‘Anything’s Possible’ Drops Trailer for Billy Porter’s Directorial Debut

Billy Porter’s directorial debut Anything’s Possible tells a high school rom com with a trans lead. Watch the trailer here.

No, Being Vague About Will Byers Being Gay on ‘Stranger Things’ Isn’t “Beautiful”

We don’t need Stranger Things to be vague about whether or not Will Byers is gay. Read more about this LGBTQ issue here.

‘Star Wars’ Needs More LGBTQ+ Characters in 2022 and Beyond

When you love something like people do Star Wars, it’s ok to ask for more, especially when it comes to LGBTQ representation.

Book Review: ‘The Drowning Summer’ by Christine Lynn Herman

If a book is billed as spooky, suspenseful, and sapphic, I’m usually sold—and The Drowning Summer by Christine Lynn Herman largely lived up to my expectations.

Queerly Not Straight: 10 ‘Heartstopper’ Fanvids Celebrating Our Favorite Ships

From Nick and Charlie to Elle and Tao, here are 10 fanvids from our favorite Netflix Heartstopper ships for Queerly Not Straight.

5 Things We Loved from Netflix’s ‘First Kill’ Official Trailer

Netflix dropped its official trailer for their LGBT supernatural drama First Kill and we are more than ready for this romance!

Advance Book Review: ‘Never Been Kissed’ by Timothy Janovsky

Wren Roland has never been kissed. So, in a fit of drunken bravado and desperation, he sends 4 emails – one for each boy he almost kissed.

Why the ‘Batwoman’ & ‘Legends of Tomorrow’ Cancellations Hurt So Much

This week’s Queerly Not Straight is all about why the Batwoman and Legends of Tomorrow cancellations hurt so much.

Misha Collins Comes Out as Bisexual in New Video

Supernatural’s Misha Collins has come out as bisexual in a new video and honestly, good for him and welcome to the family!

The ‘Heartstopper’ Official Trailer Has Arrived

Netflix has dropped the official trailer for the adaptation of Alice Oseman’s comic Heartstopper and we’re ready.

Queerly Not Straight: 7 Gay Webtoons You Should Read in 2022

Looking for some gay webtoons to check out this 2022? Queerly Not Straight has a list for you with a focus on M/M relationships.

‘Killing Eve’ 4×06 Review: “Oh Goodie, I’m the Winner”

Killing Eve‘s 4×06 “Oh Goodie, I’m the Winner” was satisfying for many reasons, mainly Villanelle telling Eve “I’m done with you.”

Queerly Not Straight: 10 LGBTQ+ Books You Should Read This April

Looking for some LGBTQ books to check out this April? We’ve got you covered with this week’s Queerly Not Straight.

‘Bridgerton’ Has Zero Excuse for Its Lack of LGBTQ Character Representation

With Bridgerton season 2 landing on Netflix, we were hoping to finally get some LGBTQ+ representation. Again, we were disappointed.

Queerly Not Straight: 5 Best LGBTQ+ Short Films from SXSW

SXSW 2022 had some exceptional LGBTQ short films and we need to talk about 5 of them in this week’s Queerly Not Straight.

‘Heartstopper’ Drops Teaser Trailer for Netflix Series

Netflix has dropped the teaser trailer for Heartstopper and it makes us want to read the books right now. Watch it here.

Queerly Not Straight: 10 LGBTQ+ Books You Should Read This March

Queerly Not Straight the column is back with a list of 10 LGBTQ books that you should check out this March. Read on for more.

‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’ 25th Anniversary and the Importance of Willow and Tara

The Buffy the Vampire Slayer 25th anniversary reminded us of the continued importance of the LGBTQ relationship of Willow and Tara.

Queerly Not Straight: Greg Abbott & The Threat to the Transgender Community

Greg Abbott isn’t “thinking about the children” with his regressive and backward proposals that threaten transgender lives.

‘Killing Eve’ Season 4 Advance Review: The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly

Has Killing Eve lost its way in season 4 of the hit series? Or are Eve and Villanelle finally finding their way to each other?

The Importance of Spooner Coming Out As Asexual on ‘Legends of Tomorrow’

Spooner coming out as asexual on Legends of Tomorrow is the kind of representation we need to see more of and here’s why!