‘Blindspot’ 4×01 Review: “Hella Duplicitous”

Welcome back blindspotters! It’s wonderful to be back every week to discuss everything with you because … our favorite show has come back! And it has done so in the best possible way. “Hella Duplicitous” deals with the consequences of the season finale and opens up new and interesting fronts. There are many things to comment! Here we go!


The first step that the team has faced has had them swimming upstream. Romi has been leading them and that has affected them so much that even the team has already begun to notice.

It has been the perfect showcase for what’s going on. There’s no sign of Jane, it’s just Remi and she hates the whole team, she just wants blood and revenge, so she does her best to get it. She hasn’t remembered anything yet … and that means Jane has vanished. But the team isn’t stupid and Remi is getting carried away by that rage and hatred, and has become careless. The team is tracking the clues that she is leaving …. how long will it take them to find out? I think not long, but surely they will refuse to accept it at first but when they do, everything will blow up and Jane will become, again, their enemy, but with many more emotional implications than before.

BLINDSPOT — “Hella Duplicitous” Episode 401 — Pictured: (l-r) Ennis Esmer as Rich Dotcom, Jaimie Alexander as Jane Doe, Ashley Johnson as Patterson, Rob Brown as Edgar Reade, Sullivan Stapleton as Kurt Weller — (Photo by: Virginia Sherwood/NBC/Warner Bros.)

And I have mixed feelings about this. On the one hand, I want everything to explode and Remi to stop pretending but, on the other, I don’t want her to be seen as an enemy again. I know that, for now, everything is a facade, the team, Jeller – and this hurts a lot – the friendship of “Jane” with everyone … but it is such a beautiful facade! A part of me wants to hold on to it as much as possible. What about you?



She is so cold. She has no scruples, really, I love Jane but Remi is the opposite of her, so inhuman. I can’t conceive how she can play with everyone’s feelings, but especially with Kurt’s.

But the truth is that her life is in danger, what’s going on is quite series – she must recover, because Jane has to return, she must – and her reaction has been to deal with it alone, and use that time alone to ‘heal.’

I want to emphasize that the first thing she has done is to isolate herself to be able to accept it … I think that is key in her personality. Since she was little she had to get used to being alone, not having support, someone to love her, to hug her … sometimes we need a hug more than we need to breathe and Remi never had it. That lack of affection, of love, helped mold the unscrupulous person we see. Someone who doesn’t know how to love or what that means. But I’m sure that she will learn it through Jane’s memories, and for her it will be like opening her eyes to a new world.


My poor baby could not stand still. He is a man of action and that to sit while the others go to battle and his wife is dying is not his way. It upsets him, so he has accelerated his recovery.

Knowing what is happening to Jane is killing him, he is there for her, being strong for Jane but the truth is that the world has come crashing upon him when he learned that everything was more serious than they thought. His worst nightmare is about to come true, he can lose her. As he says, he can’t live without her – I melted at that moment – but what he doesn’t know is that he is already doing it, the woman next to him is not Jane, but Remi, and her words and his love is just a way of manipulating him. It’s so sad…

I’ve noticed Kurt’s gaze on Remi when she’s asked to be alone … he’s noticed her behavior, maybe he’s starting to suspect? The truth is that it would be interesting if, from the beginning, he realized that there was something strange going on and that look, of course, gives something to think about.


Poor Reade … it has caused me huge pain to see him calling and leaving messages to Tasha with the hope that he answers, looking for her around half the world to, at least, know that she is well. He loves her and once he decided to take risks he has gone ahead with everything he has, even when Tasha cut him off at once, breaking his heart. Tasha needs to face Reade and he needs to see her too, they should talk and be honest with each other, not wear the mask they wore the last time they spoke. Both deserve more than that.

BLINDSPOT — “Hella Duplicitous” Episode 401 — Pictured: Rob Brown as Edgar Reade — (Photo by: Virginia Sherwood/NBC/Warner Bros.)

Ritch and Patterson

They are so wonderful! Separately they are great but together they are the bomb! It seems that they have a secret again like they did in the previous season … what will it be? I’m looking forward to it!

And Ritch is so me in the middle of the sword fight, really, I would have acted the same.


What a pair! On the one hand, Blake seems not to regret anything and has left behind the sweet, good and kind woman we met, the woman who made Roman love someone and want to change, to become cold and ruthless … to become someone like her father. And Tasha is helping her.

