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Time flies, blindspotters, Blindspot season 4 is coming! We miss the stories of our protagonists and we can only console ourselves by watching all the seasons broadcast in a loop. Each scene has its own magic, its own soundtrack. There are songs that inevitably remind us of certain moments lived in the episodes, does it happen to you? Here is a list of the 10 songs that remind us of Blindspot. Here we go!

“Roar” – Katy Perry


This song speaks of rebelling against the established, of being heard, of raising your voice and thinking for yourself. This makes me think of several characters, among them, Roman, Jane, Tasha and Reade. All were brave and came out of the deep well in which at some point in their lives they have been. Roman and Jane had to overcome Shepherd and Sandstorm, Tasha her addiction to the game and Reade his addition to the drugs and sexual abuse he suffered as a child. Everyone had to find their voice in the middle of the chaos, to scream, to roar like a lion to survive and get ahead.

“Radioactive” – ​​Image Dragons


Unlike the previous one, the song of Image Dragons is darker. It tells us the awakening to a new era, to take command to change things, to be … radioactive. It inevitably reminds me of Shepherd’s way of thinking, which in turn inculcated Roman, Remi, Borden and all her followers, just as Crawford did. They had in mind the creation of a new era, no matter how they got it, they wanted to go to war and die trying if needed. Even Blake and Tasha, after the last dark turns in their personality, can fit in here. All of them have changed throughout their lives making decisions that have taken them to a dark side.

“Please forgive me” – Bryan Adams


It’s a beautiful song, a plea for forgiveness. I can only think of Jeller when I listen to it. They have had to forgive each other so many times that Bryan Adams’ song reflects them perfectly. Throughout their relationship they have had ups and downs, they have never stopped loving but they have had to “beg” forgiveness on several occasions. Only in the hope that the loved one would let them return to their side, to their…home.

“Broken Hearted Girl” – Beyonce


A broken heart is what this poetic Beyoncé song summarizes. “You broke my heart … but you’re the only one.” I couldn’t stop listening to this song when Jane discovered what had happened in Berlin. And also in each broken look of Tasha to see Reade happy next to Megan. They broke my heart too. And yours?

“Try” – Pink


Try it even though you’re going to burn. That is the message of this song. I think it’s ideal for Rapata, since both have been afraid to try it out of panic at rejection or something going wrong. Something similar to what happened with Patterson after Borden. She felt that she couldn’t trust anyone … and she didn’t dare to do it. Blake and Roman are another couple that I think this song reflects perfectly. Both discovered a love as intense as deep, without waiting for it … they burned.

“Hellium” – Sia


Who helps you get up when you have fallen or you feel lost? This is what the song talks about. It’s perfect for Jeller, Rapata and also for Blake and Roman. At some point in their lives they have felt caged, unable to escape, lost, confused, strangers in their own skin … but it has been their twin souls who have helped them out of that state, who “have elevated them as the helium”. So beautiful!

“Angels” – Robbie Williams


“She offers me protection … love and affection”, does it remind you of someone? To me to Blake and Roman, she gave him that love, that affection, that protection, that family that he had been looking for for so long, that he wanted so much and that he never thought he would find. He found everything at the most unexpected moment. “I will love the angels” says another verse of the song, as a prophecy of Roman’s truncated destiny.

Girls (Who Run the World) – Beyoncé


Girl power! Badass women who run the world! All the girls in our show identify with this song. Strong, courageous women, who face life with enormous courage. They look at the face of the world and save themselves, they have their own voice, they run the world!

“Stand by me” – Ben E King


The fear that we all have to the future is less if we have someone at our side who supports us. That’s what this song tells us, the support, being there for the people we love. Talk about love, friendship, brotherhood. All the characters in the series come to mind when I listen to it, they support themselves no matter what, they always have someone they love at their side to overcome all the tests that life puts on them.

“Journey to the past” – Anastasia


A song that speaks of the past, of a lost childhood, of a home not remembered … but also tells us a story about the future, about finding that place to call home, your own life and your own way. It’s impossible not to imagine the story of Avery, Jane and Roman when we heard this song. The three lost their family, their home, their life as they knew it … but in the end they found their future and their own way, they found themselves at home.

What songs remind you of Blindspot? Would you add any more to this list? Don’t hesitate to share your opinion with us in the comments below!

Season 4 of Blindspot kicks off Friday, Oct. 12, at 8/7c on NBC.

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