‘Timeless’ 2×09/2×10 Roundtable: “The General”/”Chinatown” Part 1

Was there any way to do a short round-table for our last round-table of the season? The answer to that, of course, is no. There was no way. Timeless is not the type of show that leaves us with lukewarm feelings about anything, so we have words. We have a lot of words.

Some of them are pleas for NBC to renew Timeless. A lot of them, actually. But hey – it’s been forever and a half. We’ve reached the end of our rope, literally.

Joining me this week are Lyra, Charles, Lacey, Marta, Mimi, our guest Stephanie and our friend Funmbi from We So Nerdy.

Let’s get to it!

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Let’s talk Rufus first, because Rufus is the heart of this show. How did you feel about seeing him die? What do you expect to see happen now? Share your feels.

Lizzie: It’s been like a week and I still can’t deal. I just …no. I need Rufus in my life. I need Timeless in my life so Rufus can come back to my life. Because, boy, I knew it was coming and it still hurt like a bitch. The future them twist I didn’t see coming, but I figured, whatever happened, they were going to find a way around Rufus actually dying, because …he’s Rufus. He can’t die.

Again, that doesn’t mean I’m not emotional. I sobbed my way through this episode about 3 times, and the second and third time were worse because I already knew what was coming. Rufus is just one of those characters …I’m never going to be ready to lose him, to death or cancellation. You hear me, NBC? You hear me?

Lyra: Watching him die was like narrowly avoiding a car accident and then getting side swiped by a biker off to the side because you just so happened to stumble onto a bike path. I knew Rufus’ death was coming and I thought, for once, that we had had told destiny to go and suck it. Instead, fate creeped up and took Rufus from us. He fell into the same story that pops up in time travel shows over and over again where their efforts to prevent the future, they end up creating it. And it’s utterly infuriating. I expect the future versions of Lucy and Wyatt to already have a plan set, concocted over years of suffering without Rufus and working to somehow get him back. They’ll save their past versions the time it took them to figure this all out and give us a BADASS season 3. Because we’re going to get a season 3.

Charles: Rufus dying sucked absolutely but also I knew it was coming. I also know that it’s not going to stick. Rufus is one of the three main characters and a show like this won’t kill off a main character permanently. It’s a time-traveling show for goodness sake!! So for season 3, I see the premiere being Future Lyatt teaching the team how to save Rufus without majorly screwing up the timeline. BUT since it’s Timeless, it won’t all go smoothly and the Time Team will have to deal with that and Rittenhouse for season 3.

Lacey: It’s still too soon, still too fresh. I watched the finale with my friend Lynsey who had already seen it and the first thing I said, with tears in my eyes, was “WHY DIDN’T YOU WARN ME?!” I honestly didn’t think that they would actually kill him. I mean, it’s Rufus! RUFUS!!! The glue that holds this team together. Wyatt, Lucy and Rufus are the heart of Timeless. Without one of them, the show just doesn’t work. Season 3 is set up to be all about getting Rufus back and I’m so here for it! I think he’s that voice of reason between Lyatt when their tempers and passion runs high and it’ll be interesting to see how their dynamic changes/evolves without his presence.

Sidenote, the fact that they left his body behind in 1888 absolutely guts me! They should’ve just left Flynn’s ass and taken Rufus back with them and that’s the tea right there.

Marta: I was shocked, but immediately I knew he couldn’t actually be dead. They wouldn’t just kill one of the show’s pillars, and definitely not one as important as Rufus. So it took a while for the pain to really settle in, because I was confident he had to come back in some way or other. To be honest, watching the rest of the characters react to his death was way more painful than the actual scene were he dies.

I really hope season 3 is focused on getting him back somehow, although I’m not sure how they’re going to handle that. Rufus can’t be missing the entire season because we really need Malcolm on the show, but it’s going to be hard to give him protagonism if he’s really dead.

See? This is why we really need season 3, NBC!

Mimi: I fully expected Rufus to die because Jiya told him he would for half the season. I was however shocked that they chose not to bring him back right away and we will have to wait until season 3 to find out his fate. It was sad for Jiya, but as the audience I know what is up, so I’m not sad? Don’t be mad at me, Rufus will be back, future Lucy said so. I don’t know if Rufus is the heart of the show? Don’t be mad at me for that either. I like him and he’s basically the audience (ME) in all of this, and his reactions to situations and humor are priceless. BUT, I think Lucy is the heart of the show and Rufus, Wyatt, and Jiya are the ventricles. BAM! I said it! That’s how I feel.

