‘Gentleman Jack’ 1X07 Review: “Why’ve You Brought That?”

This week’s episode of Gentleman Jack had more of the family dynamics that I have been wanting to see, as well as Anne being a badass and sticking up to Mr. Rawson. Read below as I break down all the family love, Anne’s jealous ex, and the risky investment.

Family Love

Can I punch Mr. Rawson in the face? Every time I see him on screen I get angry. Though it is always for good reason. This week it’s for being an asshole to Marian.  Of course, he had to embarrass her in front of a number of people, and she didn’t even know what he was talking about, making her look stupid.  I feel bad for her. Then Mr. Rawson has the audacity to tell Anne he was just “teasing” her. He claimed he didn’t mean it like that. Sure. Whatever. We know exactly what you are doing.

Anne and Marian might fight, but they are sisters, they are family.  Nobody is allowed to treat Marian that way as long as Anne is around.  It was nice seeing more of their dynamic. We mostly just see them argue over petty things. Seeing a new side of their relationship was needed. They love each other, and others be damned if they dare to treat their family wrong.

We need some more family dynamics in Gentleman Jack. We get little glimpses in almost every episode, but I feel like there needs to be more background provided at the very least. Anne clearly loves her family and they are a big part of her life. However, we are mostly focused on her love life. She is more than that. I need more.

A Risky Investment

Anne is being very ballsy getting the money to sink her coal pit. Taking out a loan and putting up Shibden Hall can only end badly. I see Mr. Rawson using his powers as a magistrate to take over Shibden and get his hands on the deed. Then their family will have nothing, and he will be in control of everything.  He is a vindictive snake and I hope Anne is willing to get her hands just as dirty to survive.

The Jealous Ex

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Marianna Lawton is the ex that nobody wants and everyone has. The one that comes back around when you are finally happy or in a better place. After you break up, they decide that they want you back, but only on their terms.  No, no, no. It doesn’t work that way.

Marianna wanting Anne to wait for her husband to die so they can be together again infuriates me. No. You decided to leave Anne and get married. Why does she need to put her life on hold and wait for you? Just because you’re jealous of her relationship with Ms. Walker? She deserves to be happy. Marianna needs a lesson in how relationships work. You don’t get everything you want when you want it.

Next week’s episode is the season finale of Gentleman Jack.  Comment below with what you think we will see in the season finale.

Gentleman Jack airs Monday’s at 10/9c on HBO.

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