‘Blindspot’ 4×02 Review: “My art project”

One more week, Blindspot surprises us with an episode full of clues for what awaits us in the future. “My art project” is a cocktail of action, humor and tension. Things move on all fronts, placing the pieces of the puzzle right where they should be before it all explodes. Let’s analyze everything!

Here we go!


This week the team has had several fronts open but all converge on points that will explode in their face. We’ve found out a lot about Tasha, while Remi has gone even further into action and has touched our Patterson. She has not hurt her, which is something to keep in mind because she could have killed her … but she has drugged her. And that’s bad enough, no one touch Patterson!

In spite of everything, I always like when they both make things and kick asses together. But now it’s different, Remi is in charge and I think Patterson is not going to take long to find out. And this mission has been the right connector for things to move on that front and the team begins to suspect Remi.

In addition, as we mentioned, the research has given us many new details about Tasha and her strange behavior that have helped us clarify her story a little more this year.


Ritch (and Boston)

It’s been really fun to see these two together! They are soulmates and I have wanted to get on the screen and force them to kiss at once, because they are wanting it and so are we!

Ritch just wanted to bring him on board so he could see him again, talk to him and get closer … but everything goes wrong. Boston is wonderful, so much that it competes with Ritch, everyone compares them … and Ritch loses. The truth is that Boston is charming … and a serious threat to Ritch.

So both begin to compete to see who is better while they solve the case. But there is a clear difference between the two. While Ritch at the end apologizes for his behavior, recognizing that perhaps he went too far – although it has been worthwhile for the scenes they given us – Boston is just the opposite. Ritch really loves him, out of any joke or competitiveness he just wanted to … see him. And he doesn’t want anything else to cloud their relationship or what they might have.

BLINDSPOT — “My Art Project” Episode 402 — Pictured: (l-r) Ennis Esmer as Rich Dotcom, Josh Dean as Boston Arliss Crab — (Photo by: Scott Gries/NBC/Warner Bros.)

However, Boston jokingly acknowledges that he is serious about Ritch’s work. It was no game, no competition between two geniuses. Boston wants to get the job that Ritch has and that seems petty to me. I love them together but things are the way they are, Ritch would never do that to him. Boston knows perfectly what that job means for Ritch, that new life, to have really friends who would give everything for him.

Boston knows all that and still wants to take it from Ritch. If the situations were reversed, Ritch would never do something like that. It seems somewhat trivial, almost a joke … but it is not. It’s something serious. And Ritch’s face when Boston confesses says it all. He never thought that Boston would do something like that to him, he feels betrayed but beyond that, he can only feel pain and disappointment. Disappointment because Boston is capable of doing something like that and pain because he has realized that if he is capable of that, Boston may not love him as much as Ritch loves him.

All are laughs and fun until this ending … it is something very sad and I hope we get to go deeper into this, and have a happy ending. Ritch deserves it.


She is at a turning point. The darkness that surrounds her threatens to engulf her … and fast. What she has to do for her new boss is really scary. That woman is an authentic psychopath at the level of Crawford, or even beyond. Because he, with his twisted vision of the world, really thought that everything was worth it for his ultimate goal. This woman is simply a murderer without more. And Tasha has realized that following her orders can drag her down too. We have seen doubt in her, incredulity, almost … I have seen her about to refuse but she has done it. And that has finally convinced me: Tasha is a double agent who acts undercover.

There are several clues. Everything points to her acting on her own, but when we are supposed to hesitate between two options and place so much emphasis on one of them … it’s usually because it’s misleading. Keaton has made it clear to Reade that Tasha is not acting on his orders and that the CIA is moving against her. Too clear … again, a very obvious emphasis on a choice of both too early in the game. For me, it’s just misdirection. Although Keaton, for once, seemed sincere, that’s why I think Tasha’s orders come from higher.


BLINDSPOT — “Let it Go” Episode 320 — Pictured: Audrey Esparza as Tasha Zapata — (Photo by: Barbara Nitke/NBC/Warner Brothers)

It’s true that Tasha has shown these doubts … but they are not enough to convince me that they are not misleading us … and those doubts may be because she has realized that her mission will not be as easy to fulfill as she thought.

If I’m right, that would mean that Tasha is still herself and they have a course for her, which makes me happy because I was really disappointed with this character.

Although Zapata must be careful, because mission or not, she is entering a darkness without limits without a light to support her and remind her of why she fights. It’s a very dangerous road. She must be very strong so as not to get lost in it.


With Reade I suffer a lot. The poor guy keeps track of Tasha but the results are not what he expects. He refuses to believe that she has changed so much, betraying everything she believed in and defended. Ritch opens the possibility of her being a double agent … but comes to head when Ritch thinks he has found evidence of her death. Reade refuses to ever believe it. Tasha can’t be dead. She doesn’t.

He can not lose her, he can’t even think about losing her … so he will not believe it. Not until he sees it with his own eyes. Reade is in the phase of denial of anything that doesn’t fit with Tasha. His research on her is making him face uncomfortable truths and his worst fears. It’s like reliving again and again his worst nightmares in a vicious circle that never ends. But denial is something you can’t live in forever … and Reade will soon have to stop doing it. He must decide whether to believe in everything he’s finding out about Tasha … or trust her in spite of everything. What will he decide? Because Tasha is not making it easy …

In addition, all this is done behind the team’s back and they are approaching Tasha’s position with their investigation … so this will also explode in the face of Reade. Soon it will be too much, if it’s not already.