Stephanie: Watching him die was painful, even if we knew it was coming. I think I spent half of the episode waiting for the other shoe to drop. The emotional impact of his death didn’t really hit me until they all climbed out of the Lifeboat without him. Then we saw Connor’s reaction and felt that immediate yearning to fix it. Screw the rules, they HAVE TO save Rufus. He’s not just the tech genius, or the guy with the jokes, he has a unique ability to pull at our heartstrings while reminding us how far society has come in their treatment of men who look like him throughout history.  As for what I expect to happen next, it looks like badass future Lucy and Wyatt have been through hell while coming up with a plan to rescue Rufus. They would not have chosen this point in time to break the rules without a plan. I can’t really wrap my brain around what they can undo to change it. Maybe they’ll just give Lucy extra bullets for that gun so she can take out Emma once and for all. Regardless, I can’t wait to see them kick ass in season 3 and beyond.

Funmbi: *SIGH* Rufus, my sweet Hero in a Hoodie, I can’t believe he’s really gone. I keep flashing back to the scene between Jiya and Connor where she is sobbing about not being able to find Rufus anywhere in time and space. She’s totally devastated about nobody being there to claim Rufus’s body, bury him, grieve him. My heart breaks over and over again. And the thing is, we’ve supposedly known Rufus’s death was coming practically all season long, yet that knowledge didn’t lessen the pain. Part of the issue is that they faked us out by having Jiya kill the man who was supposed to stab Rufus… but then Emma. Ugh. What I know is that Rufus will not stay dead for long. I anticipate Future Lucy and Wyatt plus Present Lucy and Wyatt joining together and saving Rufus from wherever he is… and hopefully, Rufus is chilling with Harriet Tubman, waiting for his friends to come get him.


Jiya was an absolute and complete badass in these two episodes. What’s been your favorite thing about Jiya’s development? Where do you want her to go next? Share your feels.

Lizzie: Basically that we GOT the development. That she isn’t just a love interest, that we’ve gotten glimpses of her life before all of this, before Rufus, that she’s got a separate relationship with Lucy and even Wyatt, that she has a separate relationship with Denise and Mason, that she’s got her own fears and hangups and that she exists as a character separate from the relationship she’s in, something TV sometimes fails at doing with women. So, yeah. I just want more. More of her and Lucy, especially, because we don’t have enough healthy female friendships on TV, but in general, just more. Because just the fact that Jiya exists, as she is, makes me happy.

Lyra: My favorite thing about Jiya’s development is that she didn’t fade into the background. I was set and ready for this computer genius to disappear into the background as the white main couple took the stage. But she didn’t. Rufus didn’t. Riya didn’t. And I loved it. Here we have a woman of color in a STEM career who has fallen in love with a man of color. Everytime I think about it I have to take a moment to pause and admire the beauty of it all. Jiya is real and if we can have a talented, badass, intelligent woman like this on our screens who just so happens to be a woman of color, we can have another and another and another. As for her development, every single step of her journey has been about giving her a family, something to protect, and the independence in her that was just waiting to be grown and set free. Over 3 years we missed a lot of this development and saw her crank it up to 100 when it came to her being independent AF and wanting to care for her loved ones. Next we’ll see her hold like a tree; strong, firm, and true. But over time we’ll see the cracks, the tiny fissures, where the real her full of pain will come forth.

Charles: Jiya has been one of my favorite characters on here for a while and it’s just because they’ve let her character grow and develop over time. I loved seeing her in the 80’s episode being a part of the team and her and Lucy teaming up together was one of the best highlights of the season. For season 3 , I’d love to see her on more missions with the team while also still dealing with her future visions. There is so many different directions to go with her visions that I am excited to see in the future. (No pun intended)

Lacey: Truthfully I feel like this has always been the true Jiya we just now are getting to see it and I’m so here for it! Jiya cares so deeply for the people she loves. She was willing to sacrifice everything for Rufus, even going as far to sacrifice a life with him. Watching her handle her own in 1888 was fantastic! She didn’t give a single fuck and wasn’t a damsel in distress. She held her own and it was so empowering to watch. I’m excited to see her next season as she steps into Rufus’ role as the pilot of the ship. I have no doubts that she’s going to continue kicking all the ass!

