‘Gentleman Jack’ 1X05 Review: Let’s Have Another Look at Your Past Perfect

We got very relationship heavy in this week’s episode, titled “Let’s Have Another Look At Your Past Perfect.” Gentleman Jack continues to cover topics as relevant today as they were back in the past.  White patriarchy also had to make an appearance, because when does it not. Read below as I share my thoughts on this week’s episode.

Last week we learned that a despicable human being named Reverend Ainsworth took advantage of Ms. Walker, raping her in his home.  First of all, that is despicable on so many levels. Then lets add that it happened during a time when Ms. Walker was under his protection, while his wife was there, and the most horrifying. HE. IS. A. REVEREND. Then he wants to come marry her after his wife dies?!? Hell no.

What makes people in power, people who are in a position to help, feel like they can just take what they want? Do they think that just because they are helping in some cases they can do whatever they want and it doesn’t matter? It disgusts me on so many levels.  People that take advantage of the helpless and vulnerable deserve to rot in the deepest of the seven hells.

As we can imagine, Anne didn’t take too kindly to learning this piece of news from Ms. Walker, the woman that she is clearly in love with.  It was a pleasure to watch him show his face, only for the revenge that Anne will get on Ms. Walker’s behalf. Then to watch him run off after a little threatening conversation, that was also good.

After that display of drama that was rather satisfying, the episode slowed down quite a bit and dragged on a tad, in my opinion. The back and forth between Anne and Ms. Walker is somewhat exhausting. Anne wants to be with her, but Ms. Wakler is scared. Ms. Walker “breaks up with her,” then they get back together. She is then scared and wants to marry a man.  It’s starting to get a little exhausting at this point.

I understand that Ms. Walker is confused and ashamed of what she feels for Anne. She is under pressure from her family and society to be a certain way. Anne has pride in who she is, and doesn’t see what they are doing as anything wrong. They are in two different places emotionally and something has to give. They can’t stay together this way. It will only breed resentment and indifference.

While this was getting exhausting after last week’s episode and this week’s, it is an important discussion and one that needs to happen for their character development.  This is a true story, after all. I just wish that they had broken it up better and added other elements in there.  This whole hour just felt a little too relationship heavy for my tastes.

They need to focus more on Anne’s coal business, as well. I feel like that is taking a back seat to this love story. I want to see more bad-ass Anne taking on patriarchal old white men, as well as her relationship with Ms. Walker. There needs to be more of a balance. Also, who doesn’t love when old white men are brought down by a woman? It is very satisfying, and something we don’t often get to see in television or real life.

Do you agree or disagree? Leave your thoughts and comments below.

Gentleman Jack airs Monday’s  at 10/9c on HBO.

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