This story, although full of obstacles, is very interesting and decisive for Rapata as a couple.


Remi is getting very nervous … and that makes her make some mistakes. She is rushing and leaving too many clues. The intensity of her hatred and her desire for revenge consume her in such a way that she doesn’t think clearly. Remi is an action girl, she has always been like that. Patience is not one of her virtues, which means that her facade as Jane is cracking a little more each time. Her quick mind is unable to patch the evidence that Jane no longer exists. Or does she?

I find it interesting that Roman, Remi’s conscience, has made her face the fact that although she has the nerve to prepare a lethal cocktail for Kurt she isn’t able to use it. Until now, we had not seen Jane anywhere, not even around Kurt. But she seems to be still there … even though Remi stubbornly refuses to accept that possibility, the acts say more than the words and Remi hesitates in the end what to do with Kurt. If she were as cold-blooded as Remi was she would not doubt, it would be the most practical thing to do. Kurt is suspecting and there isn’t much time left for him to discover it. But Remi is reluctant to do it.

BLINDSPOT — “My Art Project” Episode 402 — Pictured: Jaimie Alexander as Jane Doe — (Photo by: Scott Gries/NBC/Warner Bros.

In fact, it is also an important point that Remi would like by all means not to see Kurt during the missions, to be as far away as possible from him. But … what if it’s because she’s afraid that sharing more moments with him will bring Jane back?

However, I would have loved to see those signs of Jane. I think they should have been there so that Roman’s question had a stronger basis because, as Remi has behaved up to now, there would be no logical reason to doubt her. I think they should have handled things differently. Now, what if this is the moment when Jane reappears thanks to that question from Roman? Then I would like very much to see how they develop it. I will keep my final opinion on this until I see a little more the development of the events.

PS: Jaimie is awesome! She has given Remi a completely differentiated shade of Jane. Even in the expressions, they are harder, less sweet, more determined. And Remi’s cynicism sticks out through her pores, against Jane’s sweetness. Bravo!


These two continue to provoke mixed feelings. I adore them so much together … but each time it is harder for me to put aside the fact that part of all that – Remi – is, from what we have seen so far, false. It hurts me that this is the case … they have gone through so much that they deserve only to be happy, without something threatening their trust in the other. But we’ll get to that.

For the moment, Kurt’s attitude is so sweet. I fall in love more and more. The fierce way in which he was protecting Jane in the mission, just like later when he knew something had gone wrong … that terror that he has felt until the world turned on its axis again … I have melted.

But he is already realizing that with “Jane” something is not well. First he has seen her taking pictures of the investigation and although she has given him a good explanation, that has been worse. “Jane” promised him that if something went wrong, she would tell him and broke her promise. That is something she would not do, which neither of them would do, not after all they have gone through. Kurt feels hurt that she has broken her promise and that she has not had enough confidence to talk to him.

BLINDSPOT — “My Art Project” Episode 402 — Pictured: Sullivan Stapleton as Kurt Weller — (Photo by: Scott Gries/NBC/Warner Bros.)

Remi’s response has been enlightening, suddenly, “Jane” has disappeared and there was only Remi talking to Kurt. Her tone has become accusing, that inflection of the voice … Remi has printed in those words all the rage she has had to pretend not to feel. Kurt has realized that and although Remi has weathered the storm, the gears of Kurt’s head have been set in motion. He knows something is not right. He has begun to suspect … and that leads Remi to have to decide what to do with him … although I think she will not be able to do anything against him, it will be impossible for her. But that will not stop Kurt.

In fact, now he is determined to go to each mission with her and it will be harder for Remi to make her plans. We have to prepare because there are many curves for Jeller … they will overcome them all, of course, but the road will be arduous.


We’ve seen him again! I live for these little moments in which Roman comes back to life. We can almost pretend that the siblings plan  the next steps together, even if it is only in Remi’s head, it helps us. Wonderful character and perfect actor.

Roman is Remi’s consciousness, as the most rational part of it. He’s the analytical and strategic part. Even the one that tells her the things she is not willing to accept for herself – like the doubt of whether she is prepared to kill Kurt. That mixture of evil, mischief and truth that involves the scene every time Roman appears is magnificent.


In conclusion, this episode has been the precursor, the starting point for many things. Our characters are taking paths that will be difficult for them to leave later. Tasha is entering a darker world, Remi is in a limit position and there is not much left for the team to start suspecting her. Reade, for his part, will soon have to stop denying the evidence about Tasha and must decide who or what he believes in.

It has been an episode in which important things have happened that have made us excite for everything that is coming and the truth is that they have not left us any time or desire to take ours eyes off the screen. They have kept us all episode hooked, waiting to know what would happen, completely in tension … and the episode has ended at its peak. What will happen? What will be Remi’s decision? We will discover it next week!

Agree? Disagree? Don’t hesitate to share your opinion with us in the comments below! We’ll be back next week with the 4×03 “The Quantico Affair“. And here’s the promo for the next episode.


Blindspot airs Fridays at 8 / 7c on NBC.

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