‘Blindspot’ Season 4 Spoilers& Gag Reel

This hiatus we had very little information about our favorite show, but with the new season approaching, we have more and more good news to share. This week has brought us two great gifts: new information about the first episodes of the season and the gag reel for season 3, so we can laugh with the Blindspot family. Here we go!

Thanks to Spoiler TV we know something more than what will happen in episodes 4.03-4.05 of the new season.

Episode 4.03

– Romi makes some sort of deal with a woman named Leia.
– Paterson has a one-night stand with a guy named Lincoln. Lincoln ends up being a Quantico recruit who shadows Paterson at the FBI, with Paterson assuming he slept with her to get a good job recommendation. It is unclear if he will be a long-term romantic interest.
– Rich Dotcom appears in this episode.

Episode 4.04

– Allie and Rich Dotcom appear in this episode
– Weller and Romi appear to be facing some marital issues

Episode 4.05

– Romi wants to see Shepherd one last time, possibly indicating Shepherd will be executed.
– Romi goes to see a doctor to find out if she is a candidate for a specific stem cell therapy, which could potentially save her life as she is dying from the side effects of ZIP. She learns she isn’t a candidate, and unexpectedly finds comfort in Weller, a man she loathes.
– Rich DotCom appears in this episode

As you can see, it seems that our wishes for season 4 have been fulfilled with story-lines for Patterson and a role for Jeller and Romi, along with the appearance of Ritch. I can’t wait!

In addition to this, thanks to ETOnline we can laugh with the cast watching the gag reel of the filming season 3 included in “The Blindspot: The Complete Third Season” DVD and Blu-ray. You can tell that the Blindspot family is strong inside and outside the cameras.


Thanks to the same medium, we know something more about what will happen to Jane/Romi and the side effects of her memory loss. Regarding this, Martin Gero, executive producer of Blindspot, commented:

“Having her revert back to Remi was something we had been talking about since the first year. We figured this was the right moment in time to do it,” Gero said of the haunting final scene, which featured Jane (believing to be Remi) by Weller’s (Sullivan Stapleton) hospital bed as he lay unconscious following complications from a gunshot wound. A devilish smile curled up on her lips as one of the team members promised that they’ll “get through this together.”

“We’re really excited about season four. It kind of returns to the storytelling that we did in season one, where Jane was working with the team, but was also working with Oscar and Sandstorm, and trying to figure out where her allegiance was. This will be similar, except that Remi is in town for a while. She’s going to figure out that she’s on her own. She doesn’t realize that Sandstorm has been totally destroyed, her mother is in prison and her brother is dead. She’s going to have to lay in wait and figure out what kind of moves she can make and go from there.”

Do you find the new information interesting? Do you like the direction the show is about to take? Don’t hesitate to share your opinion with us in the comments below!

Blindspot returns Friday, Oct. 12 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on NBC. The Blindspot: The Complete Third Season DVD and Blu-ray set will be available Tuesday, Aug. 21.

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