Marta: I think one of the things that surprised me the most about Jiya’s development was the fact that she wasn’t just relegated to “the girl our boy Rufus is madly in love with.” That’s how she was initially set up in season one, but slowly she started gaining importance and by the end of that season, we knew she’d have a pivotal role in season two. But they way she’s grown this season is just unbelievable. The fact that she was allowed to hold her own opinions that didn’t change despite them not being the same as her boyfriend’s, or the idea that she was given a decent backstory that explained so much about who she is and how she came to be this person is amazing. I love that she got to time travel and lead her own adventure with Lucy, and I love that she’s a tough character that learned to survive in the past on her own and ended up being more badass than the entire team combined.

But I also appreciate that she’s allowed to be scared and tired and unhappy. I love that she’s able to worry about Rufus whilst trying to figure out what her own storyline is, and I love that she takes charge in her decisions and in her life.

Honestly, she’s the greatest and I love her.  

Mimi: Jiya was a complete badass the last two episodes, and it shocked the hell outta me! I rooted for her to kick all of RH’s ass! Jiya is smart and cunning and focused, she always has been. Last season she was kind of on the back burner but this season she really shined. I love her story arch this season, and her visions, I think her learning to control them was what she needed. I see that RH knows about her visions and wants them for themselves. I also like how Jiya stands up for herself!  That’s is my favorite thing about her, she did not take any of Rufus’s bullshit this season and I loved her for it. Also how funny was her Cagney and Lacey line from the 80’s ep? Did you guys adore her with Lucy on a mission? I know I did. I want her to continue to learn how to pilot the lifeboat and check Rufus when he needs it. I want her to be Lucy’s friend and shoulder to lean on when Wyatt is being an ass. I want her and Conner to continue to bond and for him to be her fake uncle or whatever. Mostly I just want Riya to be able to pick up the pieces in Season 3 of Timeless.

Stephanie: Jiya has been my favorite part of season 2. She’s moved from a background character and love interest into perhaps one of the biggest assets on the team. First, I’m so happy she’s finally been given a chance to shine, front and center, with a role on missions and then saving herself and the Lifeboat with nothing more than grit, determination and a whole lot of genius ingenuity.  Second, I was happy and surprised that she wasn’t put in a position of running away from her visions or trying to stop them. Instead, she figured out a way to use them to try to protect Rufus. Ever since her vision at the end of season 1, I wondered if she was time traveling without the machine. To have that confirmed by the slightly nutty former pilot was a fascinating twist. I expect her to learn to hone that skill and to ultimately use her visions as a weapon in their quest to save the world from Rittenhouse.

Funmbi: Jiya is an absolute fave. Clearly, her badass intellectual skills keep the Lifeboat running and the Time Team able to safely follow Rittenhouse through history. But on a personal level, we’ve seen Jiya’s romantic relationship with Rufus and friendship with Lucy deepen. And with concerns over her visions, we also see the depth of Connor’s and Agent Christopher’s care for Jiya, too. Specifically, in these two episodes, Jiya puts all her skills to use to escape Traitor Jessica and Rittenmon, hide the Lifeboat for the Time Team, AND leave a message (in, Klingon;no less) in history for her friends. In the end, she does all this for the sake of Rufus and her love for him. Still, it isn’t enough. At the end of “Chinatown”, Jiya is so devastated and frustrated. She allowed herself to open up and care for these people and she’s been hurt so badly. The pain is unimaginable. My hope is that Jiya continues to be open to love and friendship. After all, if there’s anyone who will cosign Future Lucy’s and Wyatt’s plan to recover Rufus, it’s definitely Jiya!


Wyatt was a dumbass twice over – and yet, at the end of the second episode, we saw a glimmer of hope. What do you think about his journey this season? Share your feels.

