Internet trolls. If we’re looking at the Urban Dictionary an internet troll is, “A mythological internet being that lives under an internet bridge. Loves to hunt for innocent netizens.” Only they aren’t mythological in my opinion. They are real assholes with too much fucking time on their hands that spendRead More →


With A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood coming out this week, I have been thinking a lot about Mister Rogers. I know that as a grown adult that kind of sounds ridiculous. Why? Because it was so long ago. But one thing I have learned getting older, is that theRead More →

Every aspect of New Amsterdam is only getting better and better, particularly the DamFam in season two of the NBC medical drama. Social media has affectionately dubbed the cast, crew, and fanbase of the show the “DamFam” as a sign of love and unity. But what makes the DamFam soRead More →

For a show that prides itself on depicting strong and empowering messages for its audience, Supergirl has a misguided idea of friendship. At least when it comes to Kara and Lena. You can make yourself believe anything if you try hard enough. After watching Supergirl‘s season 5 premiere, I can’t for theRead More →

Do you ever sit and think about how long you’ve been a fan of someone? No? Just one of my weird quirks? Alright, then. I became a fan of John Mayer in the fall of 2001, after I heard one of his songs on a soundtrack. It’s been a long,Read More →

Oh, every year I make fun of how basic I truly am, but I have to embrace it. I am the epitomy of basic and we’re heading into fall, which is every basic bitch’s favorite season. It’s the time of year where I can put away my shorts, start shoppingRead More →

Have you ever been a fan? Have you ever loved a show, movie or a book so much that you just couldn’t wait to find out what happens? Yes? Okay, so why is the term “Fangirl” (or “Fanboy”, I don’t judge) such a derogatory term? I am a fangirl. IRead More →

Beyonce stole our hearts as a member of Destiny’s Child but she continued our love story with her vast and successful solo career. She has released album after album and song after song of solid gold never making a misstep in her career. So because I admire Queen Bey soRead More →

Look, I get it. There is a Transformers fatigue in the air. Even as someone who loved the trilogy with Shia LaBeouf, I couldn’t be bothered to go see the fourth and fifth movies starring Mark Wahlberg. I’ll get around to watching them one day, but they’re not a priority.Read More →

Have you watched a TV show, or a movie and all the sudden found yourself stopping at a quote and going …yes! Yes! That. Have quotes touched you so deep that you made them your mantra, that’s how much you identified with them? Well, you’re not alone! So have we.Read More →

The truth of the matter is that the world has always been cruel, unkind to people of color, immigrants, those with disabilities, people in the LGBTQIA community, and women, and willing to crush anyone whose voice is not backed by millions of dollars and a stadium. This is life. ItRead More →

You fight, and you fight, and you crawl through hate, and you shake, and you cry, and you do everything in your power to shine a light, and then those who only care for money, for pain, for the suffering of others so long as power is retained … keepRead More →

Every once in a while I find myself writing things that I feel are self-explanatory. Of course, shipper does not equal bad fan. Of course shippers have as much of a right to enjoy what they enjoy as people who don’t like any ships, people who enjoy just the history/action/bromanceRead More →