‘Passage’ Is Going to Blow You Away

Here at Fangirlish we try our best to highlight diverse, smart content, with admittedly mixed results. We can’t watch everything and sometimes, we miss on the good things, have to catch up later or hear about it from screaming Twitter friends.

In this case, though, we want to be the first ones to tell you about Passage,  a sci-fi/fantasy LGBTQ web-series about a lesbian mom who is a kick-ass paranormal agent – written by our very own Hillary Esquina, and winner of Tello Films pitch-to-production contest.

Now, you might be tempted to think this a fluff piece, just a little promotion thrown the way of a friend. But I’m going to stop you right there. I’ve read the script for this series – all of it. I’ve seen it grow and change and get better, and yes I am proud and happy, but I’m also so damn excited for all of you to be able to see this come to life. This is the kind of entertainment we need right now, the kind that skews stereotypes, the kind that shows that sci-fi is not and should not be a white male dominated arena.

It just so happens a friend wrote it, which only happens to make us extra-proud.

Here’s the description for the series:

Janus Agent Ali Prader is a top paranormal operative for a secret division called Caelus within the government. They rely on her special capabilities to handle the different situations which can arise from interacting with paranormal entities. As a veteran and a mom, Ali is able to balance her professional and personal life – that is until she starts to unravel a thread that opens the door to a new crucial shift in power.

The series is set to star   and .

Shannan is an actress, director, and editor living in Los Angeles. She started off in live-action stunt shows like Batman Forever at Six Flags, and Waterworld at Universal Studios Japan. After moving from NYC to Los Angeles, she has worked in various capacities, including appearing in tellofilms original web series I HATE TOMMY FINCH, COWGIRL UP, and Hardly Working Entertainment’s digital series ENTANGLED WITH YOU. She also appears in the award-winning feature film, PENUMBRA, available on Amazon Video.

Nicole Pacent is an actress, producer, Youtube & Podcast host, and activist living in Los Angeles. She is best known for ANYONE BUT MEJEN FOSTER:SHE, and tellofilm’s I HATE TOMMY FINCH. She currently co-hosts a podcast called “Coming Out with Lauren & Nicole”, and recently did a play called BEST FRIEND  at Hollywood Fringe.

Passage is set to be directed by Christin Baker:

Come oooon, don’t tell me this isn’t something you need in your life like yesterday? I’ve read it, and I need it in my life yesterday. Seeing it come together is going to be a joy, and we’ll be here to report on it, cheer on Hillary and push for more of this kind of entertainment.

Do you think you have what it takes to win Tello’s Pitch-to-production contest? Check out the information here!

Passage is set to go into production in October. The series Indiegogo is live, and you can contribute and help make it happen HERE!

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