‘Gentleman Jack’ 1×3 Review: “Oh Is That What You Call It?”

This week’s episode of Gentleman Jack is really stepping up its game.  Between seduction, family, and business dealings Anne has been very busy.  She knows what she wants and goes for it. Read below as I break down this week’s episode.


Anne’s relationship with Ms. Walker has progressed exponentially this week.  While Anne started off just seducing Ms. Walker, it has moved beyond that.  Yes, they are now in a sexual relationship, but that isn’t the most important factor.  Anne treats her as an equal, she listens to Ms. Walker and offers her advice.  Their feelings for each other are growing and they are obviously genuine.  It’s nice to see a show that isn’t just basing their whole relationship on seduction, lust, and sex. It’s more.

Seeing Anne so nervous broaching the subject of being partners with Ms. Walker is heartwarming. The only problem is that Ms. Walker might want children at some point. The disappointment on Anne’s face says so much. She already lost the last woman she was in love with. I’m sure she is scared it’s going to happen again.  That has to be something that just wretches at your soul. Feeling hopeless for something that you want so much. Side note: Surrane Jones and her facial expressions are everything.


Anne’s obvious distress at her aunts sickness is another side of her we haven’t seen. It was very warming to hear that Anne is seeing Ms. Walker as more than someone she just wants to seduce and use.  She has feelings for her.  Her expressions to her aunt seem genuine and heartfelt.  Her aunt reminds her of the harsh unfair reality of their time, its not accepted in their society. People are cruel and judgmental. Anne’s strength is not being afraid of what people think, and it speaks volumes to her character. She is revolutionary.  

Marian, Anne’s sister, seems more like her wife than sister at times.  Marian lectures her for staying out too late and how its rude to the servants.  Its rather amusing, their relationship.  It’s also clear that Marian harbors anger towards her sister for being left the estate by their uncle James rather than her.  Watching them argue over the estate and how Anne conducts her affairs shows how different they are. Much like most sisters, bickering over petty things.


Watching Anne in action handling her business affairs just shows more of her kick-ass take no shit attitude that I love.  She won’t cow down to men that think she is simple, or that just because she is a woman that she doesn’t know what she is talking about. The men thinking she is soft, more reasonable, just because she is a woman are in for a shock. Her attitude just makes her angrier, and more determined to prove her point and get a fair deal with her coal business.  Anne wants to be down in the pit because it fascinates her. This is not a surprise, as it has been revealed that she has already observed autopsies. She is curious and thrives in doing things outside of her known role as a female. This lady boss is bad-ass and an inspiration. As a woman she has to work twice as hard and doesn’t get the respect that she deserves.

Gentleman Jack is a show that is full of strong female characters.  They aren’t easily cowed down and are anything but ordinary. They are unique, strong, and revolutionary.

Gentleman Jack airs Monday’s  at 10/9c on HBO.

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