‘The Keys To The Kingdom’ Books By Garth Nix Optioned For Television Development

You know we’re about a good book adaptation. We love it, but love a good book more.

One of our favorite authors is Garth Nix. He tells amazing stories and has amazing world building skills. Herschend Enterprises, has secured film and TV rights to The Keys to the Kingdom. 

What is The Keys to the Kingdom about?

12-year-old Arthur Penhaligon, the reluctant hero and Rightful Heir to the House, which is revealed to be the center of the universe. For the last 10,000 years, seven Trustees, unknown to and unseen by mortal humans, have collectively ruled over the universe. Arthur must defeat and dethrone the treasonous trustees, each of whom holds a different magical key and presides over a specific day of the week. As Rightful Heir, the series sees Arthur undertake many adventures to save his family, home, the universe and hopefully fulfill his destiny.

The series is seven books. Nix wrote the first in 2003. More than 5 million copies of Nix’s books have been sold around the world. Nix will serve as an Executive Producer.

Are you excited for the adaptation?

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