‘Blindspot’ 3×22 Review: “In memory “

Blindspot season is over! But before we get sentimental thinking about the hellatus that awaits us, there are many things to comment on the season finale. Last week’s episode already prepared us for what was going to be a rollercoaster of emotions. And in “In Memory” everything that was promised was fulfilled. The characters have made an incredible emotional journey. Some have finished their evolution and others have just started a new direction. In any case, this episode changes everything leaving us with honey on the lips waiting for more. There is much to comment! Here we go!


We finally know why Roman was so determined to kill Crawford! There had to be a personal reason because, unfortunately, there are many people like him. And the reason is that Crawford was the owner of the orphanage that was taken to him and to Jane as a child. All of Roman’s life has been conditioned by that orphanage and by Crawford. That monster doesn’t stop surprising me.

And it has had an end according to him. Although I have to admit that he was sincere in confessing to Roman that he knew all the details of that orphanage. And I’m tremendously proud of Roman for choosing the light that meant coming back with Blake and not killing him in cold blood. But Crawford was not going to get caught, he forced Jane to shoot him. And, finally, a monster like that can no longer hurt anyone else.

BLINDSPOT — “Deductions” Episode 315 — Pictured: David Morse as Hank Crawford — (Photo by: David Giesbrecht/NBC)

It has been an end that has done justice to the character. As he himself said “he doesn’t run” and he hasn’t. They have known how to lead us throughout the episode until that moment, although it has not been the climax of the episode, demonstrating that Crawford was only the means to an end. The medium they have used for the emotional journey of the characters, especially Roman, this season. Because Crawford was the antagonist but the real protagonist of all that plot was Roman, and this has been proven in this episode.

The emotion has been present at all times and the situations that have lived have taken the characters to the limit, some, like Roman, have realized what it was like to be in the light, they have touched it with their fingers and others have been entered into the deepest darkness. It has been a very intense episode in every way.


They break our hearts with this couple. Everything has started so well, waking up together. It has been like a dream long longed for. But reality has presented itself, breaking that dream into a thousand pieces. Tasha has again rejected Reade and made he relive his greatest fear. She has been so unfair to him.

Reade had found Megan a refuge and Tasha, when he was about to get married, confessed her feelings at last, putting the world of Reade upside down … only to reject him again and leave it more shattered than before.

I understand the emotional situation that Tasha is in and the fear she has of losing Reade as a friend. Because if she loses his friendship, she loses everything, it’s the only thing she has left. And being with him in a romantic way, there is a risk that something goes wrong and they lose each other as friends. Tasha is terrified that this will happen and she lets her fear control her in every way. She is brave but this time she is behaving by letting herself be carried away by her fear and not fighting for her work and what she has with Reade.

BLINDSPOT — “Artful Dodge” Episode 316 — Pictured: Audrey Esparza as Tasha Zapata — (Photo by: David Giesbrecht/NBC/Warner Bros)

But then, due to that fear that paralyzes her and makes her recoil with respect to Reade, I don’t understand her later decisions with Blake – which we will talk about later – because when Reade finds out, then she will have lost him. And, honestly, I’m so disappointed in Tasha that I think, right now, she doesn’t deserve Reade. I ship Rapata but right now, Reade deserves somebody better than Tasha we are seeing. I hope she comes back to her senses and fight for him.


My poor baby! I didn’t want it to end like this, it has given me so much pain … I wanted him to continue another year, to be redeemed, to get what he always wanted … but he has ended up dead by the hand of Blake.

The whole episode has been an ode to Roman’s emotional journey. At first it was confusing for me because he was clearly going for Crawford when he had decided not to do it but then I understood everything. The reason he was going for Crawford was personal and he just considered leaving it aside because he loves Blake … but he would be betraying himself. He needed to close that chapter of his life to start a new life. The problem is that you can’t start a new life under lies. And Crawford takes advantage of Roman’s desperate desire to just be with Blake.

