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5 Tips For Writing A Web Series

As online platforms start to take off, there are becoming more and more opportunities for content creators to make something. This medium is a totally different experience than the normal television screen or movie theatre…


ClexaCon and its Impact on Content Creation

ClexaCon is the place to be for celebrating LGBTQ women and characters in TV, film, web series, comics, books and more. And this year was no exception! The convention, which took place in April 2018,…


Full Circle: My ClexaCon Experience

In 2017, I traveled to Las Vegas for the first ever ClexaCon, to see what it was all about. ClexaCon was named after the fandom ship Clarke and Lexa from The 100, that made global…

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Please, Think Twice Before You Queerbait

Here we go again. And, I have to say …I’m disappointed. This #Bechloe teaser trailer that showed up on Universal UK’s Twitter account on Tuesday, one that, needless to say, garnered a big reaction. One day…