‘Gentleman Jack’ 1X08 Review: “Are You Still Talking?”

We have finally reached the end. Of this season, at least.  This week’s episode of Gentleman Jack is titled “Are You Still Talking?” which was fitting. In my opinion, the season finale was slow and I often thought, are you still talking?

With that in mind, there was one important lesson from this week’s episode, happiness.


Happiness. It’s all about the happiness. Ms. Walker finally decided to take control over her life.  After being severely depressed at her sister’s, she finally realized what she didn’t want from her life. She doesn’t want someone making decisions for her. I mean, she had to plan an escape from her sister’s house. It’s a sad reality that she found herself pretty much a prisoner at the hands of her brother in law. He only wants her for her money, and to practically sell her to the highest bidder.

Ms. Walker also decided that she doesn’t need a man. In fact, the person that she wants, of course, is Anne. She is back on this train after the one hundredth time of changing her mind. Although it stuck, because they end up married and arguing over how to proceed to tell everyone in their family. It’s a strange side to their relationship. To see the arguing and the disagreeing over little things. It’s a side we haven’t gotten to explore before. She was also much more confident than what we had seen from her before.

The most important part was that Ms. Walker decided she finally had a choice to be happy. To be free in what she wants and desires. That she shouldn’t have to feel ashamed of her feelings or choices. They are perfectly normal. I was glad to see that she was finally willing to put her happiness first and accept herself as she is. A grown ass woman who is in love with another woman. There is no shame in it. She found her happiness and that is beautiful.

10 things I want to see next season:

  1. Anne kicking Mr. Rawson’s ass
  2. Mr. Rawson having to face the fact that Anne is succeeding
  3. Acceptance from Ms. Walker’s family that she is in love with a woman
  4. Some happiness for Marian, she deserves it
  5. No more running from Anne or Ms. Walker
  6. Family dynamics in the Lister household
  7. Anne being the bad-ass she is
  8. More of her walking, because it is very commanding
  9. More of Anne’s fascinating experiences and one liners
  10. Anne smirking at said camera

Gentleman Jack was recently renewed for season 2 on HBO.  Leave your comments below on what you would like to see next season.

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