That is the reason why it offers him just that. Leave him there, so that whatever happened had to happen, and that Roman left with Blake. He takes advantage of that love that Roman professes to her when he knows that if Blake discovers the truth she will never accept to be with him again. But I’m really proud of Roman for choosing that option and going with Blake. He could have killed Crawford in cold blood, eliminating his enemy in the most brutal way possible. But he doesn’t.

BLINDSPOT — “Warning Shot” Episode 313 — Pictured: Luke Mitchell as Roman — (Photo by: Barbara Nitke/NBC)

For the first time, Roman chooses light before darkness. Choose a new life before continuing to be who he have always been. Choose to start again. Only he doesn’t have the opportunity. Blake knows everything and ends up stabbing him in a cold way. Saying goodbye. Roman’s look at that moment. I will never forget his look when he had just confessed totally desperate that he loved her and that was the only thing that mattered, that he just wanted a new life with her, a family with her. It’s … heartbreaking.

The moment Roman realizes that Blake has killed him, his expression twists in pain. He looks at her surprised, betrayed but, above all, with a pain so indescribable that only a glance could contain it and he needs to know if everything was an illusion. If he was the only one in love. Blake’s answer is clear: she never met Roman. It’s what I told you on other occasions, Blake loved Tom, he was the one she knew, she doesn’t know Roman. And, now, neither of them exists anymore. Roman’s wound is just the physical manifestation of what happens to his heart. It’s broken, dead. What has really killed Roman have been Blake’s last words. They have destroyed him.

BLINDSPOT — “Balance of Might” Episode 310 — Pictured: (l-r) Tori Anderson as Blake, Luke Mitchell as Roman — (Photo by: Barbara Nitke/NBC)

The last scene of Roman with Jane is significantly precious. The whole scene unfolds in a blinding light, even Jane points it out and is a symbol that Roman has finally found the light in his life, even if it was just to lose it. He apologizes to Jane, for everything, confessing how much he loves her – something that is reciprocal – and that he is sorry for all the damage he has done to her, for all the lost time, for not having enjoyed with her and having been part of her family, of having separated from her. Finally, he accepts that he never hated her, he only focused on that because he didn’t dare to look further and accept that what he really felt is pain.

Roman realizes, finally, that Jane only found that light before him and hugged it to never let it go. But that he was always part of her family. Also, Roman found love for once and knew, thanks to Jane and Blake what it was to be loved unconditionally, without barriers, to be truly loved. The previous season, we were told that Roman couldn’t love anyone beyond his sister. But we have witnessed that it was not like that. Roman loved Blake as he had never loved anyone and, for her, he clung to a blinding light that he had never expected to feel.

And, in his last moments, even though Blake had abandoned him, he still clung to that light because he wasn’t going to ever leave it anymore. It was a light that he himself had, though hidden, Blake helped him find it and cultivate it until it shone by itself. That light shone even more at the time of Roman’s death.



OMG, Jane! It has all been a roller coaster with her. Her headaches caused her to faint but she thought she was pregnant. I was happy about that possibility … but it hasn’t been like that. The emotional journey she has made reviving her memories of the orphanage, with Roman … her past, her identity has not helped at all. When she fainted in the end I already knew that we didn’t expect anything good. Roman also had those headaches and the only thing that bound them together was the memory loss drug.

When they give the news to Kurt, it is like the chronicle of a death announced. Jane has “died” and who wakes up in the hospital is Remi. She remembers nothing and is an authentic believer in Sherperd. When the team tucks her up as a family and they take her to see Kurt she just feigns concern. And that smile when remembering her mission as Remi says it all. It’s a malevolent smile, a smile we had never seen Jane before. Romi intends to carry out her mission and separate them all. Now, she is her most bitter enemy. But I refuse to let this be so.

