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#WayBackWednesday – Dirty Dancing (1987)

As iconic and ubiquitous as Dirty Dancing is, particularly its soundtrack, I never watched Dirty Dancing until a couple of summers ago. I was petsitting for a friend and took advantage of her big TV and very nice soundbar while…

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Friends and Fangirls, I am a big fan of Romance books, but I never read them. They tend to be too quick of reads for me to want to spend money on them, so my cheap ass says nah. But…

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To All the Book Boys I’ve Loved Before

Many of us who read a lot of YA romance are probably familiar with this particular meme: Young adult romance has the ability to show us the variety of perfection in fictional boys. The sensitive jock, the artistic bad boy,…

‘After’ Movie Wraps Filming in Atlanta

All good things must come to an end. And as much as such a line usually causes sorrow and disappointment, in this particular case it is more cause for excitement and anticipation. Because today — on August 24, 2018 —the…

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