Queerly Not Straight: 10 LGBTQ+ Books Coming Out This April

With spring here, Queerly Not Straight has put together a list of LGBTQ+ books coming out this April 2023.

‘Shadow and Bone’s Wesper Isn’t the Drama in Season 2

So what if Wesper isn’t the drama in season 2 of Shadow and Bone? I quite like that they’re just adorable and stuff.

‘Requiem’ Review: Bella Ramsey in a Lesbian Horror Short? Yes, Please.

Bella Ramsey’s lesbian horror short Requiem makes you wish witches were real during the witch trials just for the revenge.

Here Are the LGBTQ+ Films Playing at SXSW 2023

This week’s Queerly Not Straight is all about the LGBTQ+ feature and short films playing at the 2023 SXSW Film Festival.

Stop Acting Like Including Transgender Women is Erasure of Women

Surprise surprise, TERFs are upset that transgender women are included in a chocolate commercial. And we need to talk about it.

Queerly Not Straight: 7 LGBTQ+ Webtoons You Should Read in 2023

Looking for some LGBTQ+ webtoons to read this 2023? Queerly Not Straight has you covered with some recommendations!

Jeffree Star, Here’s the Attention You Were Looking For

Jeffree Star was on a recent podcasts making comments about those who use the pronouns “they/them” aka the non-binary community.

10 Bill & Frank from ‘The Last of Us’ TikTok’s to Make You Cry

Before we jump into 1×03 of The Last of Us, let’s revisit Bill & Frank and their love via these sad AF TikToks.

‘The Last of Us’ 1×03 Review: “Long Long Time”

The Last of Us 1×03 “Long Long Time” gave us a beautiful love story where Bill and Frank thrived at the end of the world.

HBO Max’s ‘Velma’ is the Worst ‘Scooby Doo’ Cartoon Ever Created & Here’s Why

In an effort to build a space for queer people like myself, every Sunday (or when I’m feeling spicy) I’ll be posting interviews, opinion pieces, listicles, reviews, and more focused on the LGBT community from a Latina perspective. Welcome to Queerly Not Straight!…

Fangirlish 2022 End of Year Lists: 10 Shows Canceled in 2022 That We’ll Definitely Miss

It’s – almost – Christmas! That means it’s time for End of the Year List and review 10 shows canceled in 2022 that we will definitely miss.

‘The Holiday Sitter’ Review: The Cheesy Holiday Movie the LGBTQ+ Community Needs

Hallmark’s ‘The Holiday Sitter’ is the cheesy holiday movie that the LGBTQ movie needs. And we need to talk about the why in our review.

The Forced Outing of ‘Heartstopper’s Kit Connor is Biphobia at Its Finest

Kit Connor, who plays Nick Nelson on Heartstopper, was forced to reveal his sexuality after a wave of harassment.

5 LGBTQ+ Music Artists You Should Listen to in 2022

Looking for some new LGBTQ+ music artists to listen to in 2022? Queerly Not Straight has a couple of suggestions.

Movie Review: ‘My Policeman’ Reminds Us It’s Never Too Late To Start Over

One of the things we love about the Fall is getting those comfort films that we just want to watch while snuggled under a nice toasty blanket. After watching My Policeman starring Harry Styles, David Dawson, and Emma Corrin we…

5 LGBTQ+ Horror Short Films to Watch This Halloween

With Halloween right around the corner, here are 5 LGBTQ+ horror short films that you can watch to get into the spirit of the holiday!

Stop Saying That Velma Being a Lesbian is “Woke” & Just Admit You’re Homophobic

Velma being a lesbian in Trick or Treat Scooby-Doo! isn’t “woke” and it’s about time you admitted that you’re just homophobic. Period.

Queerly Not Straight: 10 LGBTQ+ Books Coming Out This October

With Fall here, Queerly Not Straight has 10 LGBTQ+ books that are releasing this October to quench your reading needs.

Queerly Not Straight: 10 LGBTQ+ Books Coming Out This September

Looking for some queer books to pick up this fall? Queerly Not Straight has a list of LGBTQ books coming out this September!

‘Peppa Pig’ Has a Kid with Two Moms and the Homophobes Are Big Mad

Queerly Not Straight talks about the newest episode of Peppa Pig, titled “Families,” and how its LGBTQ couple is making homophobes mad.

Book Review: ‘A Taste of Gold and Iron’ by Alexandra Rowland

A Taste of Gold and Iron by Alexandra Rowland is a sweeping fantasy epic, full of soaring romance, political intrigue, and criminal conspiracies.