We all love a good Twitter roast. When it is all in good fun, it can be hilarious to witness, especially when the people involved are nothing short of skilled sass masters. Dylan and Cole Sprouse are such individuals. The twin actors, who have starred in such things as BigRead More →


Dove Cameron is fast becoming one of my favorite people. She’s outspoken, honest, and really does her best to relate to her fans. She makes sure that her fans know that they are loved. Recently her and her boyfriend, Thomas Doherty, went for dinner at The Cheesecake Factory. Now, IRead More →

I love Twitter. I love some Twitter I should say. Celebrity Twitter always entertains me. It always makes me laugh or scream or honestly, try to find ways to be more witty. Over the years, one person that continues to up her Twitter game, even though she doesn’t tweet aRead More →

We all know Stephen King is a master of horror. With more than 85 books under his belt, film adaptations and some of the most iconic frightening scenes in history created in his mind, there is no question he is the epitome of the horror genre. Books such as IT,Read More →

If any of you have spent any significant time online, there is little doubt that you have learned of the silent understanding of social media that states you can share your honest opinion with the world so long as you are prepared to be attacked, ridiculed and demeaned for it.Read More →

It is officially 10 days until the majorly anticipated solo launch of Harry Styles. And it seems as though Mr Styles is covering all his bases to prepare for the change in his career. Typically silent as always, Styles has been releasing cryptic and subtle hints of what we canRead More →