5 Reasons You Should Be Writing on Wattpad

After more than 10 years of phenomenal success, you may find it hard to find people who haven’t yet heard of Wattpad. The online writing forum has changed the landscape of digital storytelling, and has begun to break down barriers within the traditional publishing market with their data driven discovery process. Users can utilize both the app, and the online platform, to read, write, and discover incredible new and original content unlike anything we have seen before.

For those who love reading, this is the place for you. There are more than 70 million readers and writers on this orange clad landscape, and no matter your particular preferences, you will find it here. Fiction, poetry, sci-fi, and everything in between, it is a readers paradise.

For writers, or those of you with a story in your head that has been percolating for a while but you weren’t quite sure what to do with it, Wattpad will be your haven. Whether you are an experienced storyteller, or completely new to putting your world on the page, you will find a community of supportive, encouraging and enthusiastic readers ready to devour every page of your story!

Here are the Top 5 Reasons You Should Be Writing on Wattpad

It’s a Great Creative Outlet

For some of us, having the little voices in our heads telling us their story, begging for us to write it down can be overwhelming and confusing. Especially if you’ve never considered writing before, or are unfamiliar with the options of online story telling. Wattpad gives a safe and supportive environment for any level of writer to tell their story. It is the perfect outlet for what you have to say, no matter your idea, your preferences or confidence level. Readers provide comments and feedback, vote on chapters, and help guide you through the creative process with ease and comfort. And you remain the owner of all your content, so you don’t have to worry about signing over your creativity. So get those stories ready, and get them on the page!

Think Your Idea is….Odd? Don’t worry, anything goes!

You may be thinking, ‘Yeah, but my idea has Hitler and Elvis is a tragic love affair…surely this is too much for Wattpad’. Nope. So long as your story does not breach the community guidelines, tell your tale! If you have been thinking that it would be a great story, chances are someone else has been wanting to read something similar. At the 2018 Wattcon event in NYC, one of the big take away messages of the event was ‘You are the perfect person to tell your story’. This couldn’t be more true, since only you know your own tale. The worlds in your mind, no matter how far fetched, are something to be cherished and encouraged, and Wattpad will help you create your best work. So give it a try…you may discover that your story is exactly what the community has been asking for.

Millions of Readers Ready to Help You Improve

For those who have been considering traditional publication, it can seem like a daunting process. It is not just about writing a good story, but about cultivating a group of beta readers, critique partners and building a brand and fan base to fine tune your work into that diamond in the rough. Well, Wattpad has millions…yes, millions, of readers waiting to help you do just that. Through comments, voting and communication, readers can help you keep consistent in your story, tell you what works and what doesn’t, what they love and what they hate, and even support you in your journey to publication. Agents and editors look for stories that people want to read. The Wattpad community is that reading community, and your readers can help you take the guess work out of honing your story for that next step.

Endless Opportunities

Love writing but don’t know if you want to go for traditional publication? Want to keep your creativity within the Wattpad family? They’ve got that covered. With Wattpad Studios, Wattpad helps match talented writers with various brands to create original content for advertising, television and more. Companies such as big 5 publishers like Simon and Schuster, television studios like CBC, and motion picture giants such as Paramount have all found alliances with Wattpad writers and built incredible content through their partnerships. Additionally, Wattpad as recently launched its own publishing division, Wattpad Books, taking some of its biggest hits and getting them on the selves. Other options such as Wattpad Paid, Wattpad Futures, Wattpad Stars and more allow writers the opportunity to take their writing beyond the platform and into the world of entertainment like no other brand before it.

The Community

We’ve saved the best for last, because there is no greater part of Wattpad than the community itself. Those stepping into the writing landscape will see many experienced writers talking about finding their tribe, their support systems and those who will give them the encouragement and drive they need to succeed. Wattpad is this and so much more. Readers band together to share ideas, beta read each others work, support each other during contests and more. Readers help launch careers of their favorite authors, including Anna Todd, Isabelle Ronin, AV Geiger and more. With Wattpad, you have a tribe like no other, where lifelong friendships are formed, and magic can happen.

Does this sound good? Of course it does! So if you aren’t there already, sign up for Wattpad now and take in the millions of incredible stories at your fingertips. No matter if you want to read, write, or a little bit of both, it is a place to build you support system, hone your craft, and have a voice!
We can’t wait to see you there!

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