Catch Up on KRYPTON: What You Need To Remember Before Season 2 Begins!

When we last left off on Krypton, everything had gone to shit. Seg had been banished to the Phantom Zone, Adam ended up in a dystopian new world and Zod had completely taken over Kandor City. It’s a bad day to be a superhero, the tagline says. And based on what we’ve seen so far, there’s no doubt about that!

But before we jump back into the drama on Krypton, here’s four things you need to remember before the show returns this week.

This story takes place way, way before the birth of Kal-El and Krypton’s demise


Approximately two hundred years before Kal-El was sent to earth, his grandfather was struggling with a really big decision. Should he save his home planet or let Brainiac take control of it? The choice could have been simple but if they saved Krypton back then, it wouldn’t explode later. And if Krypton didn’t destroy itself, then Kal-El wouldn’t be sent to earth. Therefore, Superman would not exist.

In season one, Seg learned that his future grandson was destined to become the greatest superhero the world had ever known. But he loved his people too. The decision to save them or the entire universe was always going to be a difficult one for Seg. The fact that this story takes place so long before the birth of Kal-El means that the writers can take this story wherever they want for now. The Superman story we already know doesn’t affect this series at all and vice versa.

The end of the first season put the entire story on an alternate timeline


When Zod came back to the past, he did so under false pretenses. He made Seg and Lyta believe he was there to help. But any Superman fan knows that no one should ever trust Zod. The iconic villain came back with an ulterior motive. He knows that if he saves Krypton in the past, he’ll never be banished to the Phantom Zone by the Council and Kal-El won’t grow up to be his greatest enemy.

The end of the freshman season saw Zod saving Kandor City from Brainiac and becoming it’s supreme leader. He’s basically top dog right now and nothing could be more terrifying than that. Except maybe Doomsday being on the loose. For now, Zod is still the big bad of this story and it’ll be up to Seg to right the course of Krypton’s history in order to make sure his grandson’s destiny stays in tact.

Season 2 promises more villains that are bigger and badder than ever


Zod, Brainiac and Doomsday all made their debuts last season. These are definitely three of Superman’s biggest bads. And we’ll definitely be seeing them again in season 2. But this season will introduce another fan favorite villain from Superman’s mythos: Lobo!

We’ve all seen the concept art and even a handful of clips of the character this season and I must admit that everything seems to be on point! I had my doubts about them bringing Lobo into the show. With so many villains wrecking havoc already, there’s always a fear that the show can become over saturated with bad guys. However, if the show remembers who their big bad is (Zod), they should be fine. For now, it’s very clear that Lobo will just be a fun addition to the show. And perhaps it’ll explain why he’s in Superman’s orbit so much later on.

You should probably expect more of a love triangle going forward


At the start of the series, Seg and Lyta were involved in a secret love affair. She’s from House Zod and he’s from the House of El. Since his entire household was ostracized and became rankless after his grandfather had been sent to the Phantom Zone, Lyta and Seg’s love was a forbidden one.

It was easy to root for them at first but then Nyssa-Vex entered the picture. Seg was told the only way to obtain rank again was for him to marry into House Vex, which he did not want to do. Nyssa and Seg’s arranged marriage may have had unconventional beginnings but by the end of the season, the pair had grown quite fond of each other. The two even shared a kiss in the finale.

At the end of the season, Lyta betrayed Seg and sided with her own descendant, Zod. On the other hand, Nyssa had chosen to fight by Seg’s side despite her family’s pivotal role in ruining the House of El. When the new season begins, Seg will likely be coming to terms with his love for Lyta and his growing feelings for Nyssa. It should be fun to watch all the romantic drama unfold amidst the villainy destruction that is sure to happen.

Where did Adam Strange end up?


At the beginning of the series, Adam Strange was a young man from earth who came to Krpton’s past to warn Seg that someone was there to destroy the planet. He told Seg about his grandson’s future. By the end of the season, Seg had learned that Adam planned on letting Brainiac take Kandor City to preserve Superman’s future.

Adam ended up in a dysotpian world coming face to face with a statue of Zod. Where is he? It’s not clear right now but season two should answer that question relatively quickly. We’ll just have to wait and see.

Krypton returns to Syfy this Wednesday, June 12 at 10PM.

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