To All the Book Boys I’ve Loved Before

Many of us who read a lot of YA romance are probably familiar with this particular meme:

Young adult romance has the ability to show us the variety of perfection in fictional boys. The sensitive jock, the artistic bad boy, the hot nerd, all of them give us the fantasy within the story and many leave us wondering why boys in real life just don’t seem to be as perfect as those on the page.

Sure, there are some great guys IRL. Some of us are lucky enough to have one. But let’s be honest that there is something special, something undeniably swoon inducing about book boyfriends that real life just never seems to match. Book boyfriends never leave wet towels on the floor, or put the empty juice carton back in the fridge. They remember your anniversary, and always seem to know when you need a good, strong hug.

There are a lot of boys from some of our favorite books who could vie for the title of the best book boyfriend in history. Romance, fantasy, horror, sci-fi, every story has a hero, and sometimes that hero is a character that stays with us long after we turn the final page.

So, here is our list of some of our favorite book boyfriends that make us wish we lived in fiction.

Peter KavinskyTo All the Boys I’ve Loved Before

Peter with the beautiful eyes. There is so much more to say about Peter Kavinsky in the Jenny Han/Netflix super hit To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before, but Lara Jean Covey said it best. Their first kiss in seventh grade was the start, and her unintentional rekindling thanks to sister Kitty was unexpected, but their romance leaves you swooning, laughing, and cheering them on through all three books. Peter is the sweet jock, lacrosse star, and the sensitive soul to remembers Lara Jean’s favorite yogurt drinks, watches Golden Girls with her, and wins the heart of little sister Kitty with his charm and smile. Brought to life on the screen by Noah Centineo, it was like watching the images in our minds project onto our tablets with that perfect smile, the brown hair, and those lashes. It was a perfect casting choice for ‘the handsomest of all the handsome boy’s’, and there is no doubt PK belongs on our top book boyfriends list.

Peeta MellarkHunger Games

The bakers boy who saved her life more than once, Peeta Mellark was half of the Peeta versus Gale debate of the Hunger Games trilogy. Both boys had their own aspects of perfection and match to heroine Katniss Everdeen, and both were quite open with their feelings for her. But in the end, it was Peeta and his unwavering dedication to her, their unbreakable connection that grew within the games that finally won her heart. As children, he saved her with a loaf of bread when she was starving, and took a beating for it. In the games, he vowed to protect her no matter what, even volunteering during the second games to ensure she was the sole survivor. Through it all, Peeta was there as the loyal and dedicated friend to lover that we all loved.

Jace WaylandMortal Instruments

The sensitive bad boy with an ego and a sword. What more could a girl want? Jace Wayland is the cocky, smart mouthed, swoon worthy hero of Cassandra Clare’s incomparable Mortal Instruments series, and from those very first pages, you are captivated by his grace, his ferocity, and his ability to make even the most self proclamation of his superiority sound sexy. Heroine Clary struggles between her attraction to Jace and their short lived false siblinghood, his possession, and all the dark works of her father Valentine and her true, evil brother Sebastian. Through it all, Jace and Clary cannot deny their fate to be together.


Liam StewartThe Darkest Minds

The street smart leader of the runaway group of Chubs and Zu, Liam risks his life over and over to protect those he loves and those who need him. When recent runaway Ruby crosses his path, their attraction is undeniable, and he pushes her to accept who she is, and his help. Their battle against the League, the Slip Kid, and all the other barriers thrown between them only seem to draw them closer, and Ruby knows that Liam will never leave her behind. His dedication to her, to everyone he cares for, makes him one of our top book boyfriends.

Tobias ‘Four’ EatonDivergent

Quiet but strong, fierce but reserved, ‘Four’ is the epitome of the strong sensitive type. He only had four fears, but when he meets Tris in the Divergent series, she challenges his carefully guarded walls. He is no stranger to personal tragedy, battered at the hands of his father, and he vows to face his fears over and over until he masters them. He becomes Tris’ guide, her confidant, and her protector, helping her face her own fears and pass her trials to become Dauntless, before helping her lead the rebellion against those who want to eradicate the Divergent. His strength, his loyalty and his fearlessness are just a few of the reasons Tobias ‘Four’ Eaton makes our hottest book boyfriends list.

Jacob BlackTwilight

Another YA love triangle that still has readers fighting over which team should be victorious, Team Jacob versus Team Edward is a debate many of us still struggle to find an answer to. Both have their qualities that make them the perfect partner, but many would argue that Jacob is a much better fit for Bella in the Twilight series. He doesn’t need her to change to be with him, has been by her side through the good times and the bad, and stayed loyal even when she chose Edward in Eclipse. The epitome of the sweet, strong, loyal and dedicated boyfriend, Jacob Black can make even the biggest Edward Cullen fan swerve into his lane.

There you have it. This is merely the tip of the iceberg of your incredible book boyfriend options, and if you haven’t read any of these books, be sure to add them to your summer reading lists for all the swoon worthy boys that leap from the page and into our hearts.

Who are some of your favorite book boys and why?

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