‘Blindspot’: “Naughty Monkey Kicks At Tree” Sneak Peeks

There are only a few hours left to enjoy a new episode of our favorite show! As an appetizer, here are the sneak peeks from episode 4×05, entitled “Naughty Monkey Kicks At Tree.

Here we go!


In the first advance we know that Patterson has found a possible cure for Remi. But it is experimental, and she must be compatible. I think it’s very important that Kurt tells Patterson to “make her compatible.” He doesn’t care what has to happen, she has to do it because she has to be cured, there is no other option, he can’t think of the possibility that she won’t be.

We also see that he has not neglected Jane’s meeting with that mysterious woman, and asks Patterson to investigate. She, of course, realizes that something is happening. Kurt’s answer to is clarifying. First he says no, and after that he hopes no. Here he shows his doubts, the same doubts that he would like to not have, but he has anyway … and he only hopes that he is not right.

In the second preview, we find Jane again! Remi has the short hair we associate with Jane. What does this mean? We also see the team in full investigation of a new tattoo and that leads them to have to call old acquaintances (Keaton). What trick will Keaton have prepared this time?

The third advance breaks my heart. Tasha is the one in charge of trying to extract information from Reade as a last attempt to save him from torture, but he … simply doesn’t recognize her. All his doubts, all his fears have come true. Reade no longer trusts her. For him, Tasha has become despicable.

And she confirms it at every step when she tells him that he is not different, that he also has that dark side … she comes to mention the lowest and most complicated moments of his life. Here Tasha takes advantage of Reade’s guilt, of his demons … and turns them against him. That ends up breaking the last bit of confidence that Reade felt towards her. I still think that Zapata only maintains a facade but … can they forgive and overcome all this when the mission is over?

Plus, Rich has a web page! With manifest and everything! I laughed a lot when I saw him in that picture. This episode already promises very good moments of his and, in addition, it seems that his past will serve to help in the case.

Did you like these sneak peeks? Don’t hesitate to share your opinion with us in the comments below!

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