: I hate ship wars, so no one please use this as an excuse to start rioting. My heart is and always lie with Lyatt. I was on board that ship since the first “Ma’m”, and I’m going down with it. Moreover, I love the idea of Flynn and Lucy having a platonic friendship –we need to demonstrate that men and women can be friends without sexual tension needed!

Also, Lyra is right. I think we all know Riya is the real star ship.

Mimi: Really? LYATT till I die! I mean, Is this even a real question? Am I being pranked? Lyatt is the OTP for me. It all boils down to their chemistry and their ease with each other, I have rooted for them since he told her no one was going to see her bra, then he did… They are adorable, and have had a really shitty relationship this season. I was told, or fooled into thinking that Jessica was going to make them stronger, perhaps if she dies SOON, this will prove to be correct. The only babies I want to see are Lyatt ones.

Stephanie: I’m Lyatt, for sure. This season has been a roller coaster for Lyatt, but I still remember where they started, I remember how good they were together in season 1. I remember that brief time when they were happy in 2×03 and I want more of that for both of them.. I hated the triangle, I wish they had handled it differently, but it doesn’t shake my faith in Wyatt, my favorite gullible, dumbass soldier. He was a crappy friend and an even worse teammate this season, but I know who Wyatt is at his core when he’s not being manipulated by evil Jessica, so I know he can be a great partner and support for Lucy. We just need time to fix what he broke this season. I don’t see Garcy as a viable alternative, to be honest. I see Flynn as slightly obsessed with Journal!Lucy and I’m glad he was there for Lucy when she needed a friend, but I don’t see a romantic connection there, whatsoever.

Funmbi: 100% Lyatt. Lucy and Wyatt are so in love with each other. Season 2 has shown us the high-highs and the low-lows of Lyatt. When these two are together, they bring out the best in one another, and there’s so much joy. When they are forced apart, we see the extent of the pain Lucy and Wyatt BOTH experience. This isn’t to diminish the connection between Lucy and Flynn, but I’m just not convinced that it’s romantic. But much respect to Garcy shippers! That’s the joy of fandom, we can ship whoever we want 🙂


Riya has no competition. Share your Riya feels with us!

Lizzie: They are adorable and amazing and I’m glad they haven’t been relegated to just one line every episode, but that they’ve gone through a journey of their own, as well as individual journeys. I’d love to see them happy and working together, but I think Season 3 will probably bring more pain our way. Though, if it’s external pain and they face it together, I can deal. I really can.

Lyra: Riya is the ship I never thought I’d go hardcore for. The one built on hope, love, and wanting to protect each other to the point where you’re leaving messages in Klingon to the future to not come and get you. And I think we’ve seen some shows try to pull crap like this before. And it’s been cheesy and I’ve been super critical about how partnerships mean…that they’re partners. You can’t make decisions without the other. It’s taking away their choice. And this principle still holds true for Riya but in a way that I didn’t expect. Their seperation wasn’t done for dramas sake or as something that will be repeated season after season *cough* Arrow *cough*. This Riya situation was a test of a bond, a declaration of love, and a move forward in their relationship. These two are just at the beginning of their journey and I can’t wait to see more!

Charles: I love Riya most of the time but I wish it got more focus on the show like Lyatt does. Jiya and Rufus play off of each other so well and it’s so lovely to see. Hopefully season 3 lets us see even more of this!

Lacey: Beautiful, simply b-e-a-utiful! They love each other fiercely and are both willing to sacrifice themselves for the other. They are everything you want in an OTP and I loves them so much! Yes, loves! #Riya4Life

Marta: Two POC characters being at the center of one of the best, healthiest relationships ever written? Yes! Yes! Yes! A thousand times yes! They had a bumpy ride this season, and both have changed and evolved together despite the obstacles in their way. They complement each other perfectly: Rufus calms Jiya, makes her enjoy life a little more; Jiya knocks some much needed sense into Rufus, helps him see the bigger picture in things. They learn so much from each other and are so devoted to each other, they are literally what every ship should aspire to become. Yes, even Lucy and Wyatt. Actually, especially Lucy and Wyatt.

Mimi:  You are right Riya has no competition because through all of their bullshit, Rufus kept apologizing to Jiya for being an ass and they both saw the bigger picture. Not Wyatt’s punk ass though, this dude needs to take some lessons from Rufus. Even though Rufus did not want to know when/how he died and he kept brushing it aside, it all boiled down to him not wanting to lose Jiya. Which came from a very real place, he was scared of losing her because he loves her and she him. Take notes Lyatt, actually Wyatt, because you are the entire cause of your relationships demise this season.