BLINDSPOT — “In Memory” Episode 322 — Pictured: Jaimie Alexander as Jane Doe — (Photo by: David Giesbrecht/NBC/Warner Bros)

It’s like going back in time where Jane was no more than an enemy, even if she was not aware of it. Now it is. And I have to say that I don’t like that always bothers Jeller a little in the season finale. In the first season, Kurt arrested Jane and didn’t consider her more than his enemy, in the second, they met again having to start their marriage from scratch. And now Jane is not anywhere. I’m aware that this brings many possibilities for season 4 but they like to make us suffer!

I refuse to let Romi be the only thing that remains for most of next season. It is clear that little by little she will be remembering her true life as Jane, the love she feels for Kurt and that will make Remi become part of her past. Although that duality will be much explored in season 4. But my question is, when Jane returns, will it be too late? I hope not and that both Avery and Kurt and the rest of the team realize what is happening to her and help her remember who she really is, the life she has chosen.

Tasha and Blake

Tasha has surprised me. The character has taken a turn that I don’t like. It has hurt me that he has rejected Reade although I understood her fear but this with Blake … I can’t understand it. She not only confesses the truth to Blake but also allies with her and was willing to kill Roman with her own hands. Why? I am left with my mouth open. I don’t understand what she wants to do with Blake because that “build a new world” and “fix things” is exactly what Shepherd and Crawford said.

It’s that this has left me speechless. I didn’t expect this turn of Tasha and now I feel … I feel I don’t recognize her. Zapata has never feared twisting or breaking the rules for someone she loved but has always been a good person. There was no doubt about it. Now, I have doubts. I think she’s encouraged Blake to kill Roman and the way she was willing to do it, how she wanted to do it herself, that cold look on her face, that inert expression … it’s not the Tasha we know.

Besides, what has happened with Roman has broken my heart. Yes, I know that Roman has committed many crimes but I can’t help but feel that Blake, along with Tasha, has taken away the opportunity to redeem himself, to finally get what he had always wanted. I can’t help but feel that Roman has been taken away from the only thing he had left. And that Tasha has betrayed Jane.

BLINDSPOT — “Let it Go” Episode 320 — Pictured: Audrey Esparza as Tasha Zapata — (Photo by: Barbara Nitke/NBC/Warner Brothers)

Blake didn’t know Jane, she was nothing to her but for Tasha, Jane was her friend. And she helps to kill her brother. A brother who had done a lot of damage to everyone but who she loved. A different situation would have been if Roman had attacked Tasha and she had no choice but to shoot. But the way in which everything has happened has been … in cold blood. And the worst part is that none of them has remorse about it.

Blake and Tasha have betrayed their own principles by doing so but Tasha has also betrayed her friends and her team. Tasha has changed because the person we met had never done that. She would have arrested Roman, she would have even recruited him to the CIA but she had not planned his murder so coldly.

Tasha has disappointed me again. I understand that she’s in a low emotional situation. But she herself has put the last nail to the coffin by break up with Reade and not fighting for what they have and for her career. And now that fear that she felt about losing Reade … with these decisions goes right there. If she is so afraid of losing him, why is she doing this? She should have fought for her life as she has always done. Hide and plan with Blake who knows what isn’t the solution. I hope that in the next season Tasha will be herself again … and I hope it’s not too late when that happens.

As for Blake, I would have liked her reaction to knowing the truth. Because that way I could have understood much more her turn to darkness. Finding out that your whole life is a lie must have been hard. Not only her father and her businesses were linked to terrorist activities but her boyfriend, whom she loved and who thought was the only person she could trust, was also just a lie. It only remains to use her. Her heart, as is understandable, has been filled with pain, anger … and the easiest thing to feel: hate. It is the easiest to feel because it is only on the surface, it is the first thing that appears even if you don’t really feel it in your heart … and if you look under that surface, pain is the protagonist.