Lizzie: Honestly, I just …he’s not perfect. I don’t need characters to be perfect to like him. Was he a dumbass? I’ve called him that many times this season. Was he malicious? No. Were his actions understandable? Yes. We hold fictional characters to impossible standards sometimes and judge them harshly when they can’t keep up. Did I like how they wrote him in Season 2? No, not really. Would I have changed a few things? Yes. Did they ruin him for me, completely and irrevocably? Not even close. If I can forgive Flynn for Season 1 you bet your ass I can forgive Wyatt for Season 2.

Lyra: I have to keep reminding myself that Wyatt is on a journey when I think of him. I have to keep reminding myself that people make mistakes, that no one is perfect, and that sometimes we hold our favorite characters to the highest regards without thinking about the real life versions of what’s happening and how you would never do it like that. I have to keep reminding myself that I’ve made mistakes, and how I’d love for others to give me a second, third, fourth chance. I have to keep reminding myself of these things because Wyatt Logan has been the type of ass hat I would never forgive on a show but realize that I would in real life because people mistakes sometimes and this show has characters that are all in impossible situations. Going forward…I see that hope. I see that spark that means that he understands what he has done and that it will take time to fix what was broken. For that spark I will wait and I will hold true when it comes to Wyatt. I don’t know where my line in the sand is with this man but I’m interested to see what comes next.

Lacey: Okay, while I think that Wyatt has made some questionable decisions this season, I can’t fault the man. Did he have all these signs that Jessica was evil (like I called from day 1)? Yes. Did he mess up with Lucy because of this? Yes. But put yourself in his shoes. His WIFE was back and it didn’t matter how or why because she was back. Like I’ve said in previous roundtables, this is the woman he mourned all through season 1 and who he blamed himself for her death. He was getting a second chance with her and even if deep down it wasn’t what he truly wanted, he wasn’t going to turn his back on her because that’s the kind of man he is. He is a stand up, honorable man who was standing by his vows. On the flipside, I think that he did deep down know she was evil but didn’t want to acknowledge it because that would mean that he messed things up with the true love of his life, Lucy, for no reason. In his mind, he needs Jessica to not be a POS evil bitch because then it would make the loss of Lucy worth it, so to speak. I don’t blame Wyatt for anything because he was acting like any person would in that situation. Well, wait, him accidentally hitting Lucy was most definitely not ok!

Marta: I’ve wanted to slap Wyatt more than once during the season. I didn’t agree with many of his choices (most of his choices, actually), but I understood where they came from, what motivated them. Wyatt is an incredibly loyal guy who is always constantly trying to do what’s best for the people he loves. We knew from the very beginning that if Jessica was to come back, he’d do everything in his power to make the relationship work.

And honestly, it’s really easy to look at him and judge him for his mistakes, but what he says in “Chinatown” is incredibly true: odds are, were we in the same situation, we’d probably do every single thing Wyatt did with Jessica.

Plus, the poor guy was just trying to handle his emotions in the fairest way. Sure, he had a lot of toxic masculinity issues and moments were he was definitely not being a team player trying to maintain healthy relationships, but every time that happened, someone called him out on it. Which only means he will now learn from that and grow to become better.

His journey was necessary because he still hadn’t completely gotten closure about Jessica’s death and their marriage, and now he has. Now he’s definitely ready to move on.

Mimi: Wyatt has a loooong way to go to win Lucy back. First off, Jessica needs to die and her fake baby story too. There is no Lyatt if she exists. It doesn’t matter if Wyatt loves Lucy, he will still want that baby. That’s why all of it needs to be reworked in the writers room this summer, it was a bad idea and they need to fix it. Call Shonda Rhimes, she is good at that stuff. Their journey this season started off beautifully but ended horribly. What can I say? The “Lyatt of it all” proved to be a ruse and I’m still pissy about it. They had no journey together? They were apart for most of the season. Thru no fault of Lucy’s. If anyone had a journey it was Lucy and her growth as a strong independent woman. Wyatt was a dumbass from end of episode 3 until the last 2 minutes of episode 10. Hopefully he gets his shit together, based on future Wyatt it seems as though he does.