Stephanie: Oh, Riya. What a surprise this season. I love them together. I wanted to punch Rufus a few times, especially when he dismissed Jiya’s references to her experience with her dad. Her stories resonated with me because I experienced many similar feelings when my dad was sick. She wasn’t sharing those stories to make him feel guilty, she was telling him she had been there before and she didn’t want to feel that way again because none of that made it hurt any less. I know he was scared, of dying, of losing her, but he eventually came around and literally brought the 130 years long neglected Lifeboat back to life to pull her out of time and bring her home. I would bet, even if we never get Rufus back, he’d have no regrets because he loves her that much. I need them to save Rufus and for Riya to grow old bickering about Star Wars and Star Trek until they are old and grey.

Funmbi: I do adore Riya, and it’s been such a joy to see them go from all the awkward (but adorableness) of Season 1 to Rufus’s and Jiya’s declarations of love and engaging in overwhelming sacrifices for one another. I just hope that when Rufus comes back, whatever he’s experienced doesn’t become an obstacle to Riya, or Rufus’s other relationships. Also, who’s going to tell Rufus’s mother and brother that he’s dead?! *WEEPING*


Future Lucy and Future Wyatt looked calm, confident, and like a team. How do you think the journey from now to that looks? And, can our Lucy and Wyatt get there? What needs to happen?

Lizzie: I think they are a team, and probably, not just a team, but a couple, one that has gone through a lot and has had to learn a lot and sacrifice a lot and one who might have possibly orchestrated everything we’ve seen in the show so far, JUST TO GET RUFUS BACK. Let that sink in. All they want is their friend back. And I think they want him back so much that they’re willing to risk everything, even changing that future that clearly sucks, but in which they have each other. So – that tells me a couple of things: 1. they’ve come to a place of absolute trust where they can make these decisions as a team, and 2. they probably trust that whatever happens, they’ll get back there, to each other. So I think, whatever happens, the future, in this case, is set in stone. The good parts, at least.

Lyra: The only way you get bearded up like Wyatt and shotgun handling like Lucy, is if you’ve gone through some hard stuff. You’ve lost people, barely made it through, and only had yourself and a select few to trust it. Maybe hard times made it so Lucy and Wyatt could only depend on each other. Either way, their timeline is the darkest timeline. And no matter what, no matter if they disappear from existence after they do what they came to do, it’ll be worth it. For Rufus, the essential piece of their team, he’s worth it.

Lacey: They look like they’ve been through the ringer and came out even closer/stronger. I’m so excited to see what future Lyatt has been through and seen. And I agree with some people’s tweets saying that Lyatt are totally married in the future!! They’re out there living their best lives together and I’m so here for it!

Marta: Turbulent waters lay ahead for our favorite time traveling duo, that’s for sure. You don’t cut your hair and grow a beard like that without going through some serious trauma first. They seem older, for some reason –the scruffiness, I guess– like more than a few years have passed, but honestly, who knows? If they’ve learned to pilot the Lifeboat and Lucy has gotten that good at handling a shotgun, it could be longer.

Despite how weird it is to see your future self looking the way Future Lyatt look, I imagine it’ll also provide a sliver of hope for our characters. Whatever happens next, whatever terrible things the future has in store for them, at least they’re together –very together, if I may add– and with a definitive plan to get Rufus back, so things can’t be that bad, can they?

Mimi: So future Lyatt has sex on a daily basis and no one can convince me otherwise. They looked calm and confident because they ARE. Those two are fighting side by side and being badass TOGETHER. I hope the “fake kid” situation is wrapped up so we know how it all ends and can be confident in Lyatt as endgame once again. BUT, in order for that to happen there are three things I need to happen first: 1. Jessica’s pregnancy is not real, we all saw her drinking with carol, that shit wasn’t carrot juice.  2. Wyatt needs to EARN (he needs to figure this out, he’s capable) his way back into Lucy’s heart and redeem himself, ASAP!  3. Lyatt needs to have a heart to heart and not from any anger, frustration or wounded place. If they can have a heart to heart, without being clockblocked, I can see them being back on the road to OTP. I don’t care if Shawn Ryan has to strand them alone on an island together if Rufus is just like Wyatt you fucked up son, make it right, Jiya and I will be back to pick you up in 3 weeks.

