The Curious Case of Seth Rogen Being Hot As Hell in ‘Like, Father’

I, a Latinx queer woman, of sound mind and body, have a confession to make. It’s something dark and lustful, something I never expected would happen after Knocked Up & Pineapple Express. I, have the hots for Seth Rogen.

Look, there’s no doubt that you’re thinking: “This woman is mad,” or “she’s lost her god damn marbles.” But it’s true and there’s no going back.

Let me explain.

Seth Rogen had a small part in the Netflix movie Like, Father. It’s a heartfelt comedy/drama starring Kristen Bell and Kelsey Grammer, aka the dream team I never knew I wanted. It tells the story of a woman left at the alter who ends up on a honeymoon cruise with her estranged father after a night of drinking.

Time on and off the boat allows Rachel, Bell’s character, to work on her relationship with Harry, Grammer’s character. Along the way, this woman who is out of fucks to give, meets Rogen’s character. Jeff is a sweet and kind Canadian man she meets at a bar on the ship. Long story short, they end up sleeping together, making Harry flip out because his daughter is out with some man she just met.

And as romantic storyline’s in movies dictate, he starts appearing everywhere. He’s there at breakfast, around the ship, and on an off boat activity for some exclusive members. Basically after a night of being with her he inserts himself into her life. This has been done time and time again and we’re all meant to think it’s romantic and lovely that he wants to spend time with her.

Then Jeff drops a bomb on her. A bomb that made me go, “What the hell is this feeling? Omg, I think Seth Rogen is hot. Someone pinch me!”

Jeff approaches her while she’s standing at the top of a waterfall, seperated from everyone else in their group. At first I was like, “Ok, typical shit. He’s going to approach her. It’s going to be cutesy and the attention is going to be pulled to them too cuz somehow she magically got over the man that left her at the alter like two days ago.” Typical shit.

I was wrong. Instead Jeff does the unthinkable. Jeff apologizes.

He tells her: “I just wanted to say I’m sorry. You know, you’re, uh…You’re the first person I’ve been with since I got divorced and…I think I maybe like…uh…got swept up in it and built into something that it wasn’t, and uh…I invited myself on this hike, and if I made it uncomfortable, I apologize.”

As women are always predisposed to do, because we always apologize for things that we don’t have to, to avoid the wrath of a man, Rachel apologizes in return. He tells her that she has nothing to apologize for wishes her luck in repairing her relationship with her father.

Even now as I’m writing this I’m getting all hot and bothered for Seth Rogen. *stares off into the distance* Ok, back to what I was saying. Seth. Rogen. Hot.

This man, this scruffy man, who I’ve always thought of as that pothead comedian who looks like he’d give the best hugs and probably do another movie like Pineapple Express at the drop of a dime, blew me away. His character’s simple act of kindness, of acknowledging how he could have possibly made her feel uncomfortable with his actions, was hot AF.

Seth Rogen’s Jeff was aware of himself, respected her boundaries, apologized when he thought he passed those boundaries, and didn’t expect anything else from her. Sure, they slept together. Sure, this is the first person he’s slept with since his divorce. But that doesn’t give him any control or ability to strip away her agency. And again, it was hot.

All of a sudden I’m looking at Seth Rogen like Joey Tribbiani does to every single woman that comes his way. But this time when I say, “How you doing?” it’s not because Rogen’s hot AF in a purely superficial way. It’s because of his characters respect for Rachel. Respect is hot. Always has been. Always will be.

By now you’re probably on board with me. You’re seeing the hot of Seth Rogen. Let me continue and add a little more. I don’t think Hollywood is aware of this, or maybe they are just starting to realize this, respect is a moneymaker. A growly and brooding man who pushes you against a wall and ravages you after he tries to rescue you, IS NOT HOT and honestly I’m tired and not giving my money to.

The Jeff’s of this world are hot. The Peter Kavinsky’s of this world are hot. And it’s hotness like this that I will support with my money any day of the week and twice on Sundays.

Like, Father is available to stream on Netflix!

Have you watched Like, Father? Were you attracted to Seth Rogen as well? Let us know in the comments below!

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