However, her ending has been abrupt … betrayed by someone who seemed to be her only friend, the one who wanted her in front of her father’s vision of the world. Or so it seems … you know that in this series nothing is that easy and simple. We have not seen the body of Blake, it has only been hinted that she had died but with Blindspot that is never enough. So I think we’ll get a surprise with Blake. And I also hope it, because they must show us the consequences for her for everything she has done and is doing.

On the other side is Tasha, who remains unrecognizable. She has cut off all relationship with the team (including Reade) and with her old life. In addition, she doesn’t hesitate to help a murderer in cold blood without blinking. All that has led me to wonder “what are they doing with this character?” Because it seems that since the end of the previous season they have no more direction with it other than to sink it. Then I remembered what the cast said in NYCC and, as always, maybe not everything is as it seems and Tasha is a double agent, undercover. That would explain, in part, her attitude.

And I say partly because that’s no excuse not to talk to anyone, not even Reade. I think that, if she’s a double agent, she’s using that as an excuse in order to avoid confronting the team, above all, Reade. And Tasha has never been a coward, she has always faced problems head on … I hope she does it again because it’s necessary.


Our OTP! There are so many feelings that provoke me … as always, I watch their scenes and I love them, to witness Kurt’s love for Jane, how he supports her and is there for her, how it hurts to know what is happening to her, the abyss in his eyes when he has learned that he could lose her forever … God, I love him!

But the knowledge that “Jane” just pretends … to see her roll her eyes at every word of Kurt’s love that she had to answer, to see her mock him and her love … that has left me feeling bad.

Jeller love is so pure … born and built in adversity and seeing it reduced to a mere facade breaks my heart. Because that’s what it is, a facade, not from Kurt but from Remi. Kurt doesn’t know he’s kissing Remi, his enemy and when he finds out, the deception Remi is building will destroy everything. Not forever, of course, soulmates always meet again, but it is clear that we will suffer.

BLINDSPOT — “Hella Duplicitous” Episode 401 — Pictured: (l-r) Sullivan Stapleton as Kurt Weller, Jaimie Alexander as Jane Doe — (Photo by: Virginia Sherwood/NBC/Warner Bros.)

When they are together you almost forget the aura of falsehood that Remi brings to their scenes, almost … but then she appears again and the illusion ends. Seeing them together now brings me a mixture of ecstasy and pain that I can’t help feeling. Do you feel it too?

Things have to move in this direction, not only in regards to Kurt finding out about everything, but also Remi has to start remembering Jane’s moments with Kurt, so that her feelings get confused and her personality as Remi is not so marked … and that would fill the situation with more tension when it all comes to head. Apart from this, I hope that Jane’s diagnosis will bring them closer and start everything I have just told you. All this has many possibilities, fingers crossed for the show to exploit them.


I had to talk about him! I couldn’t finish this review without doing it. Roman, our Roman has returned! It has only been a few minutes but we have seen him again and it has been strange because his presence has made his absence even more noticeable. As you know, Roman was one of my favorite characters. His personality was very complex and fascinating. That’s why seeing him has made my stomach turn over.

As Jane did with him, Roman has presented himself as the “conscience” of Romi, telling her the things she didn’t want to accept with that charming and overwhelming personality that has conquered us all. I don’t want Jane/Romi’s illness to progress but I’m dying to see Roman again, however I hope we can enjoy his presence in some other hallucination or a flashback.


As a conclusion, season four has started dealing with the consequences of the end of the previous one and opening new conflict routes for the characters. The premiere has had good pace and has not disappointed or bored us at any time. They have also have risen to a new level in the action scenes – seriously, that sword fight has been so cool!  And, in addition, the emotional conflicts of the characters are more complex than before. There is a gray area there and, as in real life, not everything is white or black.

The seasons of the shows are usually a pendulum, what starts down ends up and vice versa. Almost always (if not always) that rule is met. But this time, with Blindspot, I can’t tell you if it will be fulfilled. Now Remi is betraying everyone …  will Kurt and the others be able to separate their actions from their Jane? Will Tasha find the way back or will she get lost in the midst of the darkness in which she is entering (either by work or by her own will)?

At the moment, I can’t tell you clearly the answers to those questions and that is something very important to take into account. They have been able to do it wonderfully well, so that we see more uncertainty than anything else in the future, we don’t know what will happen and we will be surprised at every step. I can only say Bravo!

Agree? Disagree? Don’t hesitate to share your opinion with us in the comments below! We’ll be back next week with the 4×02 “My art project”. And here’s the promo for the next episode.


Blindspot airs Fridays at 8 / 7c on NBC.

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