‘Supernatural’ 14×01: “Stranger in a Strange Land” Kicks Off Season 14 with a Bang!

Supernatural returns for it’s 14th season (yes, you read that right) with Sam being a wonderbread demons Beyonce, Luci…I mean Nick…still around, and Mary reminding us all about the good Sam & Friends still have in their lives. “Stranger in a Strange Land” did see a lack of Jensen Ackles and Dean Winchester. But I’m not as saddened as I thought I would be because Jensen is still out there looking fine AF and Sam & Friends are doing everything in their power to get their brother, their family, back safe and sound. For now, that’s enough.

Our Moose Sam Being the Leader We Need


I had no doubt in my mind that Sam was going to be a good leader in “Stranger in a Strange Land.” Is he perfect? No. Could he improve? Yes. But the fact that he’s taking care of his people, making sure they train and have the supplies they need, while looking for Dean at the same time…well, it’s a feat of strength and resilience!

Sam is hurting big time. He doesn’t need false platitudes or wonderbread demons trying to be King of Hell, while he’s trying to look for his brother. Sam needs companions that will have his back, look out for him when he won’t stop to even take a nap, and be willing to learn more to help with the search for Dean. THIS is what will help him carry the pain and hurt he’s holding in. Family, friends, companions, and all that lot.

While we’re talking about leader Sam, let’s talk about the fear of God that Sam put into those demons at the bar. One, it was hella hot. Two, Kip was right about Sam’s beautiful hair. And three, fear is a strong motivator to keep these demons in line. They now know, more than every before, that Sam Winchester is grieving, focused, and on high alert while searching for his brother.

This Sam Winchester is not like any Sam or Dean that we’ve seen before, after one loses the other. There are no crazy spirals where Sam might get killed because he’s going into a situation with no regard for his safety. And there are no flashbacks or sweet moments where he finds a life outside of hunting to make him feel better.

Sam knows that the hunter life is his life. He knows that there’s no changing it, no takebacksies, and that he’s got the skills to get shit done, every day of the week and twice on Sundays. Now the demons know it too. And that’s put the fear of God, well…no. God blew this popsicle stand for whatever the heck he’s doing now with his sister. Winchester. That’s what we can use. Our moose of a leader has put the fear of Winchester into any demon, monster, or dark thing that creeps around at night.

How the Fuck Are You Still Here, Luci/Nick?

Nick, honey, I know stuff has been bad for you for a while. I know that you have been just riding along while Luci has been terrorizing, killing, and hopping worlds in his vessel. But I have to admit something….I DON’T TRUST YOU! NOT ONE BIT! There, I said it. Wooo. *wipes brow* Let’s break down why I never will trust Mark Pellegrino’s face on Supernatural.

For one, Luci is like a roach. You can’t keep that angel down and he will come after you twice as hard when he finds an opportunity. Part of me wonders if Luci is still there and he’s pulling a long con on Sam and the rest of the people in the bunker. Crazier shit has happened so why can’t Luci be bidding his time?

Also, why isn’t Nick stir crazy? I don’t know about you, but after years and years riding along with Luci I think I’d be a little off the wall. There wouldn’t just be nightmares plaguing my every waking moment. I would be unhinged, ready for revenge, and plotting. I don’t know what I’d be plotting precisely but it wouldn’t be good.

What Lucifer did to Nick was disgusting, heartbreaking, and one of the biggest violations on someone’s body and soul that we’ve ever seen on Supernatural. That leaves a mark that is grander than just some nightmares and a wound that can be easily bandaged and healed over time. Nick is broken. I just know it. And after so many years watching Mark Pellegrino’s face cause all sorts of trouble, I don’t think Nick is going to idly sit by.

Think About the Good So We Won’t Drown in The Bad


Not gonna lie, usually Hallmark quotes/sayings like the one Mary used in “Stranger in a Strange Land” make me cringe. But not this time around. The only way that Sam & Friends are going to survive whatever comes next in their battle to save Dean, will be held up by the good things in their lives and the focus that they put on it. Oh, and love aka what Michael thinks makes someone weak but actually gives the strength to kick ass, take names, and save the day.

Right now, they’re all a little lost because they can’t find any leads, one is out of angel juice, and they’re one man down. But they’re not done. They’re not alone. They have each other. Castiel was right when he told Jack that this was his family. It might be unconventional (survivors from a destroyed Earth, a man who was Lucifer’s ride for years, a hunter who can barely get any sleep, and an angel at his wits end) but they’re family and family sticks together.

I’m strangely optimistic about the group that we have here. Mary and Bobby have something brewing between them. Jack is giving me some major father/son vibes when he’s talking to Castiel or Sam. And that new girl, that I can’t remember her name right now, went for Jack to protect him when they were in the bar. All of this is good and means that they’re not just focusing on the good, but they’re giving it a chance to flourish into something more, something that can hold them up even better.

So yes, thinking about the good so we don’t drown in the bad, might sound hella cheesy, but isn’t that we all do when we’re down in the dumps and are desperately trying to stay afloat? I know I do it. And maybe it’s time for you, dear reader, to give it a chance as well.

Favorite Moment from “Stranger in a Strange Land”:



Check out the trailer for next week’s Supernatural titled “Gods and Monsters”:

Supernatural airs Thursdays at 8/7c on The CW.

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