‘How To Get Away With Murder’ 4×1 Review: I’m Going Away

Just when you thought everything might go back to normal, for just a minute or two, the season premiere of How To Get Away With Murder does not fail in unfolding unto you the newest mystery of this season.

But this time…it looks like there is no dead body. Right? Who knows! It is a Shonda show after all.

The Season 4 premiere awakens us to the aftermath of losing Wes and Annalise being away from the Keating 4 (makes me sad to say 4 instead of 5 now) and Annalise takes a trip back home to Memphis to see her dear mama.

Cool fact: The guy Annalise meets in the plane and soon tries to sleep with, but doesn’t, is Viola Davis’ actual husband in real life.

Anyway, with Annalise trying to get her mind off of the recent events of losing Wes and losing her career/her reputation, she’s back home with her mom, Ophelia. The scenes between Annalise and Ophelia never fail to play with your emotions. It always feels so raw and honest between those two. Especially with Cicely Nelson’s heart-rendering portray of Ophelia!

The premiere does start off a little slow, but maybe it’s because it’s a premiere and they don’t want to give away all the goodies until the last 2 minutes of the episode, like they usually do. But within this episode, we get to see more of Annalise in this state of feeling defeated. We’re always so used to Annalise being on top of it all, but seeing that she’s lost her clan and the career that she’s so damn good at, you notice how much she wants it back. Her career, if anything.

The Keating 4 are still lost but also different this time around. Well, Asher is still Asher with his awkward but also hilarious remarks. I couldn’t stand Laurel last season, there was a lot that was off about her character last season but ringing her into the premiere again, I’m still frustrated by her and also Michaela. And Connor looks so different without the facial hair.

So. Laurel freaking knows that her father killed Wes. What! But why hide it from the crew? More or less, why even pretend to be nice to your father when you know the truth? My guess is that she has her own revenge up her sleeve. But at least share it with everyone. They deserves to know. Annalise deserves to know!

I was actually expecting an apology to Connor after the way she treated him and accusing him of killing Wes last season. Ugh, that still irks me!

What we’ve learned from past season of How To Get Away With Murder is everything is definitely not what it seems. You could be onto something one minute, and fooled about it the next.

Our newest mystery for this season, ladies and gents: WHO TOOK LAUREL’S BABY?!

Well, we did not see that coming! She did lie about having an abortion to her father but told everyone else she decided to keep the baby. I guess this season’s focus might be focused more onto Laurel and what happens to her. But, I seriously need some kind of revenge onto her father for his crime. I want them all to know, and I want some of it to backfire on Laurel this time.

Let’s how they are going to take that news when the cat’s out of the bag eventually.

Other thoughts:

  • Is Bonnie on the other side now after Annalise let her go?!
  • I missed Frank. I hope he’s apart of the show more this season.

Check out the promo for Season 4 Episode 2 ‘I’m Not Her’ here:

How To Get Away With Murder airs Thursdays at 10/9c on ABC.

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