Stephanie: When I realized they were going all in for Hollywoodland, my internal alarm bells went off. You don’t get an episode like that, with so much focus on a happy couple, without something really bad happening. There are a lot of things I wish Wyatt had done differently. Most of all, I wish he had talked to Lucy before running off to search for his formerly dead wife. With Lucy’s help at the BEGINNING of all of this, he may not have fumbled this all so horribly. Of course, it is not her responsibility to save him from thinking too hard, but I think we all know he’s a better version of himself with Lucy.  The biggest mistake he made was risking the security of his team by bringing Jessica to the bunker. I don’t fault him for wanting to spend time with Jessica, or to prove his worth, or that he was a changed man. I don’t fault him for wanting to believe the best of her. I fault him for being so stubborn that, even when he questioned her, he never really stopped to put the pieces together. He was selfish, he was jealous, he was a big dumb pine tree for most of the season, BUT I have not lost hope for our dear Wyatt. He dug a pretty deep hole with everyone, but I believe the Wyatt we grew to love for 19 episodes is still in there and can find his way out. Future Wyatt and Lucy are proof that they claw their way out somehow and most likely they do it together. I don’t want Lucy to forgive him too quickly, but I also don’t want to see another Logan Guilt Spiral. He needs to recognize his many mistakes, atone for his many sins and do better every day of season 3 and beyond.

Funmbi: I just think about Wyatt in “Darlington 500” and “Hollywoodland”–he’s fanboying, as well as sharing his past pain with Lucy and Rufus. Wyatt is so unburdened in those episodes. And then Jessica returns and sends Wyatt flailing through the rest of the reason, unable to recover his earlier peace of mind. It’s so frustrating to watch, especially because Wyatt *knew* something was up with Jessica. The signs were so obvious. Yet, over and over again, we watch Wyatt push his instincts aside for the sake of the relationship with Jessica he wishes he could get back. But like Lucy says to Flynn, if Rittenhouse brought back his wife and daughter or Amy, neither of them would ask questions either *SIGH* But at least Wyatt now acknowledges he botched his relationship with Lucy and that he loves her. But since Wyatt believes Jessica to be pregnant (I don’t believe her, but whatever), she still has a hold on him, one that Rittenhouse will totally manipulate. So the complexity continues.


Lucy’s journey during the run of this show has taken her from someone who wouldn’t even conceive of changing history to someone willing to do whatever it takes. What do you think about her journey? Share your feels.

Lizzie: Lucy is, in many ways, the least relatable character in this show, because, at times, she’s been just …too perfect. She’s endlessly selfless and noble and kind and just …FEEL, WOMAN, FEEL. But the same things that make her hard to relate to sometimes make her such a great role model. She is, not what we are, but sometimes, what we want to be. Her journey, I think, has been about letting go of control, about accepting that sometimes you have to fuck up history and you have to do a lot of things for a greater good – so in a way, her journey has been about becoming more human and less …Lucy? And, yet, somehow, for me, she’s now an even bigger role model. Maybe because she’s more real.

Lyra: Lucy’s journey feels like the shift we all go through from adolescence to adulthood; the one where we realize that the world isn’t rainbows and kittens and that there are real life ramifications to the choices we make. It’s a loss of innocence and something ultimately heartbreaking. Lucy will never have that same wonder and joy that she did the first time we see her. She’s harder, more weathered, and the survivor she never thought she’d be. I’m proud of her for her adaptability, her strength, and her perseverance to keep her little family together. Lucy Preston is not going to give up. Not now. Not ever.

Lacey: Marta hit the nail on the head! Love has always been a driving force in Lucy’s life and it is one of the most beautiful things about her and this show. She loves with everything she has and gives her entire heart and soul in everything she does. She finds strength in hard times and rise above. Lucy has always been a beacon of strength and hope for her team and this season was no different. Especially with everything that happened with Wyatt, she still stayed strong and true to who she was. She truly is an extraordinary role model and I love watching her grow each episode.

Marta: Everything that Lyra said, but, also, the beautiful thing about Lucy’s development is that everything she does is motivated by love. In the first season, it was her love for history and for her sister what kept her going, and in this season it’s her devotion to her new family –the team– what makes her stronger. She’s loosened up but she’s also become a little bit more reckless because of it, and seeing her grow into this rather imperfect woman is a blessing. She’s rougher around the edges, she’s tougher and she has learned to handle a gun, but there’s still so many moments of vulnerability, of goodness in her, of trying her best to do the right thing. And she still tries to see the best in people, no matter what. Especially with Flynn this season –she’s the first one to really trust him. Even with Jessica. Hell, even with Wyatt, who hasn’t been on his best behavior. The idea that she can be strong and yet not as cynical as her life could’ve made her become is such an interesting balance. What a great lead for a show, truly.