Stephanie: I think the journey from our present day Lucy and Wyatt to the versions of themselves will be painful in many ways. They look battle hardened and tough, but they also look confident, centered and like they trust each other without hesitation. While they have to fight to get to this version of themselves, it can’t be all bad. I think that glimpse into the future threw down the gauntlet that Lyatt get to that future together, fighting side by side. We all know they make an excellent team and I can’t wait for them to work their way back to trusting each other.

Funmbi: You know, the very first thing I thought when seeing Future Lucy and Future Wyatt is how Seasons 1 and 2 have all been an attempt by bring Rufus back. Future Lucy sets these events in motion by travelling to Brazil to give Flynn her journal. So, you have to wonder if Future Lucy and Future Wyatt have intervened in any other way??? It makes me want to go back and rewatch the episodes from Season 1 to see in any clues. In any event, I think that Future Lucy and Future Wyatt will take Present Lucy and Present Wyatt with them on the journey to save Rufus. My hope is that, in the process of seeing Future Lucy and Future Wyatt have a healthy partnership, that Present Lucy and Present Wyatt  will realize that the obstacles they’re currently daving aren’t insurmountable.


Think of Season 3. It’s a done deal. Now, what do you want to see in it?

Lizzie: Much more of the women being friends, especially Lucy and Jiya. Much more of the team being family. Probably Flynn’s family, as I now care about him getting something of a happy ending. Much more of Rufus and Wyatt being bros. And just …all the happy, light Lyatt we deserved and didn’t get in Season 2. Please, give me that.

Lyra: I want to see future Lucy and Wyatt walking around, all comfortable around each other, and making present Lucy and Wyatt wonder what they’ve gone through to get where they are now. I want Jiya to not collapse into herself. I want her to fight for Rufus now that she’s being given an opportunity to change things. I want present Lucy to remember that she’s not alone and that she has family. I want Wyatt to start on the long and hard road to fixing what’s broken, not just with Lucy, but with everyone else at the Time Team. I want them to trust each other, become closer, and kick Rittenhouse’s ass!

Charles: Mostly for season 3 , I just want them to continue with the strengths of season 2 while focusing on the continued character growth for our team. Wyatt needs to be a lot smarter in season 3 but that is a given. Another thing I’d love to see is more of Agent Christopher. It’d be fun to see her somehow roped into a mission to travel into the past. The main focus though has to always be about the characters and their relationships to one another. Keep that and Timeless will be okay.

Lacey: Being able to travel back to periods in which they were alive opens up an entire new world of possibilities and I’m so excited! I can’t wait to see where and what they do with this new found ability and of course, how they will save Rufus. It’s going to be the best season yet! #LyattBetterGetTheirHappilyEverAfterOrImGonnaSue #LongestHashtagEver

Marta: A resolution to how awkward and distanced Lucy and Wyatt have become over the course of this season, and a cool adventure to get Rufus back. Those are undisputable. I’d love to see more of Flynn joining the team and eventually being bros with Rufus and Wyatt. I want to see more of Jiya and how she learns to control and develop her powers. And I definitely need to see, at this point, a constant growth in Mason and in Denise.

I think, as long as the writers stay true to their characters and their arcs, I’m game for anything they throw our way. I wasn’t too much of a fan of Jessica coming back, but we survived that just fine so I have faith in the writers and in their choices. Time traveling shenanigans with our favorite team. That’s what we long for, anyway.

Mimi: Let me start with what I don’t want to see, JESSICA FUCKING LOGAN. OMG! I cannot stress enough how badly I need her to leave! I hate her, I hated her character, and I hate what she is doing to Wyatt or what she did to Wyatt this season. I’m over it. I wish Flynn would have pulled that trigger before Wyatt stopped him. What I want to see more of is freaking Lyatt, duh. I want future Lyatt to tell present Lyatt how to save Rufus and get the team back. That is probably going to take up the first 2ish episodes of the season? From there on out, I need for the game plan to be take Emma out, cause that bitch is Crazy. The rest of the season should consist of continuing to try and defeat RH. I’m okay with them all living in the bunker again, I don’t mind if they stay there in definitely. I want to see more of everyone traveling together cause that was awesome. Please more Jucy, Yes please! More Mason! Denise being a mama bear! Lyatt Sex. Lyatt Feels. Lyatt Kisses. Lyatt Love. GIVE IT TO ME!  I feel like I’m not asking for a lot here. It’s all 100 % doable. Make it happen Eric and Shawn. 