BLINDSPOT — “Warning Shot” Episode 313 — Pictured: Tori Anderson as Blake — (Photo by: Barbara Nitke/NBC)

In a sense, it’s the same a Roman felt about Jane. When he thought she had abandoned him, he clung to his anger and to a supposed hatred when in fact what he felt was a deep and lacerating pain that didn’t let him breathe.

Tasha was there when Blake had felt all that and, although we have not seen it, her cold look has been enough to imagine that she has fed that hatred as much as she could. Don’t get me wrong, Blake is the one who killed Roman and that crime is in her, but I think Tasha has been an incentive for that to happen.

What Blake has done will torment her sooner or later. She is not a murderer and, although in her head she has killed Roman, not Tom, they are really the same person. I think her desolate, disillusioned, supplicating, regretful and resigned look will torment her more than she can realize right now. She has crossed a line that she can’t undo. She is not like that and I think that the weight of what she has done is going to kill her in life.

It is what happens with remorse. Our own brain tortures us in such a way that we only want to go back in time even if we can’t do it. It is the greatest punishment. And I think Blake will live it in her flesh. What has happened will not let her live with herself.

It’s so sad that it’s all over like that … that when Roman finally found someone to love everything has ended like this. I have tears in my eyes.


Our couple, like every season finale, has ended in a complicated point. At first everything was happiness. Jane was worried about Kurt’s reaction to her possible pregnancy … but she had nothing to worry about. What Kurt wants most is to have a child with her, to complete their family with a fruit of love that they both feel for each other. Kurt’s radiant smile that illuminated the entire room, those bright eyes and that emotion in his voice speak for themselves. He just wanted to kiss her and hug her without letting her go. Kurt and Jane were the image of the purest happiness. It has been beautiful!

Later, Kurt has been worried about Jane all the time. He knows that in spite of everything, Roman was her brother and knowing that she has lost him is a hard blow for her. He has only let her know that he is there if she needs it, that he will always be by her side and that she will never be alone. Just showing her that he loves her.

BLINDSPOT — “In Memory” Episode 322 — Pictured: (l-r) Sullivan Stapleton as Kurt Weller, Jaimie Alexander as Jane Doe — (Photo by: Barbara Nitke/NBC/Warner Bros.)

But in the end everything goes wrong, Jane disappears and Remi wakes up in that hospital bed. Kurt is in his own room fighting for his life – my baby! Nothing can happen to him – but the person next to him, Remi, doesn’t care about him. She will pretend to love him until she remembers that she really loves him but, until then, everything will be a farce on her part and I can only imagine how Kurt will feel when he finds out. It will be a difficult situation because Jane will not be the one pretending to love him but Remi but, in reality, they are the same person. This leaves Jeller in a complex situation. Of course, they will get over it, but I think many curves come in Season 4.


In conclusion, this season finale has been up to the season they have offered us. They have perfectly shaped the emotional journey of both Jane and Roman, especially him. And all the characters have had an evolution, sometimes finding the light, even at the end and other times entering a darkness that will be very difficult to leave.

Of course, they have not left anyone different with this ending. And that’s because they have risked enough to introduce changes in the personalities of characters like Tasha or Blake, even the protagonist, Jane. Leaving everything, again, in the air when it seemed all too calm.

They have waited at the last minute to let go of the bomb and leave everything upside down in the face of season 4. Flying through the air the very foundations of the protagonists. Doing, in some way, a reboot, a rewind in time without really retreating in it. An intelligent but risky movement that leaves us wanting more for the next season.

Agree? Disagree? Don’t hesitate to share your opinion with us in the comments below! We’ll be back next fall with the season premier 4×01. I wanted to thank you for joining me every week in the reviews. You’re awesome! It has been a pleasure to discuss with you everything that our favorite show makes us feel and to enter into a wonderful fandom. I’m waiting for you this fall! Meanwhile, we will be reading often and I wish you all a happy summer!

Blindspot returns this fall on Fridays at 8 / 7c on NBC.

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