‘Gentleman Jack’ 1×06 Review: “Do Ladies Do That?”

This week’s episode is titled “Do Ladies Do That?”. This is a fitting title for this week’s episode, to be honest.  In this week’s review I’ll go into the importance of understanding mental health, Anne being down on her luck, and the things that ladies do.

Let’s get to it!

Mental Health

There was another focus on mental health this week, as Ms. Walker started to hear voices after she had a nightmare of being led to a noose. Her family and Anne are rallying around her to help her get better. She has a support system in place that knows when she needs help, and they will make sure she will get it. Especially Anne. While Anne is conflicted on where they stand relationship wise, she is right there by Ms. Walker’s side, helping her. She doesn’t abandon her in her time of need.  Not many have that support system.

There is often a stigma that goes along with mental health, that it is a taboo subject. When, the truth is, mental illness is a lot more prevalent than people realize. There needs to be more understanding, education, and grace given.  Only then will we begin to erase the stigma, and be able to exist in a more understanding society, where these issues are not such a touchy subject. The more we speak about mental health, the more people we can reach and help.  One thing Anne did wrong, in my opinion, was insisting that the rest of Ms. Walker’s family didn’t need to know what was going on with her.  She shouldn’t need to feel ashamed, and they shouldn’t be afraid of her.

Out Foxed?

After Anne was beat up by one of Mr. Rawson’s cronies, he thought that he could get a deal and she would renegotiate the coal pit. Anne obviously wouldn’t do that, instead he found a way to go around her, reject her terms, and call her bluff. Now, Anne might be frustrated and not know how to proceed currently, but I have no doubt she will find a way to get back at him. After all, she was beat up. I can’t imagine her taking it lying down. That isn’t in her character.

She might be a little shaken at being beat up, but she has a spirit that doesn’t give up so easily. Anne will rise again, and will find what she needs to sink her coal pit or get them to agree to her more than generous terms. She won’t be run out of the coal business because they scared her. She won’t give them that kind of satisfaction.

Ladies Do That

First of all ladies do indeed travel by themselves, the horror. Alas, we live in a different time. If not, I would be shunned an outcast. Even if it was a big deal, it’s not like Anne wouldn’t do it just because it was considered improper. She does what she likes.

Here is a list of things that ladies also did in this episode: Propose to their girlfriends, offer new terms in a male dominated field, bring up an engagement conversation, seek treatment for mental health, call out their sisters when they don’t seem to support you, make a scene when men are telling you not to, and yes, make plans to travel by your damn self. Ladies are not inferior to men or too emotional when they don’t agree with you. They get shit done.

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Gentleman Jack airs Monday’s at 10/9c on HBO.

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