Mimi: Lucy’s journey went from having everything to lose, to having nothing to lose, and that is what changed for her. Lucy has nothing now, everything has been taken away from her. Wyatt ripped her heart out, then her mama. What does she have left? Amy is not coming back anytime soon and even if she did where would she fit into the storyline? Lucy is alone right now and so she is learning to lean into that but she has had it the worst out of all the characters this season.  Her mother was the queen of RH and her grandfather the king, so changing history to stop RH really doesn’t seem like a bad choice now. I want to see Lucy happy again, we got to see it briefly in Hollywood, but it was snatched away from her as quickly as it came. RH wanted to break her and they did, what they didn’t count on was her fighting back. I think she would still like to preserve history as much as she can but she is less concerned with keeping it just as it was. I think in order for Lucy to become the future one we saw, all of this had to happen. This road she is on leads her to becoming her future badass self.

Stephanie: Marta really nailed it with her answer – Lucy has somehow learned how to be strong without becoming cynical. The parallel between the soldier she shot in the first episode and the times she pulled the trigger to shoot Emma nicely bookends where she went this season. She pulled the trigger the first time because she felt hopeless and had to survive long enough to complete her mission.  She pulled the trigger on Emma after hunting her down because she was angry, vengeful and finally ready to fight on Emma’s level. Yet, even while appreciating her journey, the thing I love about Lucy is that she lost everything but still held on to the belief that Jessica’s return was a miracle. We all know it wasn’t, it was yet another ploy by Rittenhouse to turn her to their side. Even knowing that, she still defended Wyatt to the team, because she understood that feeling of hope against the odds and logic. All season long, and again in the finale, while aching inside, she pressed forward and did what needed to be done to save her team and bring them home. Everything else may fall apart around her but through all of the losses, she has found a pretty deep well of strength that has pushed her forward no matter what.  What powers her, and lets her tap into that strength that she never believed she had? Lucy has an unshakeable confidence that her mom is wrong. Rittenhouse is wrong. There are many things that have made her hesitate, that have made her question herself, but not even their attempts to manipulate her into thinking her team was dead made her question her path to end Rittenhouse. This season has also exposed a few weaknesses. She is noble to a painful degree. She told Wyatt how he should feel as a barrier to protect herself. It’s completely understandable, and I was glad she set clear boundaries with him. In retrospect, she also cut off the one person who could have saved Wyatt from himself and his own shortsightedness because she knows him best. I love Lucy because, at the end of the day, this is her story. She is our hero. Yes, they are all heroes, but she is the center. She is a hero I am proud to love and I can’t wait to see her transformation into Lara Croft Lucy.  

Funmbi: I think of Lucy at the end of “Chinatown” in her confrontation with Emma: “What do you do to someone who has taken everyone that you love?!”

After Emma beats her up and she’s sobbing in Flynn’s arms, you can just see that Lucy is way past her limit. And truly, the pain she has endured this season, in this finale episode, is overwhelming. But Lucy is still standing. She’s still kind and empathetic, evidenced by her last conversation with Wyatt. And I think Lucy has gotten to the point where to protect those she loves and take down Rittenhouse and Emma, it has to be by any means necessary, including changing history. Yes, I can totally see how Lucy becomes the Future Lucy (apparently Lara Croft Lucy) to write that journal and go back in time to give it to Flynn. And, at this point, I’m 100% with Lucy, Present AND Future!


Flynn’s season 2 journey was about humanizing him and making us relate to him. Did it work? How are your Flynn feels?

Lizzie: It worked. Not in a OMG I trust him 100% with the life of my faves, or even in a OMG I’m having arm and fuzzy feelings every time he talks to Lucy way, but in a I find this character really interesting, I want more from him and I’m ready to explore the different dynamics within the team and what he adds to them. And considering what he did in Season 1, that’s a hell of a leap for me.

