‘Supernatural’ Season 14 Trailer: Michael Isn’t Playing Games, He’s Out for Blood

Apocalypse World Michael is out for blood in the new trailer for Supernatural Season 14! (Yes, if you haven’t watched for a while, we’re at season 14!) Anywho, Michael, the archangel who lost his mind in a world ravaged by destruction and war, has plans to bring that destruction to Earth. Difference is, and what will probably be the end of him, he’s riding around in Dean Winchester, aka one of the most important and influential people on said Earth.

From what we can see in this trailer, and we really didn’t expect anything less, Dean’s family is coming for him. Sam, Cas, Jack, and Mary will fight tooth and nail and research in every cranny they can find, for a chance to free Dean from what he’s experiencing. Keyword there: experiencing. Dean isn’t just sitting in the back of Michael’s mind, at peace and sleeping while the archangel causes all sorts of trouble. Dean will remember and experience everything that Michael does, be it meeting up dangerous allies, torturing innocent victims, or going shopping for all that fancy new clothes he’s wearing right now.

That right there will be the most painful part of Supernatural season 14. Because if there’s anything that Dean Winchester deserves, it’s not to be possessed by an asshole like Michael that will give him more PTSD than he already has! And if it comes down to it, if Dean dies as a result of killing Michael, I’m ok with it. Jack is ok with it from what we can see in this trailer. And if we really know Dean Winchester after all the seasons he’s been around, he would be ok with it too.

Check out the new trailer for Supernatural Season 14 featuring Jensen Ackles new role as Michael:

Supernatural returns for Season 14 on October 11, 2018 on The CW.


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