7 Times the Sprouse Twins Roasting Each Other Gave Us Life

We all love a good Twitter roast. When it is all in good fun, it can be hilarious to witness, especially when the people involved are nothing short of skilled sass masters.

Dylan and Cole Sprouse are such individuals. The twin actors, who have starred in such things as Big Daddy, Friends, and now Cole with Riverdale, love nothing more than to banter and trade insults with each other online for fans to see. Their incomparable humor and wit make the results everything we could want in a Twitter battle.

Here are our top 7 tweets in the Sprouse twin Twitter war.

HDB Buddies

Cole was eager to wish his birthday buddy a HBD…only, it wasn’t his twin

Perfect Comback

This is easily one of the best exchanges the two have shared, where the pair bicker on who was the true star of Zack and Cody

Of course, Dylan had the best response that went down in history

On a Short Leash

The thought of the Sprouse twins on a baby leash makes us aww, but Cole wanted everyone to know he never needed one. Dylan, however….


It seems that even celebs can’t help but check out WebMD…this time with hilarious results

Important Differences

Most of us can tell the twins apart. But Cole seems to have different ways of differentiating between himself and Dylan


Apparently, one of them was unplanned. But which one? Dylan has a theory.

Polling Station

Of course, there was the time that Cole did a fan poll that featured his brother

We love these two and their Twitter battles, and hope we get many many more in the future!

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