Lyra: I didn’t want it to. I really held back. But Flynn and his damn turtleneck sweaters seduced me with their defined arms and snarky comebacks. What can I say, I’m a sucker for a sassy person. My kryptonite. And Timeless knew itttt! For me, it’s the ultimate way to humanize someone. Butttttt, the missing key to all of this development and humanizing of Flynn, is that he hasn’t asked for forgiveness for the things he’s done. Where is the regret? I see the change in his actions around the Time Team. And it’s a start and that counts. But to solidify it all, I need to see the regret for his actions.

Charles: I compare Flynn to what Spike was in season 5 of Buffy. He’s helping the good guys but he’s not quite a good guy yet. But he is getting there. Flynn was a ray of sunshine whenever Wyatt’s dumbness clouded the day. His quips and sass was a highlight of the season to me once he arrived to the bunker. Goran does such a masterful job of getting you to be charmed by Flynn even when he says the worst things.  I really enjoyed him being a part of the team on missions and also the one member not afraid to point out things like if Jessica was actually pregnant. Also I’m very interested in what happens next for him and Lucy, whatever that may be.

Lacey: Can he just go away already? I still don’t trust him or anything he says. He tried to kill, kill Lucy and the Time Team last season MORE THAN ONCE. He’s like Big Jim from Under the Dome. He’s someone you’d rather work WITH than against. The old adage of “keep your friends close and your enemies closer” has never been more true when it comes to Flynn. I still don’t believe the story he told Lucy of how he got the journal. And it’s going to take a lot more than a couple of good deeds and actions for me to believe that he’s a good man. #sorrynotsorry

Marta: I love Flynn. I love that he’s the voice of reason most of the times. I love that he’s really trying his best to be better. And I love the dynamics that he brings to the table. Watching him interact with a reluctant Rufus or with a –dare I say it– hateful Wyatt was so refreshing and unique, and it provided for some of the best comedic scenes this show has had.

I think he still has a long way to go, and he still has to grow and change into someone better –we can’t act like everything he did in season one was nothing. But I believe he’s on the right track, and his friendship with Lucy will help him incredibly in his path towards redemption.

Plus, Lizzie and I share this secret theory about him actually being related to Lucy somehow. Long lost siblings, anyone?

Mimi: I liked Flynn this season, even though he tried to kill them all last season. Ha! He was the voice of reason (sorta) for the team and he loves or is quite fond of Lucy so he tried to protect her all season, while Wyatt was being a dumbass, with his Jessica nonsense. I think Flynn is an asset to the team, and he deserves to get his family back. I’m all about Flufus they make a great team too. I do agree with Lyra a little, Flynn has shown no remorse for his actions YET, maybe that’s the path he will take next season? It’s coming I think/hope. But for now, Flynn can stay!

Stephanie: I have learned to tolerate Flynn.  I was glad to see him support Lucy when she needed a friend. I can appreciate his sassiness and his snark, especially when it is aimed at Wyatt and his unfair behaviour towards Lucy.  I still don’t completely trust him. He did so many things to the members of the time team in season 1 that I just can’t forgive and forget so easily. Knowing that he was right to focus on Rittenhouse doesn’t absolve him of all of his sins. They may have humanized him to some degree, but that isn’t enough to make me trust him. I know parts of him, I know he is lonely, focused and grieving, but I need to know more before I can trust him.  On some level, I feel like he is probably biding his time until he has an opening to complete his mission and save his family. For example, I have a feeling, once they realize Emma is in charge and has taken out the prior leadership of Rittenhouse, his loyalty to the team will be tested. He is definitely loyal to Lucy and has developed a bond with Rufus, but beyond that, I’m not feeling too confident in his devotion to his new team.

Funmbi: I still don’t trust Flynn as far as I can throw him. With that said, the fact that Flynn would throw the Time Team under the bus in order get his family back doesn’t annoy me the way it used to. I think of Flynn’s conversation with Agent Christopher where he describes how important it is to seize every single moment with family. I was really moved and inspired. And interestingly, it seems that Flynn’s feelings are extending to Lucy. I still don’t know if I see the potential for romance between these two, but I know that Flynn is starting to care very deeply for Lucy. I’m still wrestling to figure out how to put all these pieces together, because Flynn is still hella problematic. But I like learning more about him.

Agree? Disagree? Have any more Timeless feels? Share with us in the comments below!

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