Stephanie: I want a whole lot of groveling from Wyatt. I want apologies to everyone. I want to see Future Wyatt and Future Lucy making present day Wyatt and Lucy feel uncomfortable, in a good way. I want to know more about the journal AND why Lucy gave it to Flynn. Selfishly, I want to put to rest the 100 theories that Lucy and Flynn are related. If they are somehow related, tell us.  I want to see Lucy win a few rounds, find some happiness. I know from reading interviews that they felt like they had to strip Lucy of everything and beat her down to push her onto the next stage of her hero journey, one step closer to that badass with the bob cut that stepped out of the future. I watch a lot of superhero shows. Your heroes can be interesting AND happy at the same time, I promise. I want to see Jiya learning to use her visions in the way Stanley described, but with control and purpose. Most of all, I want to see the team save Rufus. The team can function without him, but it wouldn’t be the same.

Funmbi: In Season 3, I’d really like Emma and Jessica to die. Sorry to start off so morbid, but it’s my truth. Clearly, I want Rufus back ASAP and I hope he’s the same Hero in a Hoodie that we love… but the experience of dying and coming back to life can’t leave someone unscathed. I want to see the journal Future Lucy wrote for Flynn. I want Flynn’s family and Amy to come back… provided that they’re not sleeper agents for Rittenhouse! I want Connor to get his money and company back. I want Agent Christopher and her family to be happy and healthy. I want Lucy to realize that, with or without Wyatt, she’s worth it and deserves all the happiness in the world. And I want Wyatt to be proactive in helping Lucy to heal… in fact, they can heal together and hopefully reclaim their romantic relationship, too.


We’ve been here before, but it bears repeating. #RenewTimeless why?

Lizzie: Because it’s the best show on TV. Because we need to see how we get to that future. Because Rufus deserves to live. Because it’s the best show on TV. What else do I need to say?

Lyra: Diverse shows with diverse storytelling make for a better, more accepting world. Who wouldn’t want that?

Charles: Because it’s a damn good show. What else do you need?

Lacey: Um, because it’s the shit?! Seriously, this show is everything you want in a show. Ships (both romantically and of time), action, drama, passion, family and amazing views of history. Why hasn’t NBC renewed this show yet?!?!?!?

Marta: The only thing you have to do is watch any episode to understand why we need to #RenewTimeless. It’s as good as time travel television can get.

Mimi:  Why are we still debating this! I don’t know? Literally all the critics, the audience and Rotten Tomatoes have given it 100% What more does NBC want from us?  I will give them a kidney if they will renew Timeless.  How many times do I have to beg them to renew it?  The cast is beautiful, the chemistry is unmatched, the storylines are provocative, the history lessons each week are unmatched. Diversity is key to this show, storytelling is key to this show, and depth is the key to this show. The two leads, Matt and Abby have my whole heart!  FEELS out the WAZOO!  Their chemistry is on fire even when their characters are at odds. I tune in each week to check on my Timeless family and make sure everyone makes it through okay. I have made so many friends by watching this show. I got a job at Fangirlish.com from watching this show! This show has brought so many good things my way that it has become my good luck charm. I need it to go on and on and on. Please NBC don’t be a dumbass like Wyatt was all season, RENEW TIMELESS!

Stephanie: I’m a child of the 80s. I’ve been a hard core fan of TV from a very young age and I’ve seen a lot of good TV, I’ve seen a lot of bad TV, and I can never have enough of great TV.  It is not an exaggeration or hype when I say that Timeless is up there among the very best of the TV shows I’ve ever watched. The General, like so many episodes before it this season, showcased exactly what is so damn special about this show. It focuses on parts of history that should be taught to every student in history class, it gives a humanity and heart to these people you used to only read about in dusty textbooks and it makes you feel so much on every level. If they give this show the chance, with a timeslot or streaming setting that will let them find an audience, this show could shock a lot of people and become a household name. They just need the support and budget to operate with confidence in their story arcs from season to season.  

Funmbi: I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: we deserve a series that places stories of women, People of Color, and other marginalized voices front and center. THIS IS TIMELESS. And we deserve the opportunity to learn more about these amazing characters on the Time Team and watch them grow. Their stories are nowhere near done! NBC, the ball is in your court, so: Do It Yes GIF by Collider

Agree? Disagree? Have any more Timeless feels? Share with us in the comments below!

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