‘Blindspot’ NYCC Highlights

Hellatus is over! Tonight we can enjoy the premiere of Blindspot’s season 4. So you don’t miss anything, we bring you a compilation of all the things t the cast said about season four at NYCC last week. Also … we have NEW TRAILER! Here we go!

Jaimie and Sullivan tease some of the action and twists that season 4 will bring. Alexander teases that we’ll see Remi and Jane going up against one another, and “duke it out“. She promises it will be much crazier than a similar sequence in season 2. This upcoming season will be wrought with drama as Jane goes down a new, dark path.

Here are the highlights of Blindspot’s panel:

* The first episode back is called “Hella Duplicitous” and it won’t take you very long to find out why.
* Portions of the season 4 premiere were filmed on location in Japan.
* In fact, there’s a lot more international fun to come, but Weller will mostly be holding down NYC. Sullivan Stapleton joked that someone had to keep the city safe.
* Both Patterson and Rich Dot Com get out in the field in the premiere.
* Rich Dot Com is now a series regular.
* Tasha is still away from the team and tied up with the Crawford family story-line. But is she really working with them or is she a double agent? Only time will tell.
* There is a new FBI director. It’s someone we’ve seen before.
* Weller heals quickly, last season’s gunshot won’t keep him on the bench for too long.


* There is not one, but two sword fights to look forward to.
* Jaimie Alexander credited her stunt double Heidi Germaine Schnappauf, for always kicking her butt and getting her ready to do as much of the fighting on her own as possible.
* As we learned in the season three finale, Jane is suffering from the ZIP poisoning and now no longer remembers the last few years as Jane Doe, she’s Remi as far as she’s concerned, but in order to keep her cover she has to keep up the facade. Asked how she likes playing Remi, Jaimie Alexander said she enjoys playing the “psycho”.
* We can look forward to another crazy Remi/Jane fight scene in the fourth season.
* Speaking of the ZIP poisoning, it’s going to be a big driving force in the narrative this season as it essentially adds a ticking clock to Jane/Remi’s fate.

As you can see, it’s going to be a season full of surprises and twists. It promises to be intense, very intense and the duality of Jane/Remi will make us enjoy a lot. In addition, it seems that each character will have a good and defined history.

And … here’s the wonderful new season 4 trailer!


I can only describe it with three words: HOLY FUCKING SHIT!

Did you like what awaits us in the new season? Are you ready? Don’t hesitate to share your opinions with us in the comments below!

The 4th season of Blindspot premiers on Friday October 12th at 8pm on NBC.

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