33 LGBTQ+ Artists You Should Follow During Pride 2019

In an effort to build a space for queer people like myself, every Tuesday I’ll be posting opinion pieces, listicals, reviews, and more focused on the LGBT community (and occasionally about the Latinx/WOC community since I am Latinx.) Welcome to Queerly Not Straight! And for the month of June we’ll be posting an EXTRA dose of LGBTQ+ goodness on Thursdays!

Spirals are the best. Whether it be on Twitter, Tumblr, or Reddit, a good spiral leads you down a road of discovery that you never even knew you needed in your life. One of my most recent spirals involves all the lovely artists and art in this post just in time for Pride Month!

My challenge for you is to go through this list of talented AF LGBTQ+ artists and not fall in love with their work. So, go ahead and jump in, follow, like, and support the creative minds making art that broaden horizons, challenge convention, and show how brilliant we and worthwhile we as part of the queer community!

1. Mercy Bones – @MarcyBones64, Trans

2. Kassiopeeia – @kassiopeeia, Bisexual

3. La – @cmyklala, Queer Non-Binary

4. Oli Franey – @ofillustrations, Queer

5. C. A. Gaspar – @CGasparArt, Non-Binary Pansexual

6. Julian – @Julesdrawz, Gay

7. Courtney – @cardinalcrowns

8. Limão – @limaocomvodka – Pansexual Enby

9. Ella – @cherriielle – Bisexual

10. Andy – @fleurdeIia, Lesbian

11. Linden – @wormfolk, Non-Binary Pansexual

12. Fosi – @fosiel_, Bisexual

13. Caitlyn – @kiwibeewee, Asexual

14. Jess – @trashgirlarts, Bisexual

15. Abi – @AbiStevens_Art, Asexual

16. Nano – @Nano_Colors, Non-Binary

17. Phoebe – @Chaobunnies, Bisexual

18. Jón – @Ssaravinter, Pansexual Genderfluid

19. Cris – @Kayroos_, Bisexual Trans Man

20. DreadVolte – @DreadVolte, Non-Binary Bisexual

21. Saku – @sakurabutt, Lesbian

22. Ashlee – @airafleeza, Ace Bisexual & Nonconforming

23. Enby – @refrainbow, Non-Binary

24. Angelene – @beekindart

25. Szaris – @szaris

26. Moona – @moonasketch, Bisexual Non-Binary

27. Ny Stefen – @NyStefen, Trans Bisexual

28. Victor/ia – @starstarparty, Genderfluid


29. Anna – @AnnaRBirkedal, Pansexual

30. Al – @Al_barquq

31. Zack – @vampbyte, Pansexual Trans Man

32. Kirstin – @myriad_x, Bisexual

33. Jayme – @Jaymajaym

Who is your favorite LGBTQ+ artist? Do you have any suggestions? Let us know in the comments below!

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