Welcome back, blindspotters! The return of our favorite series with “Check your Ed” has made the ties that unite the past, the present and the future cross more than ever. This episode has shown us how Jane has confronted all her demons and fears and conquered them. Let’s talk aboutRead More →


Blindspot returned after two weeks with “Case: Sun, Moon and the Truth,” which introduced us fully into the emotional conflicts of the characters, especially when it comes to Jeller, an important focus in this episode. In addition, we discovered important things that mark what is going to happen in theRead More →

We’re back one more week, blindspotters! “Sous-vide” shows us that the emotional conflicts of the characters are close to the surface. Suspicions and secrets are the protagonists. This changes the dynamics of the game we have seen so far. Let’s talk about everything! Here we go! CASE OF THE WEEKRead More →

Blindspot has returned after a week with “The Quantico Affair,” which is really an episode that moves the plot. The main storylines have advanced, making the board change. In addition, new and interesting stories have just begun. At the same time, the emotional conflicts of the characters have been closeRead More →

One more week, Blindspot surprises us with an episode full of clues for what awaits us in the future. “My art project” is a cocktail of action, humor and tension. Things move on all fronts, placing the pieces of the puzzle right where they should be before it all explodes.Read More →

Welcome back blindspotters! It’s wonderful to be back every week to discuss everything with you because … our favorite show has come back! And it has done so in the best possible way. “Hella Duplicitous” deals with the consequences of the season finale and opens up new and interesting fronts.Read More →

The new season of TV is coming! And, with it, season four of our favorite show is very close. After a summer of drought, lately – and we give thanks for that – they keep coming out with Blindspot news and here we have a compilation of all of them. ThereRead More →

The summer is almost over, blindspotters, and while that depresses us, the good news is that season 4 of our favorite show is getting closer! With the date approaching, we figured it was time to talk about everything we want the new season to give us. Here we go! Romi AlthoughRead More →

Time flies, blindspotters, Blindspot season 4 is coming! We miss the stories of our protagonists and we can only console ourselves by watching all the seasons broadcast in a loop. Each scene has its own magic, its own soundtrack. There are songs that inevitably remind us of certain moments livedRead More →

With the passing of days, the new season of our favorite series is approaching and we already have several news of Blindspot season 4! We have the news of a new cast that joins the team and also some interesting spoilers about episode 4×02. Here we go! Thanks to TvLineRead More →

Season 3 of Blindspot ended last Friday, but we didn’t stop Blindspotters! Here we are again to inform you of the latest news. There is already news of the official DVD of Blindspot season 3 and also new information about season 4 and one of the plots that opened oneRead More →

Blindspot season is over! But before we get sentimental thinking about the hellatus that awaits us, there are many things to comment on the season finale. Last week’s episode already prepared us for what was going to be a rollercoaster of emotions. And in “In Memory” everything that was promisedRead More →

There are only a few hours left to enjoy a new Blindspot episode! And not any episode,  but the season finale. There is nothing left, but to liven up the wait, here are all the 3×22 sneak peeks, promotional photos, synopsis and new information about Jane’s so strange headaches. HereRead More →

Blindspot is back one more week! This episode leaves the board ready for what awaits us next week. This is over, blindspotters, but not forever, as you know, Blindspot has renewed for a season 4! But the truth is that this season is coming to an end and in “Defection”Read More →

After enjoying a new Blindspot episode, it’s time to breathe and get some air for the next one. As an appetizer of what awaits us, here are the promotional photos and the synopsis of episode 3×21 that promises many surprises. Here we go! PROMOTIONAL PHOTOS In these pictures we canRead More →

YES! This isn’t a simulation, Blindspotters! BLINDSPOT HAS BEEN RENEWED FOR SEASON 4! Everyone scream: YEAHHH! HAPPY DANCE! SOURCE Once my emotions have calmed down a bit, it’s time to confess why I’m so happy. I firmly believed that this series deserved a new season so that it would captivateRead More →

We have enjoyed a new Blindspot episode! And the truth is that this final stretch is very intense. The feelings are always on the surface, especially in “Let it go,” where we have lived an emotional journey with all the characters, that has ended in decisions that change everything. There isRead More →

There are only a few hours left to enjoy a new Blindspot episode! There is nothing left, but to liven up the wait, here are all the 3×20 sneak peeks and new information about Roman and Blake and Tasha and Reade. Here we go! SNEAK PEEKS Here